2019 F350 Dually Lifted

2019 F350 Dually Lifted – Inspired by our collaboration with Discovery Channel’s “Diesel Brothers” and Heavy D from his famous Ford Super Duty “Lightning” and “Thunder” project builds, ReadyLift designed this 5″ lift kit for DRW (Secondary) owners looking for a rugged and durable lift kit. is. Our Dual (DRW) exclusive lift solution features new Lift dual rear wheel-specific rear blocks and U-bolts. 49-2750 2017-2019 5″ F350 DRW lift kit includes new comfort-riding 5″ lift front coil springs, a. Heavy-duty fabricated steel front track bar relocation brackets that match our new Redilift-branded fabricated steel radius arm drop brackets. This great new system for DRW Super Duty trucks includes everything you need to get the lift working right without cutting any corners. The kit also includes a sway bar drop bracket, an OEM style drop pitman arm, bump stop extension, brake line extension bracket and a steering stabilizer to really optimize your truck’s handling qualities. This exciting new DRW lift system als. o (4) Includes new Bilstein 5100-series extended-length shocks that when paired with this lift kit provide an incredible ride!

NOTE: The lift blocks in this kit are not designed to work with aftermarket or factory add-on air spring/load leveling kits that attach to bump stop tangs. Use of this type of air bag system will void all block warranties and may cause failure of the block bump stop tang.

2019 F350 Dually Lifted

Any ReadyLIFT Products with missing or defective components will be covered under warranty by ReadyLIFT. Please call 800-549-4620 to initiate a warranty claim. Rest assured that our customer service team will address the matter immediately and expedite the replacement parts. In the case of a defective product, Redilift may request the return of the defective product (at Redilift’s expense) so that the quality team can analyze the nature of the defect. Returning defective products will not delay replacement part delivery. ReadyLift leveling kits, block kits and lift kit products are not intended for off-road abuse. Any misuse or damage resulting from off-road use voids the Redilift product warranty. Exception: Readylift Jeep SST and Terrain Flex lift kits are designed for general off-road use to compliment the off-road capability of the Jeep vehicle. All Jeep Lift Kit products are covered under warranty when used in a recreational off-road environment. Warranty does not apply to discontinued, clearance or outlet products. Wearable components including, but not limited to, shocks, ball joints, hem joints, bushings and steering extensions are covered for 1 year. Labor, installation, surcharges or any other applicable fees from the original purchase are non-refundable. Redilift is not responsible for any consequential damage to the vehicles. Redilift reserves the right to change, modify or cancel this warranty without prior notice. Fabtech’s 6″ 4 link conversion system for the Ford F450 and F550 Super Duty is designed to handle the on and offroad demands of truck enthusiasts. This vehicle’s suspension is stronger than the Ford F250 and F350 and therefore demands specialty parts available only from Fabtech. .

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Inch Lift Kit

This system comes with everything needed to convert to a 4 link front suspension. The system will provide less caster change throughout the travel range which is beneficial on road driving. The offroad 4 link system will provide more articulation than the radius arm for traversing increased terrain at all speeds.

Fabtech’s 4 link system has been proven in over 10 years of service in consumer, commercial and military applications. High quality components with properly designed suspension geometry are the pinnacle of Super Duty suspension systems.

Each Fabtech component is expertly built in-house and has unique design features and benefits as listed below.

2″ OD heavy wall link arms have 1/4″ thick steel brackets on axles with adjustable alignment cams and Fabtech’s legendary 5 ton joints. 5 Ton Joints® have been proven in military use for over 10 years and are quiet and strong. 4 link arms connect to strong 1/4″ thick steel frame brackets for solid mounting of the new suspension.

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The geometry of the 4 link arms and frame brackets is designed to provide a better highway ride due to reduced caster and to be able to cope with rougher offroad conditions better than a radius arm suspension.

The coil springs are designed for a very consistent ride quality. Each coil is preset during the manufacturing process so that the ride height does not settle over time. Allows for a 2″ increase in wheel travel over stock when Fabtech shock absorbers are used.

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A 1/4″ thick steel bracket rep-ossifies the factory track bar to center it under the vehicle with a lift height that increases the axle. The super stout box style bracket is designed to eliminate deflection when the track bar moves through its full cycle.

Forged steel construction with high strength materials that exceed factory specifications. Designed specifically for the F450 and F550 to work with the factory drag link and Fabtech’s track bar brackets for proper steering efficiency.

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Heavy duty 1/4″ thick steel brackets control travel by eliminating over cycling of the suspension. Super strong construction can handle the full compression effect of an F450 or F550.

A 1/4″ thick steel drop bracket repositions the front sway bar for increased ride height. This allows the sway bar link to fully cycle without binding to an extended travel range.

Re-adjust the factory brake lines on the frame for the new travel range without opening the brake system. Keeps the factory fluid system intact.

The factory F450 or F550 retains the long travel steering stabilizer with 1/4″ thick steel brackets and supports to help reduce tire shimmy.

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Steel rear lift blocks replace factory blocks for added lift without changing ride quality or load carrying capacity.

A U-bolt designed to attach the entire rear differential to the vehicle. An important part that demands the best quality for your vehicle.

Fabtech Performance Shocks are designed to work with each of our suspension systems, resulting in superior ride control. Features include high velocity 9-stage valving for excellent damping capabilities and closed cell inserts to reduce shock fade at high speeds. He wanted something that was capable of any size job, so he opted for a much larger truck than expected. However, it is always better to have too many trucks than not enough. The F-350 worked perfectly, and Franklin would give his workhorse some sort of custom twist when the time was right—he just wasn’t sure when or how.

Fast-forward several months to when Franklin randomly saw a Facebook ad that read, “Who wants to go to SEMA?” That was all he needed to hear before springing into action. “I sent the page that posted the ad that I’d love to go,” Franklin says. “I felt I needed to be there, but not as a spectator, because not just anyone is allowed into the show. I also wasn’t interested in getting in with some kind of business pass. The ad was looking for a killer truck to enter the show, and I was all about it.”

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The ad in question was posted by 210 Auto House — a pre-owned truck dealership in New Braunfels, Texas that also specializes in work rigs as well as tricked-out custom jobs. Hollis McClard was Franklin’s first contact at 210, and after sending photos and information about his Ford F-350, Franklin was then directed to Chris Penn with Truck Guru to not only lock down, but set up the hallowed SEMA spot with TIS wheels. Plan to execute putting Chris as project manager.

To get the ball rolling in the right direction, Ford made sure to receive a 13” hydraulic-operated lift package from any level of lift, complete with Firestone ‘bags to aid in tow capacity. Not only will the F-350 get a kickass new stance, but it will also retain a solid ride quality. To help emphasize the truck’s presence at the industry’s largest auto-insider show, the suspension components were then finished with a white and flaming gold powder coat from Prismatic Powder.

With TIS wheels onboard with the project, a set of 544 forged wheels were chosen for the truck, but they were soon taken to a more remote level by the cold. “We were able to get Hank Robinson at Henro Studios to do a fully engraved Las Vegas theme on the wheels to celebrate the truck’s big debut in Sin City”, admits Franklin. “Hank and I came up with the name ‘Double Down’ for the Dual, and there was no going back after that point.”

After SEMA’s 2020 break, Franklin and the team are finally ready to lay all the cards on the table and take a big look at the industry’s reaction to all the planning and execution invested in this project. The F-350 is blessed with a wide range of premium accessories that come together to create a truly stunning Ford.

F350 Dually Powerstroke