2006 Chevy Duramax Egr Delete

2006 Chevy Duramax Egr Delete – RETURNS If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we are happy to accept returns for new/unused items within 30 days of delivery. All authorized returns must be unused and in original condition, including all products and components that were in the original packaging. Products to be returned must not have been disassembled, installed, modified or damaged due to improper installation or user error. is not responsible for installation or labor costs, towing costs, additional repair costs or rental car costs caused by the use of incorrect or defective parts during installation.

We provide a limited 90-day warranty for defective products from the date the product is received by the original purchaser or installer, unless otherwise stated at the time of purchase.

2006 Chevy Duramax Egr Delete

No warranty covers labor costs or incidental, indirect, special or consequential damages such as physical injury or property damage, loss of time, loss of use of vehicle, trouble, air freight charges, rental vehicle. charges, towing charges or accommodations due to part defect or failure.

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The warranty does not cover lost or stolen packages. Since the customer is the sender, he is the only one who can make a loss compensation claim to the shipping company. Therefore, the customer must coordinate and process the claim through the shipping company.

Ask the automotive experts anything. We will contact you by email within 24-48 hours. Home SPELAB 2006-2007 6.6L Duramax EGR Exhaust Kit with High Flow Intake Manifold SPELAB 2006-2007 6.6L Duramax EGR Exhaust Kit with High Flow Inlet Angle

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(Notes: The box in the main picture is a SPELAB brand logo box, not a packing box. The actual packing box is a non-LOGO packing box.)

What are the advantages of EGR elimination? EGR elimination can bring several advantages. These include: Better fuel economy and engine longevity EGR removal helps restore the power levels of your diesel engine, which in turn also restores your overall fuel efficiency. Since the EGR exhaust kit sends the exhaust gases out of your car’s engine, it also starts to run cleaner. Not only does it make the process more efficient, but it also reduces the chances of a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) failure. So overall, with this aftermarket kit, you could see up to a 20% increase in your fuel economy. In addition to this, an EGR exhaust kit can also improve the longevity of your engine. Reduced engine temperature EGR valves naturally contain a lot of soot. When the valve or coolers in the EGR system become clogged with soot, the exhaust gases begin to circulate more around the system, resulting in a blockage. As a result, the temperatures around the engine rise and the engine performance decreases. However, when you skip this, less exhaust is produced. Your car, in turn, will experience a lower engine coolant temperature during operation. Helps save money In addition, EGR removal can also help you save money on some expensive repairs. The EGR, if damaged, can be quite expensive to repair and replace. EGR removal eliminates the possibility of such damage, saving money.

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The 5 Most Common Lbz Duramax 6.6l Engine Problems

Show More: SPELAB 2006-2007.5 6.6L Duramax Applicable Products Includes: EGR Drain, DPF Pipe, CCV Reroute, Air Intake, Intercooler Pipe …

The fit and the finnish was bad, had to do a lot of pinching and dry fitting to get it to fit but looks good now

I’m out of town so I haven’t seen the product yet, but someone opened it and it looks like it’s good quality. Shipping was a nightmare. A week and a half after it was supposed to arrive, I emailed them asking where it was and they sent me a screenshot saying it was almost there, but in the screenshot it said it hadn’t even shipped yet. Otherwise, when I had to email and demand my part be delivered, it was a good buy.

SPELAB N1 Universal 2.5″ Intake 4″ Output Power Exhaust Muffler with Straight Blue Burnt Tip – Moderate Sound

Gm 6.6l Duramax Lml

If you’re just doing a muffler change, it won’t be that loud. I wish it was a little louder, but some people would like it quieter. Although its sound is amazing! Nice low voice that sounds just right, can’t sound tinny or rattle.

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Easy installation and noise now. I am 73 years old and love the silence on the road with the sound of the 394 Hem in town.

Works perfectly and had options for different styles of cap removal on the intake where the oil drains. It took me all of 5 minutes. 5 stars all day.

The quality and appearance exceeded my expectations. My car has a racing sensor and resonator instead of a catalytic converter. This muffler was the perfect finishing touch and makes the car sound tuned, not scruffy.

Egr Block Plate Question

The parts are good and fit well. AN 90* is a little fragile, but works well for what it is needed for.

A great set without the top price. Mandatory for power attacks. Coming from across the sea. The reception took about 10 days, and communication was good along the way. We are considering other offers from SPELAB.

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