2015 F350 Dually Lifted

2015 F350 Dually Lifted – It’s almost more than a double-edged masterpiece. These trucks are the biggest, the biggest, and the most magnificent ones that roam the roads. Here, we’ve rounded up two of our favorite pickup trucks from the Truck Trend Network archives. They are presented in any order. Want to see more? Click the 8-Lug HD Truck tab at the top of this page and go nuts!

They say everything is in Texas, right? Check out Kenda Lees’ lifted Dodge Dually while traveling around the area near Midland-Odessa, Texas. Kenda, is the proud owner of Reaper, a 2006 Dodge 3500 convertible.

2015 F350 Dually Lifted

Travis Fugitt, manager of Fugitt Farms in Bakersfield, California, brings us a wild, highly modified, agricultural ’16 GMC Sierra 3500HD Denali, a vision created in January 2016 by friend Cris Payne. Travis bought his GMC in June of 2016 and started detailing the build. By August, the truck was entered at the 2016 SEMA Show, so the crunch was on!

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If imitation is a true form of flattery, then we know that the crew at 8 Lug Customs in West Park, Florida, must be big fans. Fascinated by the magazine’s name and pick up truck, owner Julio Paez, shop manager Jorge Martinez, and designer Adalberto Cabeza have been turning out beautiful custom cars for a long time. Julio first started with Mustangs but switched to pickup trucks around the time the 8-Lug magazine hit the market.

After the initial shock caused by the height and 22.5-inch big rig wheels on Carl Fick’s ’15 Ford F-350, people often use his belt as another “show vehicle.” However, in reality, Carl’s large carriage is used every day as a workhorse and is filled with the owner’s working and quiet thoughts that separate it. and the pack.

Bad things like this are coming. And by the wicked, we mean that it is good, mixed with the extremes of darkness and evil, because of the ugly, ugly colors, which are made of air. In fact, Joey Chavarria’s second-owned ’16 Ram 3500 Mega Cab is a sight to behold — a whole lotta truck with both hips and a Mega Cab configuration — that photos don’t do well.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the SEMA Show’s central booth, it’s easy to miss some of the standout booths. A good testament to the car’s location and uniqueness is that, with a brief description, you can say Oh yes, I know exactly the car you are talking about. Case in point: drop off the black Super Duty and 28s at the Ford booth.

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Every once in a while, a piece crosses our desks that leaves us speechless and scratching our heads. This model is one of them – introducing Quinn, owned by Pete Alongi of Addiction Offroad in San Antonio, Texas. We all know that Texas is home to colorful, larger-than-life trucks, but this one takes that stereotype to the extreme.

Jesse James, who currently lives in Austin, Texas, reached out to Jason Naron of Jays Fine Line Rigs Offroad & Performance about getting his ’02 Ford F-450 Super Duty in some shape to show off what a real Texas truck looks like — in the hands of Jason’s character show is known for, of course!

Jeff Scofield is quickly becoming a household name – that is, if your family revolves around fast cars, pickup trucks, custom work and performance. A few of his creations have graced these pages recently. Remember the F-250 named “Motivation”?

We like big trucks, and we can’t lie. Austin O’Krinsky, one of the owners of Extreme Offroad and Performance, creates some crazy big truck builds that are show worthy like the big SEMA show that is called only in Las Vegas every year , a show that many companies build to show. Off just what they’re capable of.Sean O’Hara is the proud owner of Street Diesel Performance (SDP), a Ford Power Stroke specialty shop in Chaplin, Connecticut that specializes in complete builds from mid to high. Every year, the crew at SDP build the Las Vegas-hosted SEMA convention to show off all of their products, and this year, they had a little more time to create their beast of a machine. With eight weeks to build, the crew upped their SEMA game and did paint and performance work on the F450.

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After the build was completed, they showed off their hard work at the most recent SEMA show, along with a host of diesel powerhouses such as Rize Suspension, Fox Shocks, Toyo Tires, American Force Wheels and more.

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The F450 frame is left stock, as it is already strong enough to be built. To kick off the mods, this truck replaced the stock car with a custom SDP steering system that also included WC Motorsports track bars with heim ends. The rear suspension starts with a 12-inch Atlas rear leaf, supporting a 4.30-geared limited slide Dana 135 axle. At the rear, a 2.5″ Fox remote reservoir shock absorber is used. Rear traction and wheel hop are controlled by a Rize Industries traction bar system. These bars should be custom. built so that they can put it in the bottom of the axle house, because the axle house square tube of Dana 135. In front, it has 4.30-geared Dana 60 wide track front end and Fox Fox. 2.5 coil- over set, 600-lbs Eibach coils and 2.5-inch second shocks with remote reservoirs installed in SDP custom mounts, and billet clamps. ‘front has a1350 CV High Angle setup. Sean went with a custom built Crown SDP brake line for a brake line on a lifted bike. The front also has a Mag Hytec cover, and 14″ Rize Industries four link conversions. All of these things had to be adjusted to fit the F-450’s new suspension setup, but combined, it makes for a well-raised truck.

After the lift is done, it’s time to put new tires and wheels on this bike for a great SEMA look. For the new clearance and upgrade, Sean used 24″ American Force Mayday polished all-round wheels, wrapped in 40×15.50×24 Toyo MT rubber.

“The front end also has a Mag Hytec hood, and a 14″ Rize Industries four-link shifter…makes the truck look great.”

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The 2015 6.7 diesel in the Ford 450 was upgraded with a larger turbo and fuel tank, increasing the stock horsepower to 440 HP.

Although the F450 is a larger truck, it is about the same overall size as the F350. This F450 makes all factory built rigs look like plain jane rigs in comparison.

Fox shock absorbers, Eibach shock absorbers and a second, Fox shock absorber keep this ride stable throughout the race.

The engine is tried-and-tested product 2015 6.7 8 cylinder power plant, which for 2015, received a new turbo and heavy fuel system that brings product horsepower up to 440 and 865 ft-lbs. of torque. Sean used the S+B air cooler. diesel fuel products diesel fuel use of use of use of use of use of marine oil use of diesel use of products use of change of diesel emissions. He also went with a MagnaFlow 5-inch DPF rear exhaust, stainless steel with a muffler and a 6″ tip for increased exhaust. Sean also added an SCT 7015 X4 programer from KEM. He decided to add an Edge Insite CTS with pyro for monitoring, mounted on the traditional SDP dash mount.The transmission is a stock 6R140 6-speed Ford unit.

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With the combination of the lift, bodywork, Fusion bumper and custom hood, this truck looks ready to go and get the job done.

The Fusion bumper is painted to match the new factory color, as well as the sides of the grille. Powerful LED headlights are installed on the new bumper to help illuminate the night.

This well-designed cover started with the original 2015 cover and had its frame removed and replaced with parts of the 2001 cover, creating a beautiful cover with side checks to match the billet road to the Sand side.

With all the mechanical work completed, it’s time for body mods: The front fender flares were shortened and then capped at the bottom, since the factory fixed step was removed in place of the AMP power step. The rear fenders where smoothed remove the stock rubber stone guard in front of each fender. Next, the hood was replaced with a full custom hood with a new 2015 stock hood and a 2001 center section in a review to match the Street and Sand billet next to the custom emblems. The stock bumpers, front and rear, were removed and replaced with welded steel, Fusion Bumpers fitted with Industries LED lighting throughout. The bumpers, tailgate panel and grill are painted to match the body. In bed, the flexible Extang tonneau covers the interior of the BedRug.

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As for the color, Sean went with the new color that Ford released

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