1997 F350 Dually Lifted

1997 F350 Dually Lifted – Going Hollywood” is usually a phrase given when someone hits the big time. Known for its bright lights and lavish lifestyles, Hollywood is the mecca for success and fame, but it can also be an aura that changes the way you look at things, making everything a little sweeter. Michael Rivera, from Odessa, Texas, grew up on the west end of Texas in Fort Stockton, but ventured to Odessa with his family. While his two older brothers were heavily involved in the automotive lifestyle, Michael focused on working on an oil rig.

“It was like I was in another world out there, it was the best of the best.”

1997 F350 Dually Lifted

But around that time, he noticed that the lifted truck scene was just getting started and that everyone in the oil fields was lifting trucks that were being used for work. There he met Eden Gonzalez, who had all the connections in the truck scene and helped him start his personalization journey. After Eden began to make up his mind what he wanted to do, he was introduced to Cesar Olivas known to the community as “Tweety” and the owner of Tweety’s Truck and Tire, a shop responsible for some of the baddest trucks in the Texas area. With his new interest, Michael asked about his own build and set the ball rolling.

Ford F 350 Super Duty King Ranch

Michael purchased a Dodge 3500 welder and built it modestly, but his love for the utility truck had faded and it was time for something better. He then went out and bought a new Dodge Mega Cab, but it still wasn’t big enough. Finally, he chose a new 2017 Ford pickup truck and a 1997 Ford F-350 as a two-for-one deal.

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Despite his love for the Dodge brand, Michael couldn’t resist a new Ford body style and OBS at the same time. The trucks, 20 years apart, became siblings and he painstakingly added custom parts to each, considering they were now special members of his family. But Michael saw something extra special about OBS and knew he was meant for something greater.

Michael took the classic Ford to Twety’s to add a Rough Country top that was powder coated Lollipop Red with Fox shocks. The build wasn’t complicated by any means, but looked good for Michael at the time. About seven months later, Michael went to the SEMA show in Las Vegas, where his vision changed. “It was like I was in another world outside,” adds Michael. “It was the best of the best, and I wanted to be there with them.” Once he got home, he wasted no time in making plans to change the OBS.

Knowing he needed to step up his game if he ever wanted to turn heads at SEMA, Michael contacted RYD MotorSports in Vancouver, BC, because of their reputation for building some of the best rigs around. The builders at RYD fabricated a 14-inch lift front and rear, along with a 4-link setup they custom built in house. Some 2008 Super Duty axles were fabricated and 3.0 triple bypass bags built over King Shocks with full high steer and double steerer stabilizers and sent to Michael for installation. Tweety’s enlisted to assemble the massive new elevator with the adjustable heights.

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Ford F 350 Super Duty Dually [add On

When it came time to add some exterior additions, Michael opted for Bodyguard Bumpers front and rear with royal hooks and lights from Outlaw LED. Originally, he chose a brown and gold color scheme and called the build Gold $chlager. But then they changed the colors and had Lozoya Graphics and Painting coat the entire OBS in Blue Dove leading the new gold lift components. However, Gold $chlager was already what everyone called the truck so he kept it. The good folks at Hornblasters added a set of dove blue and gold powder coated train horns to match. To help Michael get in and out of the newly lifted Ford, AMP power side steps were installed and painted accordingly.

Michael’s next step was to refresh the vintage interior. We all know that the interior is the most used part of any vehicle and where we spend most of our time, so it was necessary to upgrade and update it. Michael found a small shop in Dallas and had them add white leather bucket seats from a 2010 Ford truck and add blue piping, while blue fiberglass accents were added to the door panels. Even the seat belts were painted blue to match the new interior color. The rear bench seat was removed and replaced with bucket seats for extra space. Blue carpets were added throughout the cabin to bring the cohesive look together.

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Once completed, Michael took the freshly built OBS Classic Ford to the 2018 SEMA show and was able to fulfill his dream of being among the elite. Michael would like to thank his beautiful wife Ashley and their little boy Michael Peyton for their support and patience as they watch him achieve his dream. Special thanks to his two older brothers and his parents for instilling in him the dedication and strength to keep moving forward when it seemed impossible. He also sends a big thanks to Aden Gonzalez and Twety of Twety’s Tire for always being there to help and building one of the best OBS cars on the planet. It took three trucks and excellent connections for Michael to reach Hollywood status, and now “Hollywood Mike” has set the bar in the OBS game.

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