2019 Dodge Dually Lifted

2019 Dodge Dually Lifted – The first truck we saw from platform 19 was the Auto Leveling Air Assist, this item can be found below. Next up was the 2500, now, we got a 2019 3500 SRW with factory leaf springs in the rear. Of course, the changes we found in the sister platforms mirrored the changes in this truck with a few to add.

The newly developed front ends – the 2019 Adjustable Track Bar and the Roll Bar – closed exactly as we had predicted. Something new for the 3500 platform, the truck only had a 1-1.5” rake on the rear. All the others we’ve seen to date have measured 2.5″-3.0″ lower in the front and back, respectively.

2019 Dodge Dually Lifted

With this, the 2.5″ leveling system will now have the option of a 1″ block or Progressive Addition to level the left rear provided by Carli Leveling Springs. These products will be 2019+ specific as this truck also has a larger 4.25″ axle tube compared to the previous generation 4″.

Komplett Pakete Für Ram 1500

Upgrading to 3.25” systems, the above changes made installation a breeze. As with the leveling kit, the rear height requires a slight adjustment and will now have the option of an Add-a-Pack/Block Combination of Full Progressive Leaf Springs. The only products we weren’t able to finish were the high mount stabilizer (due to the drag link changes) and the long travel air bags thanks to the 4.25” axle tube and upper cross member. redesigned; these products are still in the works.

The website should be updated with a “2019+” 2500/3500 within the next few weeks and we will make all products and systems available for pre-order. Our current ship ETA for completed systems is December 2019.

The facelifted exterior and interior bring the biggest changes, by far. Inside the cabin of this 5th Generation, you’ll find a level of luxury raised to a level yet to be touched by any other HD truck manufacturer. Leather-wrapped elegance in a virtually silent cabin, topped off with a massive touchscreen gracing the dashboard. Think Range Rover meets Tesla; we are impressed!

At issue for a long time was the change of appearance; people had their concerns from concept to release. The color-coordinated exterior of this truck put all these concerns to rest. No easy feat, Ram ensured that the redesigned exterior matched the fit and finish of the interior, feeling grown and dressed to impress everyone while maintaining the look and feel of an HD truck.

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Ram 3500: Test Driving The Latest Heavy Duty Lineup

The part you’re here for – the suspension… This truck was equipped with Auto Leveling Air Assist from the factory. Despite all the aesthetic refinement of the platform, this truck rolled off the showroom floor terribly – not surprising given the truck’s payload capacity. First things first, we have a production system matched to the 2013-18 predecessor, and the suspension appeared similar throughout the press. A local customer received the first 2019 parcel and dropped it off at our store before his second fill. We won’t bore you with the details – the new platform is remarkably similar, suspension-wise, to the 2013-18. We went to work and were impressed with the steering and suspension changes described in the video above.

Everything is installed with relative ease. The adjustable track bar and scroll bars needed an adjustment to work on both platforms, the changes were noted and the game plan was formulated. The exhaust on this rig is so massive we had to change the rig to Radius Drops as we couldn’t fit a standard nut between the frame and the exhaust. Overall, the front end was the best we could have hoped for requiring only minimal tweaks to existing products while showing massive improvements to the overall factory design – namely the steering bracket and track bar (see video for more details ).

At the rear, progressive full leaf spring packages (Auto-Leveling Air Assist Springs), airbag deployers and level sensor points were slotted directly in. We were pleasantly surprised to find that the Ram relocated the air tank and no longer interfered with our Wing Drop range or booster power steps.

Wheel and tire fitment remains the same as previous years. Fuel provided our customer with a set of 20×9″ podium wheels – we wrapped these in 37×13.5″ Nitto Ridge Grapplers that required minor trim to clear.

Used, Certified, Loaner Ram 3500 At Windy Chevrolet , Purcell

Overall, we are beyond happy with the new RAM. In the day and age of manufacturers sterilizing vehicles to crossover aesthetics with only concern for fuel economy, it’s refreshing to see a truck that looks and acts like a truck. We are excited to get a 1500, 2500 and 3500 (standard leaf spring) for the next round! Dodge trucks are a very popular model to lift, but the 2009-2013 Dodge Powerwagon is a poor looking truck once it is lifted. A rugged BDS suspension lift kit will take you where you’re going on the road or through the roughest and most off-road terrain. And if your ride is an older model, such as a 1974 Dodge Ram 1500 or a 1969 Ram 2500, we can help you too. We actually have BDS Suspension and Zone Off Road Suspension Systems for Ford trucks going back to the early 1970s model years. We are still working on adding those kits to our suspension lift kit website BDS, so until we post them all, please contact us for more information. If you don’t see your truck listed, click here to email us for pricing.

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No matter what Dodge truck you have, a BDS lift kit is a great investment and will take your truck to places it couldn’t reach until you install your BDS Suspension lift kit or Zone Offroad Suspension System.

BDS Suspension and Zone Offroad shocks and steering stabilizers have a warranty on them, but not a lifetime warranty. This is because a shock absorber or steering stabilizer is considered a “Wear Item” as they are designed with seals that degrade over time.

But if a BDS or Zone shock fails during the warranty period, be aware that if the chrome axle has pitting on it from rocks or road debris, the warranty will be void because anything that causes a rough spot on the axle WILL cause shocks to fail due to damage causing seal failure.

Used Lifted 2019 Dodge Ram 3500 Laramie 4×4 Diesel Truck For Sale

Adding a set of shock boots to your order is inexpensive protection against damage to your expensive BDS or Zone Offroad suspension shocks. Sometimes a build starts with a person wanting a vision into reality, and other times it starts with an agreement. When Houston Haskins was approached to build a new truck to show at the SEMA show, as the crew at Superior Off-Road in Gresham, Oregon has done many times in the past, he knew he would have to buy or find a truck to start. with. At the same time, Houston’s brother, Austin, happened to be in the market for a new truck. The two put one and one together, and a deal was struck, with Austin getting a brand new 2019 Ram 3500 to use for the build.

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Despite having just under a month to tackle the task of designing and building it, Ram was finished in time to hit the road for the show. But it wasn’t the easiest road to get there, as there weren’t many additional parts available for the redesigned 2019 Ram 3500 platform yet.

Austin and Houston wanted to give the Ram a more aggressive look, so the first major modification, aside from the massive lift and tires, was the installation of a set of bumpers from Road Armor. The Identity series bumpers not only added aggressive styling, but provided plenty of steps and mounting points for lights and other accessories. The bumpers still had to flow with the rest of the truck, so the crew in Superior Auto Body color matched the group.

Under the rear bumper, which was also fitted with stock Solid Industry LED lights, is a pair of long-stepped power steps from RBP that handle access to the truck’s interior.

New & Used Rig Ready Ram® Trucks, Redwater, Ne Edmonton, Alberta

Up front, a full RBP grille with black mesh complements the front bumper that features a 30-inch SR solid LED light bar, factory sensors and dual solid D-series LED lights.

Since organized in-bed storage was a must, a pair of undercover storage boxes were mounted inside the bed, along with a undercover tonneau cover.

While the 6.7L Cummins diesel, backed by an AISIN six-speed transmission, was mostly kept in stock to give them more time to focus on other parts of the build, a 4-inch MBRP exhaust system was added for a deeper voice and more. power.

If Austin ever wanted to get someone out of his way on the street—or get even more attention rolling down the block—a simple blast from a set of Hornblaster Horns does the trick.

Ram 3500 Review & Ratings

The guys at Superior Off-Road put their shop skills to work in the weeks leading up to SEMA to increase the ground clearance by up to 10 inches with a front

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