2018 Chevy 1500 Black Widow Improvement

2018 Chevy 1500 Black Widow Improvement – Car customization is sacred. This allows owners to create something unique and worthy of attention. Some buyers want to upgrade their trucks themselves, but the option is available for those who prefer to purchase an upgraded item before getting the keys. We’ve covered customized trucks before, and they’re always a treat to share.

Upgrading dealer sanctions is the subject of a new video posted on YouTube by Mike Davenport (aka “Chevy Guy”). Davenport shared his excitement with viewers through his SCA Silverado Black Widow. It’s certainly a beautiful Silverado, but is it worth $18,000?

2018 Chevy 1500 Black Widow Improvement

Davenport is a salesman who uses these channels to promote vehicles that he can then sell to his audience. There’s nothing wrong with that, and luckily he’s good at what he does. That being said, he’s motivated to take inventory of his bulk, and that’s exactly what he does in the video. “This truck is made by SCA Performance, and while I usually tell people to be careful with this sticker, because this sticker is a ripoff, [but] this is an exception,” Davenport said. We will have to monitor the channel to see if they make more exceptions. And to be fair, the truck looks pretty badass.

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As far as looks go, SCA hit a homerun with the Black Widow package. The company puts a six-inch lift kit on the truck and 36-inch BF Goodrich all-terrain KO2 tires on its own rims. The irons look like the leather seats you see in the picture above, which are actually an option on the Black Widow truck. Of course, the Davenport dealer felt he had to be paid. He must have thought so. “I think it’s better than the leather that comes from the factory,” Davenport said.

‘This truck is made by SCA Performance, and while I usually tell people to beware of this sticker, because it’s a ripoff, [but] this is one exception.’

The interior also gets another upgrade. SCA installed LED projector puddle lights that activate when opening the front door and passenger side door. All of the backlit gauges are changed to red, and the driver’s cockpit gets its own custom setup, which is perhaps the best cosmetic upgrade of the package.

Davenport made sure to grab an upgrade that was also not spider-themed. The lift kit got good coverage and he placed the camera next to the SCA exhaust while the Chevy Silverado was running so viewers could hear the sweet burble the truck emits at idle.

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The end of the video has Davenport showing the price of the truck dropping. He kept nothing obscure.

“We always post the best and lowest prices on our website,” he said in the clip. Aside from factory rebates and incentives, Davenport’s dealer list of the Black Widow package at $ 18,000. That figure is quite high for what you get, but as Davenport demonstrates, the quality of the top upgrade. Bachman Chevrolet is also expecting a fair amount of money for this particular truck. Without the Black Widow package, the seller shaves about $3,000 off the MSRP. With the incentive, the discount is about $10,000, which coincidentally corresponds to the “Open House Event Price.” In fact, they only took about $3,000 off the total price of the truck even with the Black Widow package added.

That being said, Davenport is honest about the Silverado’s incentives. He rightly points out typical seller tricks to deliver rebates that no customer can get. We’ll go one step further and praise Bachman Chevrolet for just talking about the price of the truck. Some dealers will refuse to even discuss the cost of the vehicle until they meet face-to-face with the prospective customer. This is an old school tactic that unfortunately is still practiced today. Davenport’s prices may be a bit high, but honesty is always refreshing, and sometimes it’s worth paying extra to avoid a hard bargain. As for the Black Widow package, it’s worth checking out the video to see all the goodies that come with it. The Trussville-based specialty vehicle manufacturer has debuted the latest version of its off-road, high-performance pickup that is a key part of its product lineup.

SCA Performance is rolling out to dealers the redesigned 2016 Black Widow, which is built on the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra platforms.

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Features of the new Black Widow include a 6-inch suspension lift system, 36-inch BF Goodrich All-Terrain KO2 tires, red cabin lights and a stainless steel performance exhaust.

Another exclusive touch on the high-performance pickup is the pocket-style fender flares, 20-inch wheels with milled spokes and puddle lights, which project the Black Widow logo on the ground below each open driver or passenger door.

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SCA Performance gets the vehicle from the manufacturer and applies aftermarket touches and accessories. The company has produced Black Widow versions of the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra for four years, and the model represents 70 percent of the company’s sales.

This year, the body style of the Sierra has changed, and that opens up an opportunity to look at the previous Black Widow design and make improvements, said Drew Kerley, brand manager for SCA Performance.

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“We produce about 100 Black Widows a month, including both Chevy and GMC, and it’s probably 70/30 Chevy to GMC,” he said.

Pickups are available at Chevrolet and GMC dealerships. Prices for models are set by dealers but typically range between $60,000 and $70,000, based on options.

“Most of the retail information we have shows the average customer is a 50-year-old male, with an income of more than $100,000 per year, who participates in extra-curricular activities such as fishing, hunting and off-roading,” Kerley said.

SCA Performance’s overall sales are expected to increase by 20 percent this year. Other performance pickups include the Reaper, Apex, G2 and 421/571.

Chevy Black Widow For Sale

The company is under the umbrella of McSweeney Holdings, which has about 100 employees. Its sister company, McSweeney Designs, manufactures armored vehicles with luxury appointments and cutting-edge office technology and sells them to wealthy buyers in conflict-ridden areas around the world.

SCA Performance was formerly known as Southern Comfort Automotive, but recently changed its name in an effort to create more brand awareness.

For years, Southern Comfort has been known for producing custom vans. But now that the business is making more changes to trucks, including off-road performance and engine upgrades, the new name better reflects the market.

“We really feel like that’s where the future of the industry is, and we definitely want to stay at the forefront,” Kerley said.

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Alabama may be small in size, but its ability to accommodate businesses looking for success is huge. See why companies like Mercedes, Airbus, Hyundai, and Honda have decided to call Alabama home.SoCal loves Black Widow trucks, and Paradise Chevrolet Cadillac has one of the largest inventories of Black Widow trucks in California. If you’re shopping for an SCA Performance custom truck or just looking for Black Widow truck accessories, stop by our Temecula dealership to find out more.

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In this 40-year journey to pursue our Passion and perfect our Craft, we have built over 120,000 custom vehicles from our 150,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, headquartered in Trussville, AL.

This video is the definitive showcase of the people, products, and processes we use to build the world’s best lift trucks.

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