2007 Ford F350 Dually Lifted

2007 Ford F350 Dually Lifted – Some guys get into quad biking and lifting trucks as teenagers, while others start enjoying the sport a little later in life. Then there are guys like Jeremy Griffith. From Geneva, Florida, Jeremy has been involved in heavy vehicles as far back as he can remember. Growing up in the family’s industrial estate development, trucks were always the family cars. Over the years, he has owned seven trucks, and all but one has been lifted.

His latest, this ’07 Ford F-350, is his daily driver and definitely a work and play car. Although not designed to haul gravel, the truck tows Jeremy’s boat and sometimes holds his four-wheeler. Purchased brand new, the black four-door Super Duty wasn’t in the garage very long before the customization process began. The three-phase plan included suspension work, a custom interior with a radical stereo, and plenty of extra performance to add to the fun.

2007 Ford F350 Dually Lifted

Doing all his own work, Jeremy began the project by upgrading the factory Ford front and rear axles with 4.56 gears for stronger low-end performance. FabTech’s 8-inch radius wishbone suspension package was the perfect choice for the front end, with its tubular arms, recessed side plates, and adjustable alignment cams for wheel alignment. The package came with 8-inch replacement coil springs that used Daystar spacers for an additional 2 inches of lift. Jeremy also installed FabTech track bar relocation brackets, bumpstop brackets, steering stabilizers and a pitman arm. With the front end modifications complete, he turned to FabTech’s Super Duty rear spring and hanger. It uses 3-inch struts and Soft Ride leaf springs combined with 2-inch blocks to create 10 inches of rear lift. The final step was to install FabTech nitrogen filled shock absorbers on all four wheels.

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The system not only works well, it looks good too, as all components were powder coated Candy Red with Gold Flake. Once all the parts were on hand, it took Jeremy just five hours to complete the installation. When the truck ran high, he opted for a set of 22×11.5-inch Jesse James Widows running on 40-inch Toyo MT rubber. They fill the wheel arches and are a good combination of style and function – aggressive enough to climb the occasional dirt pile, yet nimble enough for freeway cruising with the boat tagged behind.

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Big rubber needs big power behind it and Jeremy turned his attention to the 6.0L Power Stroke turbodiesel under the hood. Sniper Performance in Sanford, Florida added its Sniper programmer for a substantial upgrade in horsepower, torque and transmission. An AFE cold air induction system speeds up the flow of incoming air, while the 4-inch RBP-matched exhaust dumps into a 6-inch RBP tip. When it’s time to light up the tires for some fun, the permanently mounted nitrous bottle in the interior provides an exhilarating 100-shot blast.

The final step was the interior, and all four passengers now sit in bucket seats. The rear bench seat was removed, replaced by a pair of front buckets and upholstered in a rich red leather to match. The change was made to accommodate the glossy black fiberglass center console that now runs from the dash to the rear cab wall. Thanks to the fine folks at Radio Active in Orlando, Florida, the tuning in the truck is eye catching as well as loud and clear! To give you an idea of ​​the system’s complexity, rear passengers have individual 7-inch icon monitors and there’s a large 11.5-inch icon screen up front. A Kenwood double-DIN touchscreen head unit provides a fourth screen and controls the system. Continuing the complexity, the system features 34 mids and highs placed in the doors and kick panels along with six 12-inch Exile Pro subs in the illuminated center console. The subs are artfully hidden behind the console’s plate glass sides etched with forest scenes and whitetail bucks. To add another element to the nighttime display, the colors inside the console change continuously. Powering the system comes from the impressive array of four JL Audio amplifiers and a 25-farad capacitor, mounted in a backlit enclosure in the bed.

The finished truck has been successful on several levels. With a suspension that can handle the roughest terrain as well as interstates, an engine powerful enough to spin those big 40-inch tires, and an interior that can win trophies at a race stereo event, this truck can do it all. Of course, with seven trucks to his credit, Jeremy makes it clear that practice makes perfect! 2007 Ford F-350 Harley Davidson Edition – Total Commitment Steve Lasky never gave up on this once wrecked ’07 F-350

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It’s crazy how a truck’s world can literally change in an instant. One minute a rig can clip by with the speedometer reading 70 mph, and then, in an instant, traffic is stopped dead—and there’s nowhere to go. Steve Lasky experienced this firsthand when he crested a blind hill one day in his ’07 Harley-Davidson edition Ford F-350.

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The figurative uphill climb to reincarnation was steep, and as a Ford Master Technician with all sorts of certifications, it was a road Steve could easily travel.

The F-350’s large grille smashed right into a small Honda Civic that was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and Newton’s first law of motion—an object in motion will not change its velocity unless an external force acts on it— rang true at the moment of impact. The result was as devastating as you’d expect when the object in motion weighs 7,700 pounds and the stopped vehicle doesn’t even weigh 3,000 pounds.

An assessment of damage to the truck revealed a cracked frame on the passenger side and a twisted cab, along with other parts that were bent, broken and tweaked. “I thought for sure the insurance company was going to do it all,” Steve says, recounting that day. Surprisingly, the insurance agent decided not to do a total write-off and chose to cut him a check to repair the Harley-Davidson edition.

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The stance is thanks to a Skyjacker suspension upgrade, including 2.5-inch front anti-roll coils and shocks, a dual-link stabilizer bar, and 1.5-inch lift in the rear.

Of course, some people would take the money and run. But Steve is definitely not “some people”. Instead of just profiting from the loss, Steve wanted to rebuild his truck because of its sentimental value; it was his first big purchase as an adult. “I liked the truck from the moment I saw it,” Steve recalls, and that love at first sight kept him from giving up on the wrecked Super Duty.

The figurative uphill climb to reincarnation was steep, and as a Ford Master Technician with all sorts of certifications, it was a road Steve could easily travel. Steve is not one to sit idle, and he showed up at the workshop ready to work. First, the truck’s mangled cab was removed from the chassis and placed to one side of the shop where the Woodcock Auto Body team worked their magic. However, since the truck body was revived (factory paint, complete with factory ghost flames), the same could not be said for the frame.

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Steve decided it was better to do a frame swap as the frame rail was broken. He picked up another F-350 frame and began replacing the suspension components. But not all parts and pieces from the factory would make it onto the new/used frame. A set of 2.5-inch Skyjacker leveling coils and a dual steering stabilizer were bolted to the solid front axle, and the rear was lifted 1.5 inches to keep the truck looking mean. Rolling stock consists of a set of 35-inch Toyo Open Country M/T meats to give the truck functionality to match its menacing off-road looks.

Ford F 350 Super Duty

What good is a 6.0L Power Stroke engine without any upgrades? Steve added new head gaskets and an ARP bolt kit the first week he owned the truck, so the foundation was ready for more. A Garrett PowerMax 63.5mm turbocharger was also added, as well as a Banks Power Techni-Cooler intercooler. Feeding diesel fuel is the job of Industrial Injection 190cc fuel injectors and an AirDog fuel system.

The 6.0L Power Stroke engine has been enhanced with several components, including an upgraded turbocharger, the popular ARP head stud upgrade, and other odds and ends. It all adds up to a tire-shredding 510 hp and 920 lb-ft of torque.

As if that wasn’t enough, Steve installed AEM’s water-methanol injection system, complete with a huge cell in the toolbox. “You’d be surprised how quickly this truck can empty the water-met cell,” says Steve. Venting spent exhaust is the job of a Banks Power dual Monster 4-inch exhaust system, to which Steve added 6-inch MBRP exhaust tips.

Containing the 6.0L’s torque is the job of a 5R100W automatic transmission, which has gone through a few different phases. Given his skills as a master technician, Steve handled each of the truck’s four transmission rebuilds himself. The final, fully built version includes SunCoast Diesel Transmission internals

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