1996 Ford F350 Dually Lifted

1996 Ford F350 Dually Lifted – This Classic 1996 Ford F-350 Still Shines After 400,000 Miles! Scott Fosdick’s ’96 F-350 Amasses Major Miles with 400hp 7.3L Power Stroke

It’s hard to believe that Scott Fosdick has put 407,642 miles on his ’96 Ford F-350. But, as an aircraft mechanic, he travels the long distances to the planes that carry most of us to and from, and the OBS Ford is his fighter of choice. Back in the late 1990s, while looking for a truck, Scott thought he was going to buy something that was functional, open, and reliable for all-purpose transportation. Of course he got those qualities even more when he was hauling money for the truck you see in these pages.

1996 Ford F350 Dually Lifted

Scott kept the F-350 stock for the first two years he owned it. At that time, he lived in St. Louis, Missouri, and was a member of the local Power Stroke club. Although diesel performance was in its infancy, Scott saw how easy it was to modify diesel engines for more power, so he began tinkering.

Ford F350 Xlt

The first thing on the performance list was the fuel injection, since a bad batch of fuel made the stock engine squirters. Scott had heard good things about Swamp Diesel Performance, so he picked up a set of 150/146 “Swamp Baby” single-shot injectors, along with a TS Performance six-pointer. The Swamp crew suggested better fuel support, so a lift pump from a ’99 Super Duty was added. The last change in the fuel system was the Stealth SRP 1.1 high pressure oil pump, which makes much of the improved injectors.

With new injectors and tuning, the 7.3L’s stock turbocharger decided it didn’t like the extra fuel and failed, leaving the Scott stranded on the side of the road. He quickly found a replacement in the form of a Beans Diesel Performance Dominator 66 turbo, which is a direct bolt-in unit. While the 66mm turbo may sound like overkill, it actually works well for the big 7.3L V-8, and keeps the stick-killing internal torque to a minimum. With the new turbo also came an intercooler (’96 Power Strokes were not intercooled from the factory), as Scott and his friends matched the unit from the 6.0L behind the grille.

Between camping trips and work, Scott racks up the miles on his F-350. So, when he noticed the transmission slipping at about 240,000 miles, Scott immediately began fixing the situation. Not wanting to do anything twice, he went with a completely rebuilt transmission from Brian’s Truck Shop, which came complete with a triple-disc torque converter and a revised valvebody. Since its replacement many years ago, the broadcast has not skipped a beat.

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After 15 years of ownership, the trusty old Ford started to look pretty bad. Salty roads had begun to corrode some of the body panels, and the paint had worn off. But, because of how reliable his F-350 is, Scott wasn’t about to trade it in for a new truck. So, in 2013, the cab and bed were removed from the frame (courtesy of Burger’s Body Shop in Terre Haute, Indiana), and the cosmetic truck’s resurrection began.

Ford F350 Diesel

The entire frame was sandblasted, then primed and painted with POR-15 products. A new, rust-free bed was purchased and installed, along with new front fenders. With the body panels installed, the entire truck was repainted white and Metallic Green.

Two years since its rebuild, Scott’s ’96 F-350 is still going strong. With dyno numbers of 418 hp and 690 lb-ft of torque, the OBS Ford more than goes out of its way, which is surprising considering its massive (7.3L) output.

The last time we checked in with Scott, he told us that his rig was about 7,000 miles into the “next 400,000” and he couldn’t be happier about that.

Fuel: Diesel Performance Swamp Super Duty fuel system upgrade with 150/146 injectors, Stealth SRP 1.1 high pressure oil pump, and TS Performance six-point chip

Skyjacker 0 2

Air: Diesel Performance Dominator 66 turbocharger, Ford 6.0L Power Stroke intercooler, and Tymar Performance air filter

The 7.3L Power Stroke engine in Scott Fosdick’s ’96 Ford F-350 is a testament to the reliability of old electronics. Furthermore, with 418 hp, this engine can kick on, even with 400,000 miles on the clock.

When Scott updated the exterior of the truck in 2013, he added more styling under the hood as well. The engine is painted in two colors of green and white like the body.

The 7.3L Y-bridge engine is powdercoated white and gets its breath from a Beans Diesel Performance Dominator 66 turbocharger. The turbo pushes 35 psi of boost to a 6.0L Ford intercooler.

Oxford White Ford F350 Xl Regular Cab Dually Chassis Flat Bed #30367762 Photo #6

The lift pump from a ’99 Ford Super Duty diesel truck raises the pressure significantly compared to the truck’s original fuel setup. The upgrade supports an increase in engine horsepower and improves its reliability.

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The rig’s stance comes courtesy of a Rough Country 4-inch lift kit up front, and Pro Comp shocks that provide extra travel and proper damping for the leaf spring suspension.

Country Doctor springs provide 4 inches of lift to the rear axle. The tires on the truck are 18×10 Fuel Throttles, and the tires are 35×12.50R18 BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2s. Diamond Eye’s exhaust system runs all the way to the back.

A set of Fab Nerf Steps provides a little relief for shorter riders and runs the length of Scott’s truck.

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To aid in step and lift, Ranch Hand bumpers were added to the build range. The rear bumper includes a set of bright Cree LED lights that activate when Scott backs the truck up. The front bumper is aggressive and protects the original grille.

Hiding behind the original paint-matched grille is a Ford 6.0L Power Stroke intercooler, barely visible in the slats.

Part of the long-lasting relationship Scott has with his truck includes checking engine vitals to make sure nothing is in a dangerous place. The three-gauge A-pillar pod houses the booster, pyrometer, and temperature transmitter from Auto Meter.

The interior is upgraded with Kenwood speakers and a DVD player to keep rear seat passengers entertained.

Ford F350 Xl Bucket Truck In Halfway, Mo

Since Scott hauls regularly, he installed a three-horn system from Real Train Horns under the F-350 to direct traffic or warn others his heavy-duty Ford comes with.c/w Powerstroke 7.3L Diesel, A/T, custom lift kit, leather seats, pwr windows, gooseneck hitch, 40×13.50 R17 LT tires, backup camera, pioneer sound w/screen, LED frt lights, cold A/C, s/n 1FTJW36F8TEA97147

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