2019 Ram Dually Lifted

2019 Ram Dually Lifted – The first vehicle seen from platform 19 is the Automatic Air-Level Assist, that item can be found below. Next is the 2500, now, we have the 2019 3500 SRW with factory leaf springs in the back. Indeed, the changes seen in the sister platforms mirror the changes on this truck with little to add.

The newly developed front-end features – the 2019-specific Adjustable Track Bar and Torsion Sway Bar – are exactly as quiet as we’d expect them to be. Something new to the 3500 platform, the truck only has 1-1.5” rake to the rear. All the others we’ve seen to date measure 2.5″-3.0″ down in the front and next to the back.

2019 Ram Dually Lifted

With this, the 2.5″ Leveling System will now carry the option for a 1″ Block or Advance Add-a-Pack to level the rear left side provided by Carli Leveling Springs. These products will definitely be 2019+ as this truck also sports a larger 4.25″ axle tube compared to the previous generation’s 4″.

Ram 2500 With 24×14 81 Arkon Off Road Mandela And 33/14.5r24 Venom Power Terra Hunter X/t And Suspension Lift 3.5

Moving to 3.25″ systems, the above changes make installation seamless. As standard equipment, the rear height needs some adjustment and will carry the option between the Add-a-Pack/Combination Package of Full Advance Springs. The only products that we were not able to complete are the higher stability (because of the link changes) and the Long-Travel Airbags thanks to the 4.25 “Axle Tube and the revised top cross member; these products also be at work.

The website should be updated with the “2019+” 2500/3500 within the next few weeks and we will make all products and systems available for pre-order. Our current ETA is for programs ending in December 2019.

Faced exterior and interior brings the biggest changes, by far. In the cabin of this “Gen 5th”, you will find a level of luxury that rises to a level yet to be touched by any other HD truck manufacturer. An elegant leather-wrapped almost silent cockpit topped with a large touch screen adorns the dashboard. Think Range Rover Meets Tesla; we are impressed!

In demand for quite a while exterior facelift; people have their concerns from the concept of release. The color matched exterior of this truck puts all those concerns to rest. No easy feat, Ram ensured that the exterior redesign matched the fit and finish of the interior both grown and dressed to impress all while keeping the look and feel of an HD truck.

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Ram 3500 Prices, Reviews, And Pictures

The part for which is here – the suspension… This supercar is equipped with Automatic Air-Level Assist from the company. Despite all the aesthetic refinement to the platform, this truck rides terribly off the show floor – not surprising given the truck’s payload capacity. First things first, we have a production plan tailored to the 2013-18 flagship and the suspension appears similar in every press. A local customer took the first 2019 off the lot and dropped it off at our store before filling his second. We won’t bore you with the details – the new platform is remarkably similar, suspension-wise, to the 2013-18. We went to work and were impressed with the steering and suspension changes detailed in the video above.

Everything installed with relative ease. The Adjustable Track Bar and Torsion Sway Bars need a tweak to work on both platforms, the changes we’ve noticed and the game plan. The clearance on this rig is so great, we needed to change the hardware on the Radius Drops because we couldn’t fit a standard nut between the frame and the exhaust. All in all, the front is the best we can hope for requiring only minor tweaks to existing products while featuring major improvements in the overall design of the company – namely the steering wheel and music bar bracket (see video for more details).

At the rear, the Full Suspension Kits (Auto-Leveling Air Assist Springs), Airbag Spacers, and Leveling Sensor Drops are bolted directly in. We were surprisingly happy to see that Ram put the air tank back on and it no longer interferes with our Radius. Arm Drops or Amp Power Steps.

Wheel and tire fitment is the same as previous years. Kitchen supplied our customer with a set of 20×9″ Podium Wheels – we wrapped these in 37×13.5″ Nitto Ridge Grapplers which required minor cutting to remove.

Inch Lift Kit

Overall, we are beyond happy with the new RAM. In a day and age where manufacturers are molding vehicles into crossover aesthetics with only concern for fuel economy, it’s refreshing to see a truck that looks and performs like a truck. We are excited to receive 1500, 2500 and 3500 (standard leaf springs) for the next round! The new RAM HD trucks are more popular than ever and the 6” upgrade kit for the 5th generation Ram 3500 HD trucks is proving extremely popular with enthusiasts. is excited to announce #49-19630 – new 6” lift for 3500 HD trucks equipped with Standard Output Cummins turbodiesel engine. This new kit includes a unique CNC-machined 6061-T6 billet Aluminum Driveline Indexing System (DIS) that re-sets the transmission case that aligns the front output shaft for advanced drive angles.

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Why go to all that trouble to achieve a 6″ raised RAM 3500? Six inches of travel provides plenty of clearance for the aggressive 37×13.5 tire and up to -18 wheel offset with no swaying delivering a beefy, tough look. Some Ram HD trucks may experience slight vibration after transfer due to steering angle sensitivity. ‘s 6’ transmission with Drive Line Indicator System (DIS) addresses this situation by pointing [pointing] the transmission case and providing a heavy cross member that adopts the new T-position, all the result is a smooth driving experience on or off-road.

Both kits include new index ring components, heavy duty and large length 6″ front springs, 5″ raised taper blocks, heavy radius brackets, front load bearing steel , and rear track bar brackets, drop cast pitman arms, front/rear sway bar extension brackets, and bump Stop extensions prevent over-compression of the new Bilstein 5100 series front/rear shocks.

Is also releasing two stand-alone rear upgrade kits designed for the Ram 3500 HD. These kits are manufactured from sheet metal and each kit includes well sized U-bolts and lock nuts for easy and secure installation.

Ram Hd Pickup Pricing

* The kit will not fit any models with a HEMI gasoline engine, dually models, classic models, and any models with automatic leveling air suspension. . When Houston Haskins approached building a new truck to show off at the SEMA show, as the crew at Superior Off-Road in Gresham, Oregon has done many times in the past, he knew he would need to buy or find a truck to begin with. At the same time, Houston’s brother Austin just happened to be in the market for a truck. The two put heart and mind together, and a deal was struck, with Austin picking up a brand new 2019 Ram 3500 to be used for the build.

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With them having just under a month to tackle the task of designing and building it, the Ram is finished in time to hit the road to the show. But, it’s not the easiest road to get there, as there aren’t many aftermarket parts available yet for the newly redesigned 2019 Ram 3500 base.

Austin and Houston wanted to give the Ram a more aggressive look, so the first major change, aside from the larger transmission and tires, was installing a set of bumpers from Road Armor. The distinctive series bumpers not only add to the aggressive styling, but also provide many steps and places for lights and other parts. The bumpers still have to flow with the rest of the truck, so the crew at Superior Auto Body color has matched the set.

Under the rear bumper, which is also outfitted with Rigid Industries LED backup lights, is a pair of power steps from RBP with long end steps facilitating access to the truck’s interior.

Ram Heavy Duty Has 1,000 Lb Ft Of Torque

At the front, a full black mesh grille compliments the front bumper which houses a 30-inch Rigid SR LED light bar, industrial sensors and rigid D-Series Dually LED headlights.

With built-in storage in the bed is useful, a pair of Undercover storage boxes are placed inside the bed, along with an Undercover tonneau cover.

While the 6.7L Cummins diesel, backed by a six-speed AISIN transmission, is mostly stock to give them more time to focus on other aspects of the build, a 4-inch MBRP exhaust system has been added for what deeper and more. power.

If Austin wants to get someone out of his way on the street—or get more attention round the block—a simple blast from the Hornblaster Horns system does the trick.

Ram 3500 Fender Flares?

The folks at Superior Off-Road put their shop skills to work in the weeks leading up to SEMA to raise ground clearance 10 inches with a front coilover and four-link suspension setup from Krazy Kustoms

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