2005 Dodge Ram 3500 Dually Lifted

2005 Dodge Ram 3500 Dually Lifted – When you’re in the towing truck game like Eric Loy, you usually know a thing or two about how to drive metal down the road the distance. We’ve seen his 2005 Dodge Ram 3500 take first place at numerous events in recent years (especially in the middle of the Illinois Work Stock Class). But, believe it or not, Loy had to learn a thing or two about losing before putting together a winning combination. “Everyone thinks they have to win when they draw, but as soon as they start losing they leave” he told us. “It took me many years to win a truck, but [now that I’ve won] I’m sure I’ll be a truck for years to come.”

For Eric, the addiction to pulling trucks stopped 20 years ago, when he was only 16 years old. Over the course of the past twenty years, he has transformed many trucks into competitive teams. The truck shown here, which was bought to pull his Ford puller was expected to be in the events, his most successful business, and the most recent. Not because he got superpowers or had some crazy money thrown at it, but because it was a result of putting to good use everything he had learned in the last 20 years. We think you’ll be surprised at how easy Eric’s components are.

2005 Dodge Ram 3500 Dually Lifted

After burning a hole in a piston and only 17,000 miles on the clock (thanks to installing two machines that fixed the injection timing, a lot), the engine was rebuilt a Eric in 2006 and the long block since then has remained unused. The 5.9L Cummins benefits from an on-road cam, cylinder head, and 110-pound valves sourced from Scheid Diesel. During the rebuild, the block was also used to accept 14mm headers. Despite those upgrades, the inline-six sports factory exhaust, rubber tires, and OE-specific pistons.

Inch Lift Kit

A big key to Eric’s success lies in this turbocharger from High Tech Turbo. Based on the BorgWarner S300 chassis, it includes a 66mm compressor wheel (inducer), a 73mm turbine wheel (exducer), and a T4 mounting flange. The secret diesel is equipped with a T4 flanged, three-stage cylinder from ATS Diesel.

This is another reason why Eric’s Dodge drives so well. It’s a CP3 12mm injection pump from Exergy Performance, which can support up to 1,000-rwhp. Installing this pump in—along with the addition of Smarty UDC tuning from Firepunk Diesel—took Eric’s truck from being a middling finisher in 2014 to being the truck to beat in 2015. I now, it seems to be more similar in 2016, as his Dodge remains at the front of the field in many events.

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Delivers constant oil pressure to the thirsty 12mm CP3 of the 200-gph AirDog II equipped pump. As for the injectors,  Loy installed the stock bodies on the 180hp cats from Industrial Injection many years ago, and they haven’t been changed since.

Thanks to being an original ’05 Ram model, Eric avoided the problematic G56 gearbox offered on ‘05.5 models and still runs the factory NV5600 six-speed. When installed in the mirror, you will find the transmission in the second gear and the NV271 transfer case lock in 4-Hi. The trailed, dual disc clutch from Haisley Machine is used for efficient power handling.

Ram 3500 Hd Dually Custom Lift Wheels

To add bite through a larger footprint, Eric told us he usually puts 25 psi of air in the front tires. The tried and true half tires are all worn out to do the rear work, and check in at about 50 psi.

Eric, with the help of friend Tony Brown, built the skids to represent the truck, as well as the towbars, top, and stop. Knowing how to build valuable components like this (or at least, on the cheap) is what makes Eric’s success story unique. When you consider that most truckers spend more than $10,000 on maintenance each season, in comparison he spends a small amount of money to get the truck right now.

With the final drive ratio, good horsepower is available at 3,500+ rpm (where the Cummins spins down the track) , and an uncanny ability to read a track,  Loy and his Dodge are quick to win wherever they go. . So far this year, he has won the opening Work Stock Class, then finished Sixth in the Open Class, where bigger cars with more turbos can compete. more than 1,000-rwhp.

Engine: 5.9L Cummins common-rail and Scheid Diesel engine-linder heads, 110-pound valve springs, A1 Technologies 14mm head studs, Scheid Diesel road coming Get A Live and Ride in Style – 2005 Dodge 3500 4x4This 4×4 Dodge It Welding Pays Today all

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Dodge Ram 2500 Wheel Offset Super Aggressive 3

If you’re a regular reader of Work Truck Review, you know we celebrate the blend of looks and function in a work truck. More than just simple transportation to the job site, a truck equipped with care expands your capabilities and quickly becomes the mainstay of many small businesses. Whether hauling heavy loads or negotiating rough terrain, the work truck will not only get you there, but get you there in style.

This blend of rugged comfort is exactly what Kenny Matlock was looking for when he bought his ’05 Dodge 3500 4×4 with its supercharged 5.9L Cummins. A welder who lives and works in Marathon in the Florida Keys, Kenny used to haul heavy loads at job sites with few roads to the beach. He began using the truck for jobs that required a 6-inch Skyjacker lift and a 3-inch body lift. Once the level was established, the next step was to bring an additional level of specificity to the release. Kenny chose a long-arm BDS box up front and made his own set of brackets for the rear, along with a separate bracket made from ¾-inch solid round bar. It made an amazing difference and she said, smiling, “I wish I had done those pull-ups sooner!”

Wheels are probably the most important part of any work truck, and Kenny found out the hard way when one of the tires he bought on eBay broke while he was pulling a 27-foot trailer. The experts at Diesel Wheels in Miami came up with a better solution, fitting the Dodge with a high-quality set of 22.5-inch Peterbilt rims wrapped in 37×13.50/R22 Toyo Open Country rubber. The upgrade made the truck stable in the sand and good on the highway. “You couldn’t ask for a smoother ride,” Kenny said.

Performance was next on the list, but from the start, reliability was more important than horsepower. The MP-8 stacking module from TS Performance adds 2 to 4 mpg, and there is an in-cab adjustment that can unlock an additional 100 hp from the 24-valve six-cylinder Cummins turbo. Using the AFE increases the air pressure and the FS2000 fuel filter removes water and carbon particles. Kenny made his own custom installation, including straight pipes and 6-inch miter-cut stacks. The mod was good for engine control and the setup provides a lot of impressive features, but the downside is that it’s very noisy. The twin chrome pipes were located so close to the car that Kenny decided to ventilate the interior and install the sound everywhere. It made a huge difference and now the truck has almost no library. Although the engine was as reliable as the family’s refrigerator, the transport was hit while hauling some of the heavy loads needed for the job. Kenny went to the experts at DTT Diesel Performance to find a fully built, three-disc, billet torque converter that has been proven over the past few years, to show that it can be done. get the job done.

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Dodge Ram 3500 Lifted Dually

In addition to using his high-quality steel machines for the needs of customers, Kenny used them for some of his own, increasing the size of his large Dodge with a pair of steel fuel tanks. Installed under the bed, they transfer into the first tank with a 5-gpm pump, giving him a total of 108 gallons. Look at the fuel gauge monitoring the amount, and the twin filler caps located at the first gas station. Sound like a lot of oil? While you can travel from one end of the Keys to the other on a single tank of gas, the wide range makes road trips in the Carolinas a breeze.

The only thing left is the interior, which has been upgraded to its luxury passenger cars. The only real change is the sound upgrade for a little workday entertainment. Alpine mids and highs replace the factory door speakers and Kenny built a fiberglass bar under the rear seat for a 10-inch Alpine Type R thin subwoofer. The combination of passenger car comfort, all-terrain traction, rugged visibility, and a low ride height for towing heavy loads make it This Dodge and truck work great.

Many improvements were added to the truck, such as auxiliary fuel tanks,

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