2018 Chevrolet Silverado Black Widow Excellent

2018 Chevrolet Silverado Black Widow Excellent – Before talking about what is branded content and how it can be beneficial for a business or a brand, we have to define it. The brand content strategy is a very important part of the marketing strategy that consists of creating content in different communication channels with the aim of creating a bond with the target user/audience.

When we talk about content, we are referring to quality content, which creates experiences, which is unique, in short, which adds value. We keep in mind that the public is saturated with advertising messages every day. When you turn on your cell phone, when you walk down the street, when you read the newspaper, etc. At the end of the day, you only remember those who managed to catch your attention for a specific reason.

2018 Chevrolet Silverado Black Widow Excellent

It is necessary to make the public participate in the brand, that they feel and are part of it, so as not to forget the essence of its messages. At this point, it should be noted that brand content is part of the content marketing strategy, it does not work as something separate, sometimes the two things can be confused.

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The first step is to thoroughly study our company or brand and its position in the market, the website, its social networks and other digital channels. What are their weaknesses, who do we consider competition, what does the competition do, what are the gaps in the market that we can provide or how to encourage our strengths.

After a thorough reflection on our brand, we have to know who is our target or define the target audience. Inevitably the message will change depending on who we are going to deliver it to, so the audience will have to be studied very well. What are your likes, concerns or what you feel identified with.

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This type of strategy also seeks to first attract users as fans and then convert them into customers, thus changing the traditional purchase or acquisition cycle.

We can not forget to define the objectives of the campaign. The usual is to try to create notoriety, brand recognition, but it could also be to make known a specific product or service. This in addition to trying to generate more engagement or reaction with the brand.

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Do you want references? You have it in the media every day. An energy drink brand like Red Bull, the new Coca-Cola campaign, beer brands like Estrella Damm, are some examples of branded content. Look at what they do and try to reproduce it by adapting it to your resources. They are experts in product placement, which is used to promote or put new products on the market. Sometimes using techniques to associate with the brand that are far from those of traditional advertising.

When we have these parameters defined, we will consider what type of content is the most appropriate and which can be more successful. What will be the message that we will transmit to do inbound marketing, in what format will we present it and which channels will it be published. At this point, we have a wide range of choices: maybe we are interested in offering branded content for social networks, where we make a plan in the specific content strategy for each product or service. Of course, the format when generating content will be very different depending on the channel.

If we follow the case of social networks, perhaps our target audience is millennials. So we can take advantage of the Instagram stories format to locate our target and thus deliver the message. It must be loaded with value, emotion, experience and utility, following the lines of storytelling.

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Of course, the message can be contained in a text, an image, an infographic, a video, or almost anything that comes to mind, as long as what you want to convey is clear.

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It is necessary to bear in mind that these types of strategies cannot be compared with SEM campaigns with paid search engine advertising, they do not expect an immediate ROI. The results of this type of campaign are obtained in the medium and long term and are not so quantifiable.

Even so, we can be guided by the percentages and make an estimate that that product or that brand has sold more or is better known since the dissemination of these contents was launched.

Having a solid content strategy or a social media strategy that includes this type of action gives great benefits to our brand, which are also related to the type of objectives we can set:

In short, we see that including branded content in our digital marketing planning has many advantages. Although we still need the most important thing to create this type of content, the imagination.

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Branded content campaigns take good planning. Creativity triumphs in trying to generate notoriety and affinity with the brand. The secret is to be original and stand out.

The competition, the audience, the public and the type of content and channels are the elements that intervene in the equation to achieve success. The novelty, the surprise factor and even the timeliness of the products or services must also be considered. We have to take advantage of every aspect that can be favorable.

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