2014 Chevy Silverado Radio Upgrade

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Looking to add Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to your 2014-2015.5 factory 8″ display equipped North American Spec GM Vehicle with OEM compatibility? You are in the right place! Please read the full product description and FAQ as it explains how to use it, inside and out and what parts you need to make this happen. thing.

2014 Chevy Silverado Radio Upgrade

So how does this work? First you need to understand your needs/needs. Do you have a cruise if you don’t want to add it? If the question to one of those questions is yes then you want to select the package that includes Navigation HMI. Second you need to know the sound type of your car. Do you have Bose Premium headphones? If so you must choose the package that includes the HMI you want for the Bose radio; it’s quite simple. You can’t mix and match radios, if you have a Bose you need the Bose radio if you don’t need the base radio. You can find out what Radio Style you need by checking your cars RPO Code Label (Usually inside the glove box) for the RPO UQ3/UQ5 you own need a BASE Radio for RPO UQA/UQS you need a BOSE Radio. On radio information ALL of our packages include HD Radio!

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In addition to the HMI and the compatible Radio Module we will give you the only other thing you need to buy is a 2016+ USB hub that goes into your console to change your interface late The USB module that you plug your devices into has two ports and it looks like an SD Card reader that varies by console. For most applications, the part number for this unit is 13519224 (PLEASE NOTE WHEN CHEATING OR PURCHASING A 13519244) and multiples are available. Internet sites include Amazon. The new USB hub does not have an SD Card reader and there are no compatible hubs for this upgrade that have an SD Card Reader that we know of. You need to install your iPhone / Android Device in this new hub because Apple CarPlay / Android Auto DOESN’T WORK WITH THIS HUB.

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Installation is as simple as exchanging your existing units for the new units we will supply you; they will plug and play.

Please note that if you want a full OEM car / Android Auto experience you will need to replace the HMI, Radio AND Instrument Cluster (Or opt for our fleet in UDD cluster upgrade click HERE to check) to get take full advantage of it. the steering wheel control (in the Auto mode or Android Auto) and the Siri / Google voice command otherwise you will press the screen all the time; this is also a good time to consider upgrading the Denali Cluster to be compatible with CarPlay  / Android Auto to get this functionality! Steering wheel controls outside of CarPlay / Android auto will work as they did before but NO upgrade support is different in Android Auto and in Apple CarPlay in most phones you have miss free Siri Eyes and Answer/Hang up calls. On some iPhones with iOS 15 you will also miss the track change / volume function due to a change in removing the old iPod support from CarPlay.

If you have a 2016 built without auto / Android auto please click here for a special product for those applications!

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If you have a truck equipped with a 4″ Display IO4 please see Click here for truck upgrades that include the appropriate 8” screen.

If you have a current XM radio subscription after installation you will need to connect and update your information with your new Radio ID. You can find this on the module itself or by listening to Channel 0 on the XM band.

You will lose the ability to pause/rewind/fast forward live radio after this upgrade. This is because GM removed those features on any HMI based application that also has CarPlay / Android Auto.

If you are ordering a commercial HMI without a factory warranty please provide a GPS antenna.

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If you do NOT have OnStar Hardware in your vehicle (Usually RPO UE0 Onstar Delete) please contact us BEFORE ordering as your kit is required special programs.

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About Add-ons: Map Update: The Navigation HMI only updates the Map Data to the current Model Year data. are listed. We always offer the most up-to-date information available at a fraction of the retail price.

Full HMI Open Source Software: Add more functionality at a lower cost. Please Click Here for the complete schedule as well as requirements of this awesome Add-on!

NOTE: This kit is intended for use in North American specialty vehicles. It is not intended to solve any existing problems such as space lag, “glitches”, “ghost scrolling / presses” or any other issues. data information. While it is possible that these parts can sometimes solve problems like the above, we do not in any way do or sell this product as anything other than a repair for good cars and any existing issues must be professionally verified by a GM dealer prior to purchase. . In addition, some C7 Applications may lose the “Driver Mode” option in this upgrade due to the last changes of the communication module.

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A: By using the RPO label (usually in your glove box) and the instructions in the description refer to the RPO’s for Bose/Premium Audio and Base Audio.

A: No you will end up with no sound that’s why we say it should match what you have.

Q: I have navigation now or do I need to keep it even though I will be using CarPlay/Android Auto?

A: If you have it now, we advise you to save it because other applications can use information from it. For example most of the applications that have Rear Seat Entertainment are not built without Navigation and will lose other applications that already exist such as weather etc.

Standard Cab Stereo Upgrade Advice

A: No it isn’t. The only thing that OnStar explains is that we need to know if you don’t have OnStar HARDWARE which means that OnStar is off as discussed above in the description.

Q: I just installed this and I can’t get CarPlay or Android Auto to work Projection Icon doesn’t change at all?

A: This is almost always one of three things: The first thing is that the USB hub has not been changed as instructed in the description, the number of the HUB is incorrect OR you use a USB cable that not OEM.

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A: Usually. If you search you will find many solutions that you need to work on because this is a fault of the Phone  and it may need to update parts or resurrection there is no “definite order” for him. your 4.2″ platform / work truck screen includes Bluetooth and more! Fits 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 Chevy Silverado Colorado Tahoe & Title!

For 2014 2018 Chevrolet Silverado Gmc Sierra 12.1

MVI is proud to offer OEM IO3 to IO4 4.2″ Base / Work Truck Chevy MyLink Upgrades for your new 2014-2018 Chevrolet truck or SUV! With this upgrade you can now add factory Chevy MyLink Apps and features to your 4.2″ base/truck including: Bluetooth calling and streaming, pandora, XM, and more! Most aftermarket systems tend to cause more headaches than solutions,  unless you stick with the factory systems designed for your vehicle, and they are get your factory solution here!

This is where you are going to upgrade if you are looking to have Bluetooth on your Chevy Trucks. This factory OEM Chevy Mylink upgrade looks like your Chevy came out of the factory with these features already installed.

NOTE: This system adds the factory OEM Chevy MyLink Apps and features to your 4.2″ screen (IO3 Option Code). If you would like to upgrade to an 8″ touch screen please see our  2014 – 2018 Chevy MyLink OEM 8″ Upgraded Touch Screen and Dealer Option and CarPlay + Android Auto. Please see the FAQ tab above for more information on how to find out what your vehicle’s current usage is. Please contact us for pricing and QUESTIONS

The Installation will require 4 connections (fixed) under the dash to the BCM and will require some trimming of the hard plastic switch-way from the wiring. USB factory allows the use of new add-on modules. If this is something you like, then installing something simple, like this

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