2003 F350 Dually Lifted

2003 F350 Dually Lifted – I’m going back to the states soon and was thinking about giving my truck a little lift, it’s a 2003 F350 crew cab short bed with dual airbags while towing. I want to raise it about 2.5 inches to give it a more aggressive look. I also carry a transmission toy so I don’t want to lift the truck too high. Also the largest size tire I can put on top of my regular tires with no insects. Any suggestions on lift, leveling gear and tires

Here is my cc short bed that I converted to a twin. It is raised about 2.5 in the rear and 5.5 in the front, but over the years it has settled down to about 5. The tires I ran were 255/85 16’s which were the same as the 315 procomp mx worn. I like. 19.5 looks so soon I’m going to upgrade to 19.5s.

2003 F350 Dually Lifted

Here it is attached to 5ver. It compresses it a little, which brings it closer to where it needs to be. I got a 1″ block for the trailer, but I’m going to put it on a seasonal site, so I’m not sure I’ll mess with it.

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My Tuxedo Black/Adode F350 6.7 CC Lariat Dually was delivered to my dealer today. I just happened to stop by right after I got there. I swore I wouldn’t do it……but after seeing it I’m dying to put some 35″ Terra Grapplers on it and maybe give it a little lift. The question for you guys is this…will the lift kit affect the installation? and or snowplow operation. I would certainly put a Western Pro Plus 8’6″ on it. Thoughts, opinions, suggestions are welcome. Also, if you have pictures of the raised dual with bigger tires, I’d love to see them. I think it will look sick!!!!

Just go for 2 inches of spring space in the front and be done with it. 35 inches won’t be a problem and you won’t even have to do anything on the back.

It has had a plow and spreader for over 8 years, 6″ lift and 35″ metric tires, I originally ran 37″. My plow is modified for xtra height, otherwise when you tilt half the blade will come off the ground and it will try to lift the truck and tuck under you if you post it.

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F350, Dually, Rebuilt Engine, Sold!

If you run 35 inches, plan to get 2 inch wheel spacers. Also the stock dual wheels are very skinny and they really crown my tires. I get a lot of miles before the outside of the tire ever hits the ground. I also discovered that the front end was jello with the stock wheels. The front tires were unevenly worn, so I took the two-way wheel spacers/adapters off the front end and got a set of 10″ wide wheels with spare SRW spacing. I can’t rotate the tires without a tire changer, but it feels like it. much more better:

I jacked up the truck because the plow brackets were so low that I was getting stuck a lot. I load my truck a lot for dirt work and it was too heavy to be with skinny tires and extra low plow brackets.

Also, if you raise it as high as mine, you won’t need the plow lights. I took mine off.

Nice truck!!!! Not planning to go that high. I’m looking to make the truck look good and only thinking about lifting so the 35 inch tires look really good. I was thinking that a 2″ or 2.5″ lift with a 35 should look very nice. Not going to do much plowing except mine. private road and driveway.

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I know there are height adjustments for ultra mount plows. I just installed an ultramont mvp on my dads 2000 F-250 and there are 4 adjustment settings. Hers has a 1 1/2 leveling gear in the front and the e is on the 3rd gear. I think you’ll be taller if you take the elevator, so setting #4 allows it. Not saying you can’t make it work. Just letting you know what we went through.

No need to raise it for 35. Probably not even for 37. The best super duties I’ve ever seen are on 37’s with no lifts. With my old 2007 6.0L I have to trim the front bumper a bit to fit the 37’s but nothing for the 35’s. With my new 2011 it looks like I won’t have to cut even for a 37.

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Leave your stock suspension as long as you can. It looks and performs great, and you’ll save yourself a lot of money and savings in the process.

If you decide to upgrade it, make sure you get all your spare parts and send them to me

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Sounds great…..yes, other people have told me the same thing!!! Any suggestions on tires? I had Nittos on my Raptor. Tell me guys what looked the best!

I’m not sure what your rear suspension is like, but I bought a set of 4″ Procomp blocks for the rear of my 2001 f250, but then found out they were only for 2011-12 trucks. PM me if you want. is interested.

It was the most aggressive looking tire I could find, earning a Snowflake rating well enough in the mountains. Most MT tires perform relatively poorly on ice and packed snow.

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Ford F350 Lariat 4×4 Dually

Work on 2004 F250 4WD 5.4 gas Where can I get shocks only? I have an 8 inch lift but can’t find shocks anywhere. Will this work in 2002? 7.3 on the excursion. Thinking of a lift kit for my 03 F350 crew cab. What lift do you have and what size tires? How does this affect handling, handling, etc. when towing a large boat?

If you’re going to tow a big boat, leave it stock. For most big tires you will have to put a spacer between the rear wheels and that kills your gvrw.

I agree. I borrowed a dodgr from a friend that was raised twice to take my boat to Florida last year. The thing followed like a nitmar. If you leave your tow truck stock.

Towing #18,000, fully stock. Works for me. Looking to go with the F650 if the right deal comes along.

Cracked Leaf Springs 99 F350. Cannot Not Find 12 Leaf Pack To Match What I Have.

You can get some 22.5 Alcoas with some 255/70/22.5 Yokohama 507s (which are about 37 inches tall) and put any lift you want…Can I do this on mine? With Dually. Not if you want to pick it up and go. super swamp track you won’t be able to safely tow more than a jetski… If I were you I’d flatten the front end and put in some 22.5s and be happy.

There’s a black one running around here that I’ll try to get a picture of. I have never seen one as big and as well made as this one. Tons of suspension modes and who knows what else. I’ll also try to draw a picture of the guy getting into the thing


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F350 Diesel 4×4 Cclb Lifted And Studded

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