2014 Chevrolet Reaper For Sale Pickup Trucks

2014 Chevrolet Reaper For Sale Pickup Trucks – This performance-oriented sport utility vehicle is the answer to all your on-road or off-road needs! A 550 horsepower Magnuson TVS1900 supercharged 6.2L V8 lurked under a custom hood and behind a custom off-road bumper with integrated 10″ Rigid Industries LED light bars and LED fog lights. These weren’t production cars, they were special orders and a combo job GM , Lingenfelter Performance and Southern Comfort Automotive and this is #0012.Along with many other performance and appearance upgrades comes a Reaper decal package, front and rear fenders with integrated LED lights, and Fox 3.0 Factory Series shocks give these trucks a significant improvement in suspension travel: a massive 9.2″ in the front and 11.2″ in the rear under that 3″ lift. All this riding on 20″ Reaper rims and Toyo Open Country rubber.

Inside is everything you’d expect from a fully loaded Chevy, but special-ordered, including a live Reaper-specific instrument cluster and Reaper logos on the headrests. The seats are heated and cooled in leather, with a heated tilt/telescoping multi-function steering wheel. You also get forward collision warning, lane departure warning, hill descent and 4 Auto. Underneath the large Chevy MyLink infotainment center with navigation are 3 prong plugs, 3 USB ports and 2 aux power ports. Not to mention two more USB ports in the center console below the wireless charging port.

2014 Chevrolet Reaper For Sale Pickup Trucks

Although we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information above, due to the possibility of human error, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information transmitted, the availability of this vehicle, or the accuracy of its photograph or photographs. Such information may not correspond to the exact vehicle, color, trim, options, price or other information. As a buyer, we ask that you do your due diligence to ensure that you do your own research before purchasing. Please contact Adrenalin Motors to check or for more information on this vehicle. It was only a matter of time before someone decided to give the Ford Raptor a run for its money, in this case through renowned tuner Ken Lingenfelter. The company announced its new Chevrolet Silverado-based Reaper project at the National Automotive Dealers Association last Friday.

Insider Explains Why There’s No Chevy Silverado Raptor Rival

The 2014 Reaper is the result of a series of conversions that take the average Silverado – already a good truck – and put it on steroids, so to speak. Under the Reaper’s hood is a supercharged Lingenfelter V8 that makes a total of 550 hp. That’s 139 ponies more than the Raptor, which makes 411 hp. Lingenfelter worked on the project with Southern Comfort Automotive.

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The Reaper is armed with 20-inch beadlock wheels, a Fox Racing suspension system, a wide-span bumper, a reinforced skid plate, and an integrated headlight system, all of which should help it handle any terrain at highway-caliber speeds.

The spirit of the Silverado is evident, but you’ll notice a redesigned front fascia and a splash of rear graphics that bear an uncanny resemblance to the Raptor’s bed design.

The expected price of the Chevrolet Reaper is estimated to be between $50,000 and $60,000. That’s a few bucks more than the Raptor, which starts at $46,240, but keep in mind that the power is up significantly.

Lingenfelter’s Chevy Silverado Reaper Faces The Black Widow

The Reaper website confirms that the souped-up Chevy conversion kits will be sold at select Chevrolet dealers across the country. We expect to get a few details on specs and interior and exterior images closer to the Chicago Auto Show. When you think of the biggest rivalries, thoughts may go to Red Sox-Yankees or Packers-Vikings (or Patriots and all the others), but those are small potatoes compared to the difference between Ford and Chevy owners. Each owner is extremely loyal to their brand and enjoys talking trash about other guys’ products.

In 2014, when this Chevy Reaper was built, the Ford Raptor was temporarily out of production, so Chevy had a chance to tweak the Ford, and they took it. Enter the then all-new 2014 Chevrolet Silverado Reaper. Although in 2017 you can get one off the dealer’s lot, in 2014 the Reaper was a modified Silverado 1500 that was actually a joint venture between GM, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering, and custom builder Southern Comfort, or SCA Performance.

Lingenfelter has long been known for big horsepower, and thanks to them, the Reaper now features a Magnuson supercharger that packs the Silverado’s 6.2-liter V8 and bumps it up to 550 horsepower. Founded by John Lingenfelter and now run by his son Ken, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering has been building fast vehicles for over 43 years and apparently has everything you need to get every pony out of your engine. GM’s contact with them was pointless, as the two companies have a long history of cooperation.

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SCA Performance, Trussville, AL, has been building off-road trucks since 1979, and it doesn’t stop at Chevy. They build just about anything, including Dodge trucks, Jeeps, and yes, even Fords. When you go on their website, you see a guy and his dog getting up on stage and getting ready to hunt. These guys know what it takes to get around the hills south of Mason-Dixon in style and comfort, but for the suspension, the owner called on off-road race winners Baja Kits By Brenthel.

Chevrolet Silverado Rally Sport And Custom Sport

The truck was dropped off at Baja Kits in Anaheim, California. where it has undergone most of the updates. The guys unloaded the truck and then got to work on the suspension. Baja Kits added their 4WD Long Travel Race line which included their 4WD uprights. The King is a standard choice for Brenthel and therefore Baja Kits, so a pair of King Shocks, one 3.0 Coil-Over and one 3.0 Bypass are used on each side, along with a King Air Bump to finish off this big hit smoothly.

Trick Baja Kits’ Rear Cantilever Shock System controls the floating rear end from Currie Enterprises. It uses a pair of King 3.0 triple bypass shocks and King Air Bumps along with Deaver Springs leaf packs. The result is now that the Chevy can use all of Lingenfelter’s horsepower off-road.

That power is put to the ground by 17-inch Method Race Wheels NV wheels, fitted with 37-inch Falken Wild Peak M/T tires.

Fiberwerx front fenders and beds make room for these 37-year-olds. Each adds 5.5 inches of wheel space over stock, and a Fiberwerx Bumper Valance upgrade was also used. When the glass was on, a nice Satin Black finish was applied.

Reaper Silverado By Lingenfelter Performance Isn’t Your Typical Pickup Truck

An ADD Dimple R rear bumper is used and Rigid D series lights are embedded into it. Speaking of Rigid Industries, a 40-inch E-Series LED light bar extends across the top of the windshield to light the way.

The bed now has a Decked In-Vehicle Storage system. In addition to the double 48 inch drawers with loads of stuff, one of the many nice things is that it covers the entire bed area. It’s also tough enough to have 2,000 pounds piled on top of it, so there’s little compromise between storage and strength.

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There are also many nice things in the interior. It’s bare bones, but the seats are well-bolstered, but the interior is about as well-partitioned as a 2014 Chevy truck could get. The comfort level is high, if not the off-road ability.

When the owner of this Reaper, one Tom Benavides, goes for a ride, he does so knowing that his Chevy has the power, suspension and ability to cut through whatever the trail throws at it. When the Chevrolet Silverado Reaper was unveiled at At the 2014 North American Dealers Association conference in New Orleans last week, it got a lot of attention from Chevrolet dealers — as well as some unintended attention from auto enthusiast sites and blogs before the official reveal. The timing of the truck’s introduction comes at a convenient time for Chevrolet dealers as the Ford F-150 Raptor SVT enters its final officially announced production year. While many expect a Raptor or Raptor-like version of the 2015 F-150 to eventually be offered, there will likely be a one to two year gap until we see its successor unveiled.

Grave Digger (monster Truck)

We wanted to get a little deeper into the origins of the Reaper project and the collaboration between the well-known domestic performance tuning company Lingenfelter Performance Engineering and Southern Comfort Automotive for this strategic collaboration of Yankee design expertise and Southern style. We spoke with Mike Copeland, LPE’s head of operations, about how the Reaper came to be and what the plans are for the truck going forward.

Copeland said the idea for a performance SUV-oriented Silverado began in 2012 when the company learned of the imminent release of the all-new K2XX series of trucks. The company originally planned to do all styling and performance upgrades in-house. The concept was originally called T-Rex and was considered to be a competitor

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