2nd Gen Dodge Dually Lifted

2nd Gen Dodge Dually Lifted – If diesel performance had to be condensed into a single photo, this would be it: a second generation Cummins. Without a doubt, the 1994-2002 Dodge Rams fit the bill with the Cummins 5.9-liter inline-six diesels that set the tone for the high-powered oil burners we have today. The big power potential was especially true for the ’94-’98 trucks, which in addition to being graced with B-series Cummins, came with the coveted Bosch P7100 injection pump (aka P pump). With access to the right parts and advice, it’s easy to get big power, and the truck can still be used to tow or haul anything you need.

It’s been two decades since the last Dodge Ram rolled off the assembly line and packed 12-valve Cummins power, but thousands of enthusiasts are still willing to drop big bucks on them. Miles Flight is one such second generation owner. In a textbook case of how to build a P-pump Cummins for the street, his ’94 Ram 2500 sports compound turbos, a tuned P7100, and a completely intact 24-year-old short block. Building its own suspension and steering components, a four-link system and five inches of lift were added up front, along with a dual-steer stabilizer and a third-generation strut assembly. The added altitude cleared the way for a set of 35-inch Nitto Trail Grapplers, mounted on 20×12 Fuel Mavericks, to be bolted in place of the wheels.

2nd Gen Dodge Dually Lifted

While the weather has never been kind to the ’94-’02 Rams, the original paint on Miles Flight’s 94 ¾-Ton has held up very well over the years. Surviving over 20 wet summers and salty winters is impressive enough, but the fact that this Ram served as a plow truck at one point in time makes it even more remarkable.

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Although the original Cummins 5.9L bottom end was never opened, the cast iron cylinder head was ported, polished and cut for O-rings by Enterprise Engine Performance. To stop valve float at high engine speeds and valve creep under high boost and boost pressure, a set of 60 ppi valve springs also got the call. ARP studs secure the machined 12-valve head to the undisturbed short block.

A quick-spool compound turbo setup involves a 64mm BorgWarner S300 (manifold/high pressure charger) mounted over a 75mm S400 (atm), both of which came from Industrial Injection. Mounted on a PDI exhaust manifold, the internally wasted S364 is responsible for getting things moving at low revs. The S475 isn’t wasted, but it makes use of a large T6 mounting flange and moves a ton of air at higher rpm.

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Often glorified even more than the legendary Cummins B-series it’s bolted to, the P-pump is always at the forefront of the 12-valve horsepower recipe. And while the unit used in Miles’ Ram is the same 12mm, 175hp version it came with from the factory, it makes a lot more fuel on this particular P7100. Among the list of adjustments are a #5 fuel plate, 022 delivery valves, bill rack plug, and 4,000 rpm governor springs. Rounding out the feed modifications is a set of 5×14 injectors (Stage 4) from Dynomite Diesel Products.

The job of maintaining a large supply of fuel for the P pump to use is left to an AirDog system. To avoid low fuel issues, diesel is pulled from the bottom of the factory tank via the sump (shown). The compact design of the AirDog system brings together the water separator, fuel filter and lift pump and mounts along the frame. This particular 100 gph system sends 35 psi of fuel pressure to the P pump through a ½ inch diameter hose.

Dodge Ram 2500

It’s not a “real truck” without a manual transmission, right? Building on the NV4500 five-speed’s already excellent reputation, Miles had Tantrum Drivetrain of Doylestown, Ohio, build it a nearly indestructible unit, complete with a 1-3/8-inch diameter input shaft, third gear with strain relief, and a chrome main shaft. . Transferring power from the engine to the transmission begins with a 3600 dual disc clutch from South Bend. To date, it’s had no trouble tapping into the truck’s 700 hp and 1,500 lb-ft of torque.

It’s no secret that big wheels are the new norm in the diesel industry, and the 20-inch wheel craze hasn’t been lost on older truck owners. Thanks to a set of 20×12-inch Fuel Mavericks, Miles was able to blend some new-age bling into the old-school Ram. With an aggressive stance and quiet ride part of his tough demands on a tire, Miles opted for one of the only tread patterns that somehow manages to achieve both: Nitto Trail Grapplers. They measure 35×12.50R20.

While many believe the Dana 80 rear axle was only available on the second-generation 3500 model, it was available on 2500s as long as they were five-speed versions. To enhance the cosmetics, the 11.25-inch ring was covered with a polished aluminum differential cover from Specter Performance. Two of the truck’s four Fox 2.0 Reservoir shocks can also be seen here, along with the tail section of the 5-inch turbo-back exhaust system that Miles had painted high-temp black.

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A Phantom II series Auto Meter boost meter is used to monitor the work intensity of the turbochargers. Although the S364 over S475 arrangement does not set the 100 psi gauge, boost pressure increases 70 psi at full load. Exhaust gas temperature and fuel pressure are also monitored along the driver’s A-pillar.

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Some cabin wear comes in the form of white-faced gauge overlays on the OEM cluster. As for the tach, don’t mind that red line at 3,000 rpm. Thanks to all the fuel and air modifications, that’s where the fun begins.

While modern badging sometimes looks out of place on older vehicles, these late-model versions of the 3500 series appear in the second-generation home of Miles. and accessories (only 5.9 l)

3rd Generation High Performance & Accessories (5.9L only) Talk about Dodge/Cummins aftermarket products for 3rd generation trucks here. May include high performance modifications or general accessories. THIS ONE IS FOR THE 5.9L ONLY!

Man that looks bad.. how do you think the 315’s and a 3″ leveling kit would look, and the air bags.. I know it wouldn’t lift that much.. How much lift do you have?. ….. Were you talking about my exhaustion?

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No goodeysniper said it had exhaust cuts to silence batteries sometimes unless you do. And yes, I saw a truck with a 2″ leveling kit (I didn’t know they made a 3″), anyway, it looked great, the tires sticking out didn’t look like anything. What do you do with airbags only in the rear or ?Make the skyjacker 5.5-6″ and a 3″ body on top of that, so about 9 total don’t look at it because they only run 35 seconds

Yeah it’s a 3″ kit, got it from a friend of mine for $75..I just add the airbags on the back to lift them up a bit..so do you think I could get by with the 35’s with just the 3″?

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I run 315 in my 03 with only a 2″ leveling kit. No problems with many VERY heavy loads.

Topper, do you have any pictures of your truck? Do you have 6″ wheels? I have 8″ on the front and 2 6″ on the back

Dodge Ram (2nd Gen)front Bumper Diy Weld Up Kit

Do you have 8″ wheels on the front? I was thinking of getting the spacer up front and running a 10′ RIM up front. If I don’t have 22.5 or 19.5s do you have any pics of your setup And yes the topper is that the 35 will be fine on 3 in. Also about your back, I think you could just add a sheet and not have to deal with the compressor or leaking bags.Just a thought.

Do you know how much lighter aluminum 22.5 is compared to steel? Did you also have any balance or wobble issues? I love your open mouth grill helmet, but my bumper hides it.

I don’t know exactly, but from my calibrated arm weighing system, I’d say 40 pounds each. But just a rough guess. You will need to change the studs on the rear adapters to run dual aluminum wheels. The studs are only long enough for just one steel and aluminum wheel setup. I had my wheels and tires balanced on a computer spin balancer at a local truck shop. Believe it or not, they are the best balanced aftermarket wheel and tire setup I own. Very smooth and vibration free. The grille is an RDX grille made by Roadmax Automotive available at www.stylintrucks.com.

All I did to my front wheels was remove the stock spacer…..I bought a set of Eagle Alloy 058 3/4 ton 17×8 style wheels for the front and 058 double 17×6 for the rear….. .. I’ve heard some people say you could run an 8″ in the front and a 6 in the rear because it would make the tire shorter and affect the 4×4, but I haven’t had any problems…. I’m thinking of getting one

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