1990 Ford F350 Dually Lifted

1990 Ford F350 Dually Lifted – GR8WHYT | 1990 Ford F-350 This ’90 Ford is one of the best OBS trucks in the country – and we drove to Idaho to check it out!

Sitting in front of the Emmett Diesel Performance shop in Emmet, Idaho, this ’90 Ford is a great example of what an old-body car looks like.

1990 Ford F350 Dually Lifted

There are a lot of good trucks in this country, but it seems that the opposite is in California, Texas, and Florida – and takes up all the space in the national newspapers. If you live in another state, your chances of getting your truck featured in the ad are less. And if you live in a small town in a remote state, it’s darn near impossible to get the attention of a newspaper writer.

Totally Torquey ’90s Turbo Diesel: 50k Mile 1995 Ford F 350 Xlt Power Stroke 5 Speed Dually

Stan Jones of Emmett Diesel in Emmett, Idaho, knows it’s a battle to get someone to look after his OBS Ford. But it’s the beautiful OBS Ford that he’s confident someone will notice. Stan sent a picture of the ’90 1-ton to editor Bob Carpenter with a list of the things he had put on the car.

Bingo! The timing turned out to be perfect, as Bob ended up staying within 150 miles of Emmett, Idaho, during the trip. Mr. 8-Lug pointed his rental car at Emmett and arrived to see the crew still working on the 1-ton. A second turbo was installed, and the fitment was not exactly what the boys had hoped for. In that case, the local sign man is late to arrive with all the letters. As the sun gets lower and lower in the sky, the workers continue to increase their efforts, and there is just enough time to get the picture done. However, the photos turned out to be the best – and now everyone in the country has seen the work of the Emmett Diesel brigade.

This passenger car uses a 5.9L Cummins engine from ’97. The pump was tweaked on the G56 transmission, a South Bend dual-disc clutch kit was installed, and Diesel Power Source D-Tech 62 and S480 turbos were installed. The 12-valve engine has a set of DDP 140hp injectors, a 140hp fuel plate, water-methanol injection, and a 5-inch exhaust. The heater keeps everything cool. In terms of cooling, the BD Cool Covers cover the engine, but the engine-fins help to dissipate some of the heat. The 6.0L Ford intercooler keeps the air intake nice and cool.

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When you arrive for a photo shoot and the mechanic is still cutting the tubing for the new turbo, you know it’s going to be cut a bit too much!

Gorgeous 1988 Ford F 350 Supercrew Dually Has Just 5k Original Miles

An important mod for the 12-valve engine is the addition of a killer dowel pin kit from TST Products. The ’89 through ’98 5.9L Cummins have a dowel pin to mate the front gear housing to the block. The problem is, the hole for the dowel goes all the way through the block, and over time the dowel will work its way back and then fall into the engine. The dowel may simply fall into the oil pan or it may completely damage your engine. KDP is an easy fix (well, a little messy, but actually DIY).

“Stan Jones of Emmett Diesel in Emmett, Idaho, knows it’s a battle to get someone to take care of his OBS Ford. But it’s a good OBS Ford that he’s confident someone will notice.” note.”

The FASS 220-gph oil/water separator runs at 65 psi and ensures a smooth, water-free flow to the engine. The ’90 was raised 5 inches with Pro Comp parts and rode on 35-inch tires mounted on 18-inch wheels. The wheels are attached with Dana 80 in the rear and Dana 60 in the front. Gears are 4:10 with lockers.

The attention to detail on this car is commendable. The white paper is combined with a touch of orange here and there is a real contrast. It’s not hard to see why Stan calls this truck GR8WHYT.Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums > Old, Classic & Antique Trucks > 1980 – 1986 Bullnose F100, F150 & Big F-Series Trucks

Ford F 350 For Sale

I’ve wanted to do this build for a few years now but between moving from TX to SC, getting hospitalized, changing jobs, getting married, and having a son it just wasn’t a priority. Well this past Saturday I finally got around to taking on a car project! It’s a 1985 F350 diesel! It’s missing the bed, rear, wheels, and transmission, and the engine needs to be rebuilt/replaced but for the little rust in this area I just can’t resist it for $ 500! (A running one full of rust with 350k miles will sell for at least 5-6 grand around here and powerstrokes and Cummins trucks are usually 16-30+ grand.) I dream about it if change it to 6 speed 4×4. , take it 6 “and use 35″ Dick Cepeck rare country or 8 inches and run 38″ Michelin XMLs, and rebuilt and modified 6.9 or exchange in Cummins. I also scored a good rear bumper for 20 bucks! I’m waiting to hear back from some more on Craigslist for some axles and I’m looking at reverse shackle kits online. Pictures coming soon! I’d like to see some pictures of 1980-1997 crew cab duallies 6″ lift and 35″s and 8” lift and 38″s!

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Even though Ol’ Red was a gasser, he did well taking it up and down the mountain roads of SW NC!

The cab looks pretty cool but looks like you still have your work cut out for you.

I think it was over the 73-79 trucks they had passenger trucks only might want to stop in there just to see how they got on.

Ole Red”1990 F250

I like to hit up all the other years trucks just to see what other people have, maybe even some of them make use of my truck.

Such as: how to paint the FORD letters on the gate like the factory did or custom gate latches for the flare side, or even bed side extension wood that is beautiful and not 2×4 bolted do here.

That’s a 2wd frame. It needs to be modified to make it 4×4. The best way for you to go and get some lift at the same time is to put the back shackle equipment in front of the front. Here is the link.

That will give you 2 inches of lift, and the stock dana 60 front axle and springs give you another 2 inches. So you will need to lift the springs higher than that. I thought you had taken a big car before? If you do it every suspension it will need a driveshaft adjustment. The above kit will make it easy to change the frame to fit the leaf springs for the 4×4 front axle.

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Ford F Series (seventh Generation)

They didn’t make a 4×4 dual pickup until 1999 when the super duty came out. I know you see them running around, but they were replaced by a cab and a chassis car, those were the only two front ends that were used on early trucks. Do not fall into the trap and buy a cab and chassis dual 4×4 and expect to use the rearend also. The cab and chassis have a special frame and special wide rearend to fit the model using the bed and so on. The car you have is a truck right? If it is, you will need a dual pickup rearend for it.

If you want an engine, I would lean towards cummins. The original 6.9 and 7.3 engines were good engines, but they were underpowered. They needed a turbo to get the power, and they didn’t come up with a turbo until late 1994 about half a year before the power came out. All the 6.9’s and 7.3 idi’s you see running around with turbos are usually aftermarket. Works great, but they don’t have the power that cummins have.

If you stick with the international engine, I would ditch the 6 speed idea. It’s nothing but putting your extra gear in the middle of a 5 speed zf, and it’s not an easy swap. And it will also need 6 speed data transfer. The 5 speed kit is a bolt in with an early Ford shifter.

You may want to consider getting axles from a Ford pickup later. While they will have metric wheel models, they will also be easy to find and offer you rear disc brakes as well. Did some research, the rear axles front use coil springs, not sure if it can be retro-fitted to your 2wd coils you have now or not.

F350 Diesel Flatbed Lift Truck

If you want an engine, I would lean towards cummins. The original 6.9 and 7.3 engines were good engines, but they were underpowered. They need a turbo

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