2016 Chevy Silverado Black Widow Top

2016 Chevy Silverado Black Widow Top – The Silverado Black Widow package takes the 2022 Silverado 1500 Limited and elevates it to the next level. SCA Performance is packaged, built and assembled with 100% OEM approved parts and accessories.

We have 12 Black Widow Silverados* on the way and are waiting for your order. All of these Silverados have the 6.2L V8 engine and the list of accessories below. $76, 605** is the MSRP with the Black Widow package. We’re offering $7,000 before rebates. So your savings will be significant. If you are interested in keeping Black Widow, please contact us. We don’t expect these orders to last long. If you are interested, please contact us soon. Locking in a reservation has the added benefit of guaranteeing you that month’s discount.

2016 Chevy Silverado Black Widow Top

Attention is more than loud. It’s about finding a balance of performance, power and direct sex appeal.

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Black Widow gives you a wonderful platform to take notice of the world around you. The Black Widow will hit all those with lift kits, upgraded wheels, off-road shocks and head-turning premium dec kits and accessories.

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The 6″ Suspension Lift Kit features strong cross members, steering knuckles and upper control arms to tackle any tough terrain with a competitive stance.

FOX’s proven damping technology provides comfortable and predictable off-road handling in all road conditions. In addition, their monolithic design uses an internal floating piston (IFP) to separate the shock oil from the high-pressure, nitrogen-charged gas chamber to prevent oil circulation on rough surfaces.

The 35″ AT KO2 Balloons feature an unmatched Black Widow and Balloon Package. BFGOODRICH® all-terrain tires mean longer mileage and more adventure. You can expect unmatched performance with minimal road noise, which minimizes the huge inefficiencies in off-road performance.

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20″ wheels with black painted rims are standard equipment on the Chevy Black Widow. The bright red lip gloss compliments the Black Widow’s aggressive wheel design, with a perfect pop of color that compliments the little bit of mud on the balloon.

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Don’t accept imitations. The bold, aggressive black widow lattice is characteristic of the black widow. Even a small change can have a big impact on the beauty of the truck.

You might not expect a gust of wind to drastically change the look of a truck, but the Black Widow does.

The OE Quality Custom logo is bold on every Black Widow. You’re letting the world know you’re driving something special with the iconic Spider logo and the iconic Black Widow name on the tailgate.

Chevy Silverado 1500 Black Widow — Black Widow Lifted Trucks

A truck is no longer just a work station, and you have more expectations than ever. Black Widow upgrades the base truck and adds premium appointments. Effectively raised the quality of Chevrolet to another level. Each Black Widow features a branded headliner, custom embroidery, painted interior, custom-designed gauge cluster and Black Widow-branded door panels. A less than subtle reminder that there are some of the most beautiful materials in the industry.

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* 7 Black, 3 White, 1 Northern Sky Blue, 1 Cherry Red. The MSRP for the Cherries is $54,705

** $76,605 This car has an MSRP of $54,210 and $225, $395. Cherry Red costs $54,705, $395.

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