2016 Chevrolet Silverado Black Widow Edition Improvement

2016 Chevrolet Silverado Black Widow Edition Improvement – Car customization is sacred. It allows homeowners to create something truly unique and worthy of attention. Some buyers will want to upgrade their trucks on their own, but options are available for those who prefer to buy something that has been upgraded before receiving the keys. We’ve covered custom trucks before, and they’re always a pleasure to share.

Dealer-sanctioned updates are the subject of a recent video posted to YouTube by Mike Davenport (aka “Chevy Dude”). Davenport shares his excitement with viewers about the SCA Silverado Black Widow. It’s unquestionably a great-looking Silverado, but is it worth the $18,000 price tag?

2016 Chevrolet Silverado Black Widow Edition Improvement

Davenport is a seller who uses his channel to promote vehicles that he can sell to his viewers. Nothing wrong with that, and luckily, he’s quite frank about what he’s doing. That said, he’s motivated to release the inventory on his lot, and that’s exactly what he does throughout the video. “This truck is made by SCA Performance and while I often tell people to be careful with these stickers as these stickers are a knockoff, [but] this is the only exception,” says Davenport. We’ll have to keep an eye on his channel to see if he makes more exceptions. And to be fair, the truck looks pretty sinister.

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As far as looks go, SCA has hit a homerun with the Black Widow pack. The company puts a six-inch lift kit on the trucks and 36-inch BF Goodrich off-road KO2 tires on their own rims. The alloys look just as good as the leather seats you see in the photo above, which is actually an option on Black Widow trucks. Presumably the Davenport dealership thought it was worth paying. He certainly thinks so. “I think this is a little better than the leather coming from the factory,” says Davenport.

‘This truck is made by SCA Performance and although I usually tell people to be careful with these stickers as they are a knockoff, [but] this is the only exception.’

The interior also gets other updates. SCA installs LED projector lights that activate when you open the front driver and passenger doors. All the backlit gauges are changed to red, and the pilot’s cockpit also gets its own custom setup, which might be the best cosmetic upgrade in the pack.

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Davenport made sure to pick up the non-spider-themed updates as well. The lift kit gets good coverage and he places the camera next to the SCA exhaust while the Chevy Silverado is running so onlookers can hear the sweet rumble the truck emits at idle.

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The end of the video shows Davenport showing us the prices of the truck. He doesn’t keep anything vague.

“We always post our best and our lowest price on our website,” he says in the clip. In addition to the factory discount and incentives, the Davenport dealer lists the Black Widow bundle for $18,000. That’s a pretty high value for what you get, but as Davenport demonstrates, the quality of the updates is top notch. Bachman Chevrolet also expects some cash for this particular truck. Without the Black Widow package, the dealer cut about $3,000 off the MSRP. With incentives, discounts go up to around $10,000, which is not coincidentally with the “Open House Event Price”. Basically, they’re only taking $3,000 off the truck’s total price, even when the Black Widow pack is added.

That said, Davenport is honest about Silverado’s incentives. He rightly points out the typical dealer trick of throwing discounts for which no customer could qualify. We would go a step further and praise Bachman Chevrolet for simply talking about the price of the truck. Some dealerships refuse to discuss the cost of the vehicle until they meet face-to-face with a potential customer. It’s an old school tactic that is unfortunately still in practice today. Davenport’s price tag can be a little high, but honesty is always refreshing, and sometimes it’s worth paying a little extra to avoid intense bargaining. As for the Black Widow pack, it’s worth checking out the video to see all the news that comes with it. A Trussville-based specialty vehicle manufacturer has released the latest versions of a high-performance off-road pickup that is a key part of its product lineup.

SCA Performance is introducing the redesigned 2016 Black Widow to dealers, built on the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra platforms.

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New Black Widow features include a 6-inch suspension system, 36-inch BF Goodrich All-Terrain KO2 tires, red ambient cab lighting and a stainless steel performance exhaust.

Other unique touches on the high-performance pickups are pocket-style fenders, 20-inch wheels with milled spokes, and puddle lights, which project the Black Widow logo onto the floor below whenever the driver or passenger doors are open. open.

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SCA Performance takes vehicles from manufacturers and equips them with aftermarket touches and accessories. The company has been producing Black Widow versions of the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra for four years, and the models account for about 70% of the company’s sales.

This year, the Sierra’s body style has changed, and this has opened up an opportunity to look at the Black Widow’s previous design and make improvements, said Drew Kerley, brand manager at SCA Performance.

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“We make about 100 Black Widows a month, including Chevy and GMC, and it’s probably 70/30 Chevy for GMC,” he said.

Pickups are available from Chevrolet and GMC dealerships. Models are priced by dealers, but typically range from $60,000 to $70,000, based on options.

“Most of the retail information we have shows that our average customers are 50-year-old men with an income in excess of $100,000 a year who are involved in extracurricular activities such as fishing, hunting and off-roading.” said Kerley.

Overall SCA Performance sales are expected to increase by 20% this year. His other performance pickups include the Reaper, Apex, G2 and 421/571.

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The company is under the umbrella of McSweeney Holdings, which has about 100 employees. A sister company, McSweeney Designs, produces armored vehicles with luxury details and sophisticated office technology and sells them to wealthy buyers in troubled regions around the world.

SCA Performance used to be known as Southern Comfort Automotive, but has recently changed its name in an attempt to establish more brand awareness.

For years, Southern Comfort has been well known for producing custom vans. But now the business is shifting more towards trucks, including off-road performance and engine upgrades, so the new name better reflects that market.

“We really feel that’s where the future of the industry is going, and we obviously want to stay at the forefront of that,” Kerley said.

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Alabama may be small in size, but its ability to accommodate companies seeking success is vast. See why companies like Mercedes, Airbus, Hyundai and Honda have decided to call Alabama home.DALLAS – Whether it’s a hurricane like only Hollywood special effects artists could dream of or another unforeseen emergency, the Chevrolet Silverado Black Ops concept is ready for anything. thing.

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“Luck favors the prepared and the Silverado Black Ops concept is a four-wheel survival kit,” said Dave Ross, Chevrolet’s design manager. “This concept truck showcases the strongest, smartest and most capable elements of the 2014 Silverado and how accessories can enhance them to suit any lifestyle.”

The sinister-looking concept is based on the Silverado Crew Cab 4×4, based on its strength, performance and safety with features designed to turn the wasteland into an oasis, including custom lower armor and a lockable, bed-mounted Truck Vault storage unit. . It contains a solar energy pack, a pair of gas masks, gloves, military first aid kit, folding shovel and rope.

A generator, a fuel can and a water can are mounted on top of the storage unit, as well as a crate stocked with food. Silverado’s available CornerStep bumper makes it easy to access the bed to retrieve survival gear, while the available locking tailgate with the EZ-Lift-and Lower feature allows for easier operation. An internal torsion bar reduces lifting and lowering effort, while a rotating damper allows for a more gradual, controlled lowering movement.

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A powerful front-mounted winch can help the Silverado Black Ops in most disaster-induced situations, while a custom cover around the winch features a bright LED, or LED, spotlight and integrated tow hooks. The truck also has a raised suspension that provides extra ground clearance. Additional exterior concept equipment includes custom bed rails and a light bridge – equipped with forward and rear facing light bars, bolt-on Chevrolet accessories fenders and four-inch tubular assist steps and off-road tires. road mounted on custom-painted versions of the 18-inch production Z71 wheels.

Inside, custom-finished black seats with yellow piping are complemented by additional yellow trim throughout the cabin, designed to provide a comfortable, well-connected environment. Includes Silverado’s MyLink system with available navigation – displayed on an eight-inch color touchscreen. Standard USB and other accessory inputs make

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