1995 Ford F350 Dually Lifted

1995 Ford F350 Dually Lifted – Sometimes, it is difficult to define the attraction of a specific vehicle for us. Most of the time, it’s an undefined, magical combination of style, performance and utility that comes together to create a package we can’t resist. That’s about the way Larry Kilburn of Port St. Lucie, Florida, feels about his ’95 Ford F-350. Larry works at a yacht and country club and is training to be a firefighter. His truck helps make his goals possible, acting as both a daily driver and a heavy-duty work truck.

The F-350 is actually his second truck. The first was a slightly newer but smaller ’96 Ford F-150. It wasn’t long before he decided to go bigger and stronger with a diesel engine and room for friends. When he found this crew cab longbed ’95 Ford F-350 with the 7.3L power stroke, it filled the bill perfectly. One of the longest trucks on the market, the big Ford is highly functional and used every day on the job site, either with a bed full of material or towing the many trailers involved in the business. On weekends, it is also the right choice for water toys and friends to the beach.

1995 Ford F350 Dually Lifted

Although the big rig could be useful in a dozen different ways, the truck’s good looks became the deciding factor. “I just loved the look of the truck and the way it drove,” Larry told us. But it didn’t start that way. The original paint was in poor condition, the interior needed considerable work, and the suspension had seen better days. The price was right, however, and he began to work.

Sold*** 1995 Ford F 350 Powerstroke 7.3l Obs 2wd

Since the primary goal was to get the truck rolling safely, Larry began replacing many parts of the running gear. From the beginning, he wanted the truck to have go-anywhere capabilities, with a goal of clearing 40-inch tires. He also wanted the bull dog look, choosing a 10-inch lift in the front with 9 inches in the rear. Superlift leaf springs front and rear along with new shackles and blocks are joined by Pro Comp monotube reservoir shocks and dual steering stabilizers up front. The rear uses standard Pro Comp shocks and an owner-fabricated set of traction bars. The factory Dana 60 and the Sterling 10.25 both run 4.10 gears. Getting the big old-body-style Ford rolling are 20×12 Moto Metal 962 wheels (black with polished edges) wrapped in 40×15.50R20LT Toyo Mud Country B/T tires. The combination of superior traction and quiet highway ride has made these tires popular with truckers for years. As a final step in the mechanical upgrade, the four-wheel disc brake system is equipped with a hydroboost system that guarantees better brake performance with more than double the braking pressure of the original version.

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On the functional side, the tools and Rhino-lined bed see plenty of daily use, and the adjustable hitch accommodates a 25-foot work trailer as well as weekend trailers with swamp carts and boats. Passengers appreciate the AMP research steps that activate when a door is opened, simplifying entry and exit.

The 7.3L Power Stroke Diesel and E4OD transmission both receive a careful inspection with worn parts replaced. For additional power, the engine uses a GForce performance chip, K&N intake, 3-inch downpipe, 4-inch exhaust and 5-inch tip from MBRP. A transmission shift kit helps accommodate the additional power. Larry also opted for a fuel bowl drain, replacing the problematic original with a larger, marine-grade fuel system filter that now works well. Future plans call for Stage 2 injectors, a new custom chip and upgrading the Garrett turbo.

Cosmetics were the final touch, starting with bodywork and a fresh white paintjob from the Custom Truck Shop in Port St. Lucie, Florida. “I put all the chrome back on. I want the truck to look like it did when it first rolled out of the showroom.” The only external change is the new pair of HID headlights that light up the road at night. While the exterior may be original, the interior is anything but. This is where the personalization process went full stride, with Larry lining the cab with well-deadening material and replacing the original bench seats with a unique set of four Bestop black leather buckets from 4 Wheel Parts. Once the comfortable accommodations were set up for the driver and three friends, music was next.

Ford F350 Lifted

The stereo starts with an Alpine CDE-HD137BT CD receiver with Bluetooth and Pandora. It controls a black Series JL audio system with twin amps located across the rear wall of the truck. The JL 300/4, Class D four-channel amp drives the four 6.5-inch component sets in the factory door locations, with separate tweeters. The JL 100/1 Class D monoblock amp powers the pair of downward-facing JL8W7 8-inch subs mounted in the center speaker enclosure. While the high-tech audio system inside is loud and clear, it’s no match for the ultra-loud set of five train horns outside – an efficient way of clearing traffic on the way to work.

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It took about a year and a half to bring the truck to its current condition, but not everything was running smoothly. Larry had a brief run of bad luck before we could complete the photo shoot; The truck was hit twice while it was parked! Each time, Larry brought it back to better than before, and we are happy to say we believe that the run of bad luck is over. Big trucks don’t go down without a little extra help, and Larry is lucky to have family and friends eager to help. Special thanks to his father, Larry Kilburn Sr., who owned raised trucks and passed on the hobby, along with Ron Begley Jr., Stephen Hardiman, Austin Tagner, and the Custom Truck Shop in Port St. Lucy.

Superlift leaf springs, Pro Comp monotube reservoir shocks, dual steering stabilizers for a 10-inch lift (front); Superlift leaf springs, standard Pro Comp shocks, and an owner-fabricated set of traction bars for a 9-inch lift (raised)

Alpine CDE-HD137BT, two JL Audio amps with four 6.5-inch component sets and a pair of JL8W7 8-inch subs

Installing Side Steps To Project Blumajik, Our 1995 Ford F 350

Larry Kilburn Sr. (father), Ron Begley Jr., Stephan Hardiman, Austin Tagner, and the Custom Truck Shop in Port St. Lucy The 1995 Ford F-250 XLT SuperCab is a pickup recognizable for its two-tone Royal Blue and Light Opal over Opal Gray cloth upholstery. Other notable features of the pickup include an eight-foot bed, dual fuel tanks, towing mirrors, a trailer hitch, power windows and locks, and an aftermarket CD stereo. The pickup was part of the ninth generation of the F-series produced between 1992 and 1998. This generation was the last to use the same chassis for all its pickup trucks and retain the popular square body introduced in 1980. What made this pickup Standing out from previous Ford pickups was its 7.3-liter Power Stroke engine. Previous models used indirect-injection engines, but this car’s engine used direct injection to combust fuel. There is much more to say about this classic pickup, and below are some technical details of the model.

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This engine was more successful than its predecessors due to its simplicity. Since it is a huge engine, it can work for thousands of miles without encountering any problems. Due to its ability to run for a long time, it was initially made specifically for medium-duty trucks. When the engine was introduced for this car, Ford only made a few changes to it. A major reason why this engine is durable is the materials used to make it. The engine uses a cast-iron block and a cast-iron cylinder head. According to Auto Truck Service, cast iron can withstand high internal pressures without being damaged. Besides durability, cast iron delivers more horsepower than aluminum, a popular material for new cars.

Direct injection is a system of injecting fuel into the engine cylinder without a carburetor. It injects fuel through hydraulic electric unit injectors (HEUI injectors), which comprise a high-pressure oil pump and a low-pressure fuel lift pump. When direct injection was introduced for this car, it was highly advanced for its time. This system is the reason for the high power of the engine. According to Car and Driver, the system enables the engine to deliver 210 horsepower and 425 pound-feet of torque. Compared to the previous models, the system increased horsepower by 40 and torque by 87. Besides generating high power, it is good for fuel economy. According to Natural Resources Canada, the system lowers fuel consumption by 1 to 3%. The reason for the low fuel consumption is due to the precision of the amount of fuel injected into the cylinder and the timing of the injection.

Rear-wheel drive is a transmission system that powers only the rear wheels. The rear wheels then propel the car forward. Most people would wonder if rear-wheel drive is an advantageous drive type, but there are some benefits you should know about it. This system is great in terms of handling. Since the engine does not power the front wheels, they can move freely in any direction you want. So, the front wheels control the steering

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