2020 Gmc Denali 3500 Dually Lifted

2020 Gmc Denali 3500 Dually Lifted – 2020+ Chevy/GMC 2500HD/3500HD 2″ – 3.5″ ADJUSTABLE Premium Leveling System 2020+ GMC 2500HD 2020+ GMC 3500HD 2020+ Chevy 2500HD 2020+ Models 2020+ Chevy 3500HD & 4HD 4WD & 4WD approved by Chevy.

This is not the usual leveling kit you see elsewhere Wicked Suspension includes a one piece tig welded uniball upper control arm, differential dropper bracket, front FOX IFP shocks, torque lock & “W” shock tower logo plate. Evil Hanging uniball upper control arm made from 1/2″ CNC formed US steel plate. The upper control arm is tig welded with seamless bushing & uniball housings to the base of the control arm. Grease zerts are machined into the bushing housing to protect the bushings. Maintained and silent for many years. Wicked Suspension only uses stainless steel sleeves and American-made polyurethane bushings, not soft rubber or very rough vulcanized bushings. Wicked Suspension includes special lucus grease for maintenance purposes in our hardware package. Shock Premium GMHD 2020 System leveling includes (2) front Fox IFP shock, no extensions, no cheepie shock, we are very confident in no comprimises. Compatible with rear Fox IFPs or 2.0 “Fox reservoir upgrades below for additional costs. Why drop the differential? Because it’s RIGHT, that’s why. Spinning the differential not only extends the life of the CV shaft, it makes for easier turning and better ride quality. We believe in doing it right the first time. I want to run the system at 3.5 “from the lift. The leveling system is adjustable from 2.0 “to 3.5” without sacrificing ride quality. If you run this system at 3.5 “your truck will likely lean back about 1.5 ” .the truck will be lower and then the front of the truck (aka squatted, Cali lean, Carolina Squat) if you run this kit in 3.5″ without the rear block. If you want your truck to belevel on 3.5″ purchase our rear block & U-bolt kit below for your model. 2500HD models do not normally have helper springs, if you have springs on top of your leaf springs, order a 3500HD block and u – bolt, See picture for visual explanation if confused. Longer rear shock is not required, but available for purchase below! Premium Leveling System Contents: (2) Uniball Upper Control arm (2) Differential drop bracket (1) Torsion lock set ( 2) Fox IFP Shocks (2) logo brackets (2) Evil logos

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2020 Gmc Denali 3500 Dually Lifted

Frequently asked questions: Q: Will this affect the quality of my factory ride? A: No, our system eliminates weak factory upper control arms, harsh shocks, and we even lower the differential so your CV doesn’t bind. Most consumers report back that the travel has improved and includes Fox Shocks and Uniball Upper control arms! Q: Will this affect my warranty? A: In most cases, no. This sits heavily on special dealers, if they are friendly with leveling kits that are more inclusive like us, 9/10 times it is not a problem. Q: What about adaptive steering? A: Adaptive steering will still work and work properly if you have had your alignment & steering wheel centered and reset electronically by your alignment technician. Most rack alignment technicians can reset your adaptive steering wheel, if they can’t, it’s in your best interest to have your local dealer do it during or after your alignment is done. Q: What if I want to lift the rear? A: Wicked suspension has a rear block and u-bolt system available at the bottom. Q: How does this compare to just using a torque wrench, what makes it premium? A: There is a night and day difference in drive quality, especially with bump absorption. When you just install the leveling lock, you achieve the height you want, but at a huge cost to the ride quality (The more cranked it gets, the worse it is), you stretch the factory components and design to the limit by doing the leveling. kit with no components, do it right the first time, expecially on your awesome truck. We use special leveling keys in this system, but we also include the necessary components to keep the truck in alignment and better than factory specifications. Q: What finish/color does this come in? A: Standard raw finish, we offer a powdercoating option in the lower configuration area!

New 2022 Gmc Sierra 3500hd Denali 4wd Crew Cab Crew Cab Pickup In Fayetteville #v347995

Q: How do I know which size leveling kit I need? A: GM trucks are consistent with 2 “-2.5” of lift required to level the truck, the system is adjustable via torsion bar bolts, you can adjust from 2.5 “-3.5″ by turning a bolt if needed. You can measure your truck from the tire to the fender line, and subtract the front from the rear to determine your leveling needs, for example, if your rear is 10″ and your front is 7.5″, 10″ minus 7.5” is 2.5 “. , this means that you need 2.5” to level your truck. Q: I have dually, will this work? A: Absolutely.

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Wheel & Tire Installation Guide 33″ Tires: Stock, x9, x10, x12, x14* wheels 35″ Tires: Stock, x9, x10, x12* wheels *Requires BSK2020 bumper spacer system and light trim

Wicked Manufacturing LLC is a small, family-owned business created by Jordan and Brittany Tadysak, based in Naples, Florida, USA. Wicked Manufacturing was founded in January 2016 by Jordan and Brittany Tadysak as a sister business to the successful Wicked Customs LLC. Wicked Manufacturing is committed to manufacturing high quality truck accessories & parts solutions in this industry. Our core values ​​are carved in the foundation of this business, Honor, Pride, Commitment, Service & Integrity, we put our clients and their safety first, providing products that are designed and more with no cost or stone left unturned. When you buy from Evil Manufacturing, you become part of a family, a family that started the industrial revolution against knockoffs, overseas manufacturing and ill-designed products, your support and every purchase is truly worth it.

Every piece Wicked Manufacturing makes has a “W” engraved on it, “W” means more than just Wicked, it means you pick the right accessory on your truck, it means you do it right, it means you believe in small manufacturing. business from south Florida, USA and their core values. Introducing the All-New 2020 Sierra Heavy Duty Higher trailering capabilities and confidence driven by new hardware and technology

Gmc Sierra Heavy Duty (hd)

DETROIT – Bigger, stronger and smarter, the all-new 2020 GMC Sierra Heavy Duty combines greater trailering capabilities with technology designed to give customers a world-class towing experience.

“The all-new 2020 Sierra HD is the most capable heavy-duty truck we’ve ever offered,” said Duncan Aldred, GMC Global vice president. “For customers who demand a premium, innovative heavy-duty truck that supports their passion, the next-generation Sierra HD can pull like a pro.”

With more than half of Sierra HD customers choose Denali, continues to offer the ultimate expression of professional grade materials and improvements. The new model brings power, intelligence and segment advancements to meet the needs of heavy-duty customers with a refined feel.

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First introduced with the 2019 Sierra light duty, the ProGrade Trailering System takes advantage of technological advances to offer additional features and functionality for the 2020 Sierra Heavy Duty.

Gmc Denali 3500

“Trailing is a top consideration for Sierra Heavy Duty customers, and the new features and technology in the 2020 Sierra HD make it easier than ever to hook up a trailer and tow it with confidence,” said Jaclyn McQuaid, chief vehicle engineer, Heavy Duty Trucks. . “We’ve developed this new truck to offer the greatest trailering experience GMC has ever offered.”

, including an industry-first transparent trailer view, helps optimize the driver’s view around the truck and compatible trailers to provide added confidence when towing. The revolutionary transparent trailer feature uses a tailgate-mounted camera and an available accessory camera mounted on the rear of the trailer. The resulting display helps the driver to almost see through the trailer

Owners of the 2020 Sierra HD will have access to available smart trailer technology designed to allow access to select features of the iN∙Command® control system from ASA Electronics

Via the myGMC mobile app, either on compatible Android and iOS smartphones or on the vehicle’s infotainment system via Apple CarPlay

Gmc Sierra Heavy Duty

Or Android Auto6. Similar to the smart home features, the iN∙Command® control system acts as a central hub of operations to monitor and control the array of systems in the trailer equipped with next generation technology. Depending on how well-equipped the trailer is, 2020 Sierra HD owners can turn on the trailer’s AC or water heater, check the water level and holding tank, or monitor the fuel level in a generator-equipped trailer – all before arriving. in their goals.

With Trailer Light Test, Trailer Electrical Diagnostics, Trailer Tire Pressure and Temperature Monitoring, Maintenance Reminders and Checklist. Many of the functions of the Trailering app, including the light test and pre-departure checklist, are also available with the myGMC mobile app, a feature that offers great convenience when out and about in the truck or trailer.

2020 Sierra HD has a commanding, powerful design rooted in a new architecture with