3500 Dually Lifted

3500 Dually Lifted – Thanks to the aftermarket, two-wheel-drive trucks have the same adaptability as their ½-ton brethren. With so many lift and lower kits available today, it’s as easy as calling the company you want to order the components to make your dualie your own. We can’t help but love the extra-wide rear ends of the 1-ton two-piece trucks and how they lend a much more aggressive look than their regular-bed companions. Whether you’re hugging the tarmac or reaching for the sky, custom dual-purpose trucks are sure to be tops in the cool department.

Fresno, California-based McGaughys Suspension is nothing new. As soon as truck manufacturers introduce new suspension designs, McGaughys has always been quick to respond to meet the market demand for properly designed lifting and lowering systems. Since the Ram 3500 has been upgraded with a restructured front suspension system consisting of a radial arm instead of the familiar four-link arm, we decided to catch up with the crew at McGaughys and take a look at what has been designed for the new Ram 1.-ton. Steve McGaughy showed us his newly built parts before pointing us in the direction of the all-new 2014 Ram 3500 4×4, ready for its dose of attitude.

3500 Dually Lifted

Medically available with the well-equipped Laramie package and a 6.7L Cummins under the hood, this 2014 Ram 3500 Dualie was no slouch from the start, but its stock height didn’t add to the fun.

Built To Grab Your Attention, Chevrolet 3500 Lifted Dually

With the truck safely on the lift and ready for surgery, we jumped right in, removing the front sway bar end links and dropping the factory ram shocks.

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Live axle Ram trucks are prone to steering problems if the drawbar angles are not maintained in the correct range. To make room for the necessary changes, the draw link was released from the pitman’s arm.

A new pitman arm was included in McGaughys kit, so the original one was unscrewed before the twin-jaw puller freed it from the control box.

Enough parts were unscrewed from the front axle to allow enough sag to release the original front coil springs.

Mcgaughy 8inch Lift Kit

While the axle was lowered a bit, it was the perfect time to cut off the front bumper mounts. We were careful to only cut through the weld and not the frame or stop plate.

McGaughys added 6 inches of lift to the Ram with longer front coil springs, fabricated radial arms, rear lift blocks, and all the accompanying brackets and hardware needed to make everything work the way the factory geometry was originally created.

Although the stop covers were welded on, matching holes in the frame and covers allowed McGaughys to design a bolt-on bracket to lower the stops for proper function with the lift kit.

The angle of the guide rail was relocated to the stock with a new bracket that was bolted in two locations to the stock frame, with the third requiring drilling through the crosspiece.

Ram 3500 4×4 Diesel, R&d

Only three screws held each radial arm to the Ram. To make the replacement easier, both factory radius arms needed to be removed before proceeding.

McGaughys new radius arms were made from thick sheet metal, fitted with stock style swivel bushings for long life and powder coated in a brilliant metallic silver colour.

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McGaughys designed their new rate-rising front coil springs to allow for a compliant ride under normal conditions while still being able to perform in harsher conditions.

Large diameter gas-charged shocks came with the kit, but Steve decided to go with the pair with Fox 2.0 shocks for a more compliant ride.

Purple Haze: Ram 3500 Dually

You might be fooled into thinking that the dropped pitman arm wasn’t low enough to be effective, but there was more to the installation.

Ram engineered their tie rod with these offsets so the adjustable end couldn’t be installed the wrong way.

To accommodate McGaughys design, the offsets had to be cut flush with the threaded portion of each end.

After threading it back on, we flipped the end of the draw link over to fit over the new pitman arm from the bottom up. Thanks to the modification and the lowered arm, the tie rod was laid at the same angle as the factory one.

Used Lifted 2014 Dodge Ram 3500 Tradesman Dually 4×4 Diesel Truck For Sale

New mounting brackets held the sway bar and allowed the ball joint end links to be reused on the front axle.

Lowering the axle away from the leaf springs allowed the lift block to slide into place.

Complementing the rear suspension was another pair of Fox 2.0 shocks designed to soak up bumps with oversized tires.

Wheels and tires can make or break the look of a truck. We chose 22×8.25-inch American Force Evo wheels and 35×12.50R22 Toyo Open Country M/T tires to complete the Ram conversion. Complete the aggressive and handsome look of your RAM 3500 with the Rough Country 5-inch Lift Kit for dual models. RAM Trucks come with a lot of impressive features right out of the box.

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The new Rough Country 5-inch set has been designed to maintain these impressive factory specs while increasing performance and durability where it’s needed most. The result is a lifted beast with a mean profile and crisp handling that will have other RAM owners wondering where you got yours!

When replacing a vehicle’s suspension, the key to maintaining drivability is keeping the geometry of all suspension components as close to their factory angles as possible. Rough Country’s 5-inch suspension kit features a set of ultra-durable Radius arms that precisely bolt directly to the factory mounts for easier installation and a more factory-like angle.

These beefy, upgraded Radius arms also feature a durable Clevite rubber bushing for maximum vibration absorption. This kit also includes a set of front lifted coil springs for unmatched ride quality from your lifted Dodge Ram.

For correct front drive train geometry, it is necessary to remove the gearbox to install the clock ring. Does not fit ‘Power Wagon’ models Does not fit single rear wheel models Rear wheels may require additional dual wheel spacers to accommodate 12.50 inch wide tires fits diesel models ONLY Requires minor cutting. On vehicles equipped with a two-piece driveshaft and rack bearing, such as the Mega Cab, there is the potential for take-off vibration, depending on the severity, which can be corrected by shimming the rack bearing. Does not fit models with 6.7L HO Turbo Diesel with 6-speed Aisin transmission.

Dodge Ram 3500 Dually V1.1 White Für Spin Tires