2006 Chevy 2500hd Duramax For Sale


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2006 Chevy 2500hd Duramax For Sale

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Price Value Of A 2007 Chevy 2500hd? Should I Buy?

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All buyers are responsible for paying the Texas V.I.T (Vehicle Inventory Tax). Which is 0.002018 of the purchase price (Example: $10, 000.00 purchase = $20.18), $150.00 interest, $5.00 buyer fee, and $295.00 seller preparation fee, Texas buyers must pay 6.25% sales tax plus $137 fee. Out-of-state buyers are responsible for paying the tax within 21 days of purchase.

For $695.00 customers will benefit from 3 Years Key Replacement, 3 Years Paint less Dent Removal, and 3 Years Windshield Protection. Please visit our Store/Terms for more information. The Everest Motors, Inc Advantage Plus program qualifies customers to receive an additional $500.00 in coupons for their future purchases and a $250 shipping check for every customer who purchases a vehicle from Everest Motors, Inc. Everest Motors, Inc Advantage Plus applies to any product unless otherwise discussed with the customer.

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Used 2006 Chevrolet Silverado 2500hd Sold In Houston Tx 77031 Everest Motors Inc

Visit Everest Motors Inc. online at www.everestmotorshouston.com to view more photos of this vehicle or call us at 855-941-4930 today to schedule your test drive. we’re stretching the budget this time to show you what’s outside of $20,000. While 20 grand won’t get you into a new ¾-ton diesel, it can buy you a sure-fire, tough, towing vehicle. plenty of life left in it. At these prices, we recommend the ’06-’07 Chevrolet Silverado or GMC Sierra 2500 HD for the GM fan, the ‘07.5-’09 Ram 2500 for the Cummins regular and the ’99-’03 F-250 for the Blue Oval faithful. Each car will have more than 120,000 miles on the clock, but will still be in excellent condition and ready for ten years of faithful service.

This article is geared toward buyers looking for a pickup truck that is ready to go and will require little maintenance, upgrades or rough areas addressed before hitting the road. Thanks to the four-door models that are widely produced, bought and sold in the diesel sector, this article also shows that you are looking for a car, a four-wheel drive car. The following tried and true brands from the Big Three have been tested and proven by enthusiasts and professionals for over 10 years. Just take your pick – you can’t go wrong with any of them.

We’ve praised the ’06-’07 GM HDs in the past for their solid power—and we’re not stopping anytime soon! The Duramax engine/Allison/transmission combo is unmatched for durability, efficiency and smooth operation and is perfect for anyone looking to spend more time behind the wheel. Granted, GM’s light-duty models don’t have the confidence of a Super Duty or Ram from the same era, but they’re still capable of many tasks. Plus, whether you’re working or playing, the ’06-’07 ¾-ton Silverados and Sierras offer superior ride comfort (HD model) thanks to their active front suspension (AAM 9.25 IFS). These trucks are gas-guzzling, economical workhorses with a very reliable (and powerful) LBZ Duramax engine, a 6-speed Allison automatic and a great value for money. Unfortunately, everyone knows…so expect to fork over all 20-grand to stay clean.

Long past the injection problems found on the LB7 (’01-’04) and after solving the damage issues faced by many LLY (‘04.5-‘05.5) owners, the LBZ was (and for many, still is) the quintessential Duramax. This is the last pre-DPF engine, the first 6.6L powered by an Allison six and packs a 360hp, 650 lb-ft punch in bone-stock trim—more power than any Cummins Ram. or a Power Stroke-equipped Ford may return in ’06-’07. Thanks to renowned reliability, plug-and-play performance and being DPF-free, the last of GM’s top-of-the-range models brings top dollar in the used diesel car market.

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Used 2005 Gmc Sierra 2500hd Slt 4×4 / 6.6l Duramax / 5 Spd Allison / Heated Seats / Leather For Sale ($25,499)

With a 1.26-inch diameter input shaft, 1.75-inch output shaft and a dry weight of 330 pounds, the commercial Allison 1000 found behind the ’06-’07 LBZ Duramax has some of the heaviest equipment you’ll find. in a truck. On top of that, electronic controls are very smart. Through efficient engine/transmission communication, the shift energy management (SEM) ensures that excessive torque is not present during lifting, which reduces operating temperatures and keeps wear and tear on joints. If the Duramax in front of the Allison is left at power level, the Allison can outlive the engine, which is really saying something.

For the simple reason that it’s unusual to pay more for an ’07 5.9L than an ‘07.5-’09 6.7L, we’d opt for the final option of a third-generation model with a larger Cummins under the hood. Granted, you get the more aggressive factory version of the over-six (thanks to EGR and the use of a DPF), but you avoid the SCR system that didn’t make it into Ram ¾-ton and one-ton trucks until ’13. , getting access to a six-speed automatic transmission and getting more effective brakes. While we like to promote the simplicity of the 5.9L powered cars to our readers for their reliability, those pre-‘07.5 cars are no less. Unless you can get a smoker’s bargain on an unremarkable ’03-’07 Ram, we’d opt for the more powerful, more powerful 6.7L Cummins in ‘07.5-’09.

Sensor failures, soot- and carbon-filled shifters and engine lights are all part of the exhaust system theme for the new ‘07.5 diesels. Among the 6.7L Cummins’ most common emissions-related failures is its EGR valve. The valve, which is electronically controlled via an actuator and mechanically driven via a shaft, tends to hold in place from the accumulation of soot. To be fair—and it’s a messy and time-consuming job—Cummins quotes a cleaning interval of 67,500 miles for the EGR valve. If this component is cleaned regularly, experiencing an EGR-related problem is less common.

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Thanks to the fast-acting, variable-geometry Holset HE351VE turbocharger in the 6.7L Cummins, the ‘07.5-’09 Rams have very short response times and almost zero turbo lag at any engine speed. On the braking side of the equation, the factory integrated exhaust brake (ie turbo brake)—and its available 190 horsepower—makes the lower grades very comfortable.

Used Cars For Sale Roy Wa 98580 507 Motorsports

Finding a good Ford at these prices is easier than finding a GM or Ram. So, ’03-’07 Super Dutys with the 6.0L Power Stroke have major and minor problems, the ’08-’10 cars are fine but the 6.4L Power Stroke has a history of destroying itself. High mileage (and its engine-related upgrades can break the bank) and while the new ’11 Blue Ovals have proven to be reliable so far, they’ve come out of the 20K price range. Long story short—and if you don’t want your ¾-ton pickup to tow 15,000-plus pounds—we suggest you look for a ’99-’03 F-250 powered by the 7.3L Power Stroke. It may not be perfect, but you can get your hands on a nice ’99-’03 Super Duty under a budget and turn around and throw a few bucks into the car to make it road worthy.

Designed for both Ford and its mid-size applications (namely box trucks and buses), the Navistar-manufactured 7.3L Power Stroke is the toughest to kill in the market. It doesn’t make anything close to the power that the new cars leaving Detroit are capable of, but it does every job you ask of it, day in and day out, without skipping a beat.

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