2006 Chevy Dually Lifted

2006 Chevy Dually Lifted – 2006 Chevy Silverado 3500 – Built upside down and a lot of forward thinking Everything is a little different with this lifted Chevy

The former six-wheeler has been given a new 4×4 guise, with beefy bumpers, an electric winch, raised suspension and custom 22-inch wheels with 40-inch Toyo tires. Chinos Inc. He did body work and paint in Miami.

2006 Chevy Dually Lifted

Hailing from Miami, Florida, Adrian Sixto has been interested in mechanics since he was old enough to walk. He began his career as a mechanic in high school at the age of 17, working at a local Cadillac dealership. The next step was when he started his own performance and accessories shop, Sixto Motor Sports, in Miami, dealing in lift and lowering kits along with high-end suspension work. Almost every shop owner knows that there is no better way to attract customers than to build a project vehicle that shows off your talents. And not only is Adrian’s ’06 Chevy Silverado 3500 a rolling advertisement for his shop, it’s also a daily driver during the week and fun on the weekends.

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“One of the reasons I built this truck was to show people that you don’t have to spend $60,000 on a new truck and then spend another $50,000 on accessories,” Adrian said. “You can take your old truck and make it look so nice. My goal was to build a quality truck that I could use for myself and my family, and also show what the shop was capable of.

One of the first changes Adrian made to his used $5,000 salvage yard bargain was to get the engine running properly. And since no custom truck would be complete without a little extra power, he added a Banks Ram-Air kit to feed the turbo, modified with upgrades from BD Diesel Performance. The engine dumps spent gases into a Diamond Eye Performance 4″ downpipe with 5″ tips. Rounding out the power upgrades is an Edge programmer that coaxes plenty of extra ponies for the 6.6-liter Duramax. The LBZ engine, which originally pumped out 360 hp, is now estimated to be north of 550 hp. The Allison six-speed auto was beefed up with a Sun Coast valve body and TransGo transmission. For additional cooling and lubrication, Adrian added a Mag-Hytec pan to the rear differential, which holds an additional 4 liters of fluid.

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The truck was originally equipped with dual wheels, but Adrian wanted more of a 4×4 look. He shortened the rear axle and changed the bed to make it a single wheel 3500. In the process, a theme emerged that combined durability and style in the same vehicle. Textured flat black and smooth silver paint reflect these different views. Adrian’s truck has the parts you think are dull, like the undercarriage, in bright Corvette silver. Areas that could be glossy, like the exterior, were covered in matte black. Why such an unusual approach? Adrian explains: “Everything in my life has been upside down. I had a boat before a car. I had a car before I got my driver’s license. I had a mechanic shop before I went to school. Everyone wants something different, so it felt natural to make a truck that was a little off!

However, there is nothing backward about the handling of this raised ride. As the owner of a suspension shop, Adrian spent a lot of time working on the chassis. The entire suspension system was removed before the bottom of the truck was textured with Line-X and all components were painted. The front end of the Chevy uses a one-piece subframe CST kit that lowers the factory torsion bar suspension a full 8 inches while maintaining the original steering geometry and stable ride. Twin Fox Racing reservoir shocks on each front wheel – along with thick 1.5-inch sway bars – ensure precise handling. The Dana 80 rear end is held in place by a custom five-link that uses shock mounts and bottom brackets salvaged from an old Kelderman kit. Everything else was made in-house, including custom brackets that hold the heavy-duty Peterbilt airbags, a Bow Tie driveshaft support, and several laser-cut Chevrolet emblems. A pair of Thomas compressors, three 6-gallon reserve tanks and ½-inch lines ensure quick response.

Sling Lift Wrecker, 2004 Chevrolet Silverado C3500, 6.6l Duramax Diesel, 4×4, Standard Cab, Dually, Jerr Dan Hpl 1000 Bed Sn:1gbjk34294e334004 Mi:96770 Auction

Adrian did the welding himself, then painted everything with durable aviation grade paint. Since he regularly tows a trailer, the transmission was rebuilt for safety, including strengthening the drive shafts. The Diesel Wheels rims were originally 22.5 inches, cut down to 22 inches and fitted with an adapter to go from eight to ten spokes. Toyo Open Country M/T rubber adds looks and offers aggressive off-road capability. While you’re admiring the undercarriage, look closely and you’ll discover that the truck has multiple sets of train horns with three trumpets on each side and an ear-gasmic five-trumpet setup at the back. Lights were added to the chassis to highlight the modified suspension at night.

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The interior renovation started with Adrian pulling the factory package and choosing a brand new one in a color that was never offered that year. The black leather interior with suede inserts and silver stitching blends in perfectly with the theme of the rest of the truck. Suede inserts were also added to the headliner, center console and door panels. All interior trim pieces were painted gloss black to contrast the textured exterior black. The stereo is a Kenwood double-DIN with navigation, Bluetooth and iPod connections. A boost gauge and pyrometer are mounted above the rearview mirror, while an in-dash Edge programmer monitors trans temp, engine temp, intake temp and boost.

In addition to the custom paint, the body features textured Bushwacker flares and a narrowed bed to fit the new single rear axle. There’s also a matching textured Alien Patrol Lunar Series front bumper with a heavy-duty Warn winch. Amp Research’s electric side steps activate automatically when any door is open, and the rear bumper has an additional manual step.

Adrian is happy to say that the shop is doing quite well – probably because he and his team treat each truck as if it were their own. “People seem to like the way we work. It takes a little longer, but it gets done right,” explained Adrian. Sounds like our shop! Adrian sends a special thanks to his guys who saw the truck two years after Labor Day’s work made possible by: Chris Riverol, Cesar Garcia, Eddy Eglesia and Willy Abreu.

Used 2006 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 Reg Cab 161.5

The 6.6L Duramax LBZ diesel benefits from a cold-air kit feeding a reworked turbo and an oversized 4-inch exhaust with 5-inch tips. The Edge Performance chip offers multiple power options that can be controlled from the driver’s seat. A couple of 180-amp generators guarantee plenty of juice. I put this truck together as usual from several different trucks. I also completely redid the lights as the original static lights were not accurate at all for this truck.

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