2014 Chevy Silverado Speaker Upgrade

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6×9″ Rhythm Series 3 Way Car Speaker Pair Power Handling: Peak: 450 watts RMS: 150 watts Sensitivity: 92dB Frequency Response: 30Hz-20kHz Installation Depth: 3 3/8″ Cutout Diameter: x11/8″ /16″ Gasket Size : 1/2″ & 1″ Single 4 Ohm

2014 Chevy Silverado Speaker Upgrade

Direct Fit OEM Replacement Size Polypropylene Injection Molded Cone Butyl Rubber Surround PEI Neodymium Magnet Ball Tweeter Passive Tweeter Crossover Steel Basket Ferrite Magnet Kapton Old Material

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6-1/2″ Rhythm Series 2 Way Car Speaker Pair Power Handling: Peak: 300 watts RMS: 100 watts Sensitivity: 90dB Frequency: 40Hz-20kHz Installation Depth: 2 3/8″ Cutout Diameter: 1/16″ Tweeter Size: 1 /2″ One 4 Ohm

WARNING: This product may expose you to chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm in the state of California. For more information, visit www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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Silverado/sierra Installation Kit For Heigh10® Multimedia Head Unit

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You can return the item in its original condition within 14 days, minus a 20% restocking fee, plus the shipping we paid for it. I haven’t replaced the factory speakers in the past. store the factory radio. They are always powerful and unexciting. For those using the stock radio, what size and type of speaker would you replace the door speakers with that sounds better than the old ones?

I installed a Rockford factory replacement in the 08. Night and day difference even without a factory radio or amp. Think it was less than $75 with the adapter and connector.

Chevrolet Silverado Drops Factory Audio Equipment For Massive Upgrade

I recently replaced my stock speakers with rockford speakers. The sound is amazing. These are the 3-way 6.5 on the front door. But I can’t tell if they produce bass like the stock speakers because I have a bass 10 inch sub. It’s also Rockford. I’ve always been a Kenwood guy, but these Rockfords are amazing. Excellent mids and highs.

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I didn’t use a sub. I was also very impressed with their low level. Remember, they won’t rattle your mirrors. But these are very cheap and easy upgrades.

I had Rockford Fosgate speakers before the Polks I have now. The RF sounded good but didn’t handle the little 45wx4 amp I put in and started to crackle a bit. Polks handle it better.

Infinite speaker with 3 Ohm impedance. The 3 ohm impedance allows the speaker to be driven more than factory stereo….

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Hunt4steve says: Infinite speaker with 3 ohm impedance. The 3 ohm impedance allows the speakers to be driven more by the factory stereo…. Click to expand… I installed the reference series. Coaxial front and back I bought for low impedance and good reviews. I am happy for them.

Power handling: Peak: 450 watts per pair / 225 watts each and RMS: 150 watts per pair / 75 watts each

Things to note. Before these Infinity speakers I had Kicker 4 ohm speakers in the front and rear doors. There was a very noticeable difference in volume between these 4 ohm speakers and the Infinity 3 ohm speakers. I cranked the volume up to max with a 4 ohm speaker and it wasn’t too loud. With the Infinity 3 Ohm speakers, I didn’t have to turn up the volume too much to get a lot of sound out of the speakers.

Rambodog says: I installed the reference series. Coaxial front and back I bought for low impedance and good reviews. I am happy for them. Click to expand. I thought about doing this but didn’t want to bother with the speaker wires.

Infinity 6.5″ Kappaperfect600x & Precision Power 5×7″ Mas.572 4 Speaker Replacement For Ultra Limited Cvo Boom 2 + Hmp4d Amp For 2014 2020 Harley Davidson® For Soundstream Radio

Most people use Polk or Infinity because of their high efficiency rating, which is very important when pairing them with a factory head unit. While you’re there, do yourself a favor and put a silencer on the door. Sealing all the holes will really increase the bass response.

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FOX59 says: Most people use Polk or Infinity because of their high efficiency ratings, which makes pairing them with factory head units very important. While you’re there, do yourself a favor and put a silencer on the door. Sealing all the holes will really increase the bass response. Click to expand… If you don’t need to, don’t. Aftermarket speakers are often built for amplification and require more power. Feeding them at the same power as the OE usually results in less response than the stellar bass, so a low impedance replacement is recommended. A good tip is to seal the door if you need to replace it. I followed this tutorial and got the same material. I had great results before I got stronger. I also used an XTC fender and cut off the back but left the top intact to act as a roof from the water drops. They doubled as good mounting gaskets. Aftermarket speaker enclosures tend to skip this feature.

I installed 6-1/2″ Kenwoods in the front doors and 5-1/4″ Kenwoods in the rear doors of a 2010 Silverado Extended Cab. I also replaced the head unit, so I’m not sure how it would sound with the stock head unit, but I think it would be better to see how the stock speakers are made out of paper. ..

Rambodog takes great care of the brackets. You should use Baffles to protect your investment and increase bass response. I did the same thing, cutting out the bottom of the fenders to allow the top to protect the speakers from water that might get through the window seal. I believe the baffles improved the overall bass response of the Infinity 6×9 door speakers (unsure, I don’t have a before or after test). They definitely produce enough bass to rattle windows, mirrors and doors. In fact, I’m using a low music setting…

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Check out the JBL 2 method. They have great ratings and I put them in my truck and my brothers F150. They sound amazing! It also responds well to bass, midrange, and treble.

In the first year, my rear left 15201407 began to distort. Dealer replaced it under warranty. The second year (same) started to distort the right rear speaker but could not “reproduce” the problem. The service manager said, “No problem, we have a complaint log if found.” Well, now in the 4th year, he is loud and a bad speaker. And it’s not covered. Warranty expired.

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What’s wrong with GMC using such cheap speakers in the rear column? They probably cost less than $10.

Sperry said: …..All I’m listening to is a book on CD. Is speaking the death knell of speakers? Click to view more… I also listen to a lot of audio books…. 2 hours a day. Changing to better speakers made listening more enjoyable. I personally think that a speech is not the death knell of a speaker. For me, background is the death knell of a speaker. IMHO…

Upgrading The Stereo System In Your 2003 2007 Chevrolet Silverado Or Gmc Sierra Extended Cab

Let’s say I’m only going to replace the rear pillar speakers. The factory mounting bracket is different than the one I got which looks to be 4″ x 6″. Big deal? Or will it explain itself after removing the hood?

Hunt4steve said: When you say “rear pillar” speakers….where exactly are those speakers in the cab of the truck? Click to expand… Just behind the door under the seat belt. It’s a typical cockpit with “front” speakers in the door and “rear” speakers behind me.

So when the LR speaker started playing, it was a few feet away from my left ear. Very annoying!

Now it’s the right rear speaker. To add to the problem, MP3 books on tape have poor sound quality.

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