1997 Chevy 3500 Dually Lifted

1997 Chevy 3500 Dually Lifted – Picture this: “Utility Yellow” Chevy 3500 stack-bed truck, formerly owned and operated by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. Imagine the neglect and rust you’ll find underneath and inside, thanks to the hard and wet life. Think “government fleet vehicle”-spec trim and a complete lack of features of any kind, including vinyl seating and vinyl flooring. Refuses to start without ether or compressed air in fuel tank. You take it for a test run, it loads up on fuel and rolls coal, and doesn’t seem to stop. The tubed seat comes apart; You peel back the tape and find a stuffed penguin seat with foam padding.

No? Well, it’s a different story for Sean Vevia of Nashville, Tennessee. In 2012, Sean found one such truck irresistible, and thus began a build that continues to this day, nearly nine years later. Although development didn’t begin until March 2014, it’s a concept that’s been with Sean for years: dropping a bag and body into two proves too tempting for some to ignore. 24.5″ Alcoa semi truck wheels are shoehorned under the factory bodywork.

1997 Chevy 3500 Dually Lifted

Admittedly, the start of construction was a bit slow: not much progress was made in the first year or two. As soon as he acquired the Alcoa wheels, they began to spin and momentum began to build. By May of 2014, Sean had installed a Little Shop MFG front control arm system and air suspension in the nose of the 3500, along with the wheels, lowered them to 24″ and fitted them with 24″ Lexani tires. In July, the real rip-off began: Sean removed the truck’s bed and rebuilt the truck’s rear suspension using an old Extensive 2-link kit. Made a custom bridge and notch work for the truck to sit on, followed by a few years of running the truck completely, completely.

Chevrolet C/k 3500 Series

In the end, Jealousy got the better of Sean. A fellow Californian Ford clearly won a race that wasn’t a double dropout, a feeling many of us are familiar with.

Sean says bluntly, but it’s the feeling that triggers his own physical downfall. A traditional 3″ body drop and cab mounts are lowered another 2.5″, leading to a loss of headroom inside the truck, but this is the best Sean can achieve in his small home garage. The firewall was redone, the bed was redone, and the cab was cut…by September 2016, the truck was drivable again.

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For most, that would be enough, but Sean can’t leave “enough” alone. In January 2019, following a move to Nashville, he tore the truck apart again, this time with a donor truck to redo a significant portion of the work he had previously done. He began the process by fabricating a custom frame from the firewall to the rear notch using 2″x5″ steel, allowing the floor of his new donation cart to remain stock and retain as much headroom as possible. On the other hand, however, the LB7 Duramax diesel had to do significant work to keep it from protruding through the hood. Custom mounts and oil pans, both top and bottom, moved the engine down an inch and a half, giving it the needed hood clearance. A custom transmission and driveshaft tunnel were built, allowing the entire system to be cleared, which he defines as the most challenging aspect of building a barrier completely.

“To build it in a small 2 car garage, you have to load the engine and lift the cart and move it around on dollies…”

Chevrolet 3500 Pickup

“A typical rail diesel truck has so many components that, while seemingly having a lot of room, there really isn’t any room.”

One of the major improvements made during the rebuild was replacing the body harness and interior from Sean’s 2003 LT-trim Donner truck. The upgraded saddle allowed for luxuries like power windows and locks and heated seats. Although the truck’s interior is now factory, the ’03 LT Goodes is a marked improvement over old and tired fleet truck interiors.

The rear of the truck now uses a trailing arm system developed by Sean himself. The arms are 56″ long and cut from 1/4″ plate steel, attached with a custom Watts connection and some frame work. The front end still has the Little Shop kit, which features a custom tie rod system, as well as being built in China to address a common weak link area on built trucks. 3H Management of Air Lift Performance

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Be the most technologically advanced part of the truck, with height sensors at all four corners for total digital control of the truck’s overall positioning and performance.

Insane Seven Door Chevy Silverado Limo Dually For Sale

The truck’s original yellow paint had been repainted green prior to Sean’s ownership, but with a white donation cart in hand, Sean began the process of hunting down white bed sides to match. The front clip, tail gate, and rear bumper we eventually painted white give the incredible “white whale” Sean drives today, which brings us to 2020: Sean’s truck is, if only for now, an incredible machine. . With the lug nuts touching the fender arches, it’s almost as good as the GMT800. While he longs for another chance at a custom interior and custom paint, we hope he’s as happy with his own work as we are. Otherwise, we’re curious to see what comes next, but at worst, he can be sure that his current breakthrough point in the ongoing build will undoubtedly inspire at least one future monk… and make it all worthwhile. Both the correct crew cabs belong to my friend Steve Bruhl, who performs at Westec Performance Group. This is a mid-to-late 1990s red model, like this one, in perfect condition, and has 25,000 miles. Seriously. It’s also been slammed, with smooth sided paint to match the shell, polished wheels, and it looks like Pitch’s bad ass is pulling the boat. Dreaming of owning it one day, even if he decides to sell it, I know I won’t have enough to buy it. This pitch red example also speaks to me because it makes me think of Bruleo.

Here it is on sale for only $10,000, which seems like a great deal considering how good it is. I love the modifications that have been done to this 20-year-old truck that someone took this much care to keep it in this condition. Someone lend me some money! Just kidding.

I dream about twin trucks every day, and there are zillions of them for sale online, and I’ll give you one to see as often as I can. After all, who doesn’t love seeing a cool truck. right? Oh, and it doesn’t have to be double-slammed. Or even double a crew cab. What about elevated twins? A weird project twin? Hmmm. Send me your ideas for cool dualies we should feature by emailing me here.

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The Chevy Silverado C3500 is a two-ton crew cab. 7.4L V8, 4 speed auto tranny. K&N stainless tip on filter and Flowmaster Exhaust. Full bell deck lowering kit with spindles, coils, rear air bags and on board compressor. All new shocks, bump stops, bushings and upper control arms with ball joints. Polished Alco wheels, new tires with 60K mile warranty. Steel roll pan and bed sheet. New chrome grille with billet bow tie. New marker lights throughout and LED third brake light. New HD style extendable power tow mirrors. Tow package with electronic brake controller. Full kicker stereo system. Registration paid and smoked. The truck has been a baby all its life and didn’t haul anything until two years ago. I have all the maintenance records and receipts for the parts. In great shape. Car cover included. Call with any questions. 619-244-7069

Pre Owned 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 3500hd 4wd Crew 6.6l Sun Crew Cab Pickup In Burnsville #14bx752p

Another new nostalgia nitro fun car is born! Bits and Pieces is a bad-ass bird er Christmas shopping ideas: Forza Horizon 3. You’ve always wanted to tear around Australia, right? It doesn’t matter if you’re into towing, off-roading, or just want to be a badass. Volume, this 1997 Chevrolet 3500 4×4 dually is the perfect truck – especially at this affordable price.

Victory Red is a color we love for driving fast style in a Corvette, and it’s all about intimidation from its aggressive beefy lines and large dimensions. But there is more to it than courage. Ultra

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