57 Chevy 150 Black Widow Improvement

57 Chevy 150 Black Widow Improvement – “Spider.” This name itself created fear in the hearts of many during the heyday of car racing and drag racing. Born for the 1957 race year, these unassuming Chevy 150s drew the ire of many detractors from the start. The 150s were officially built by SEDCO (Southern Engineering and Development Corporation), a subsidiary of Nally Chevrolet of Atlanta. But the company was just a shell for Chevrolet’s factory racing program. If ever there was an example of a factory-made turtle bunny costume, Black Widow is it.

To understand how Black Widow came about, we need to understand the race in 1957. Stock car racing was at the beginning. But in 1955 it suffered a big blow. After a crash at the 24 Heurs du Mans that killed 83 spectators and injured 100 others, the Automobile Manufacturers Association banned factory-sponsored motor racing and its advertising in America. The ban officially banned the Big Three from participating in any races, but by 1957 every manufacturer tried to break the rules. For example, Chevrolet started SEDCO, a shell racing company that was ostensibly an independent company. Since SEDCO was to remain “independent”, all parts were sent to Atlanta to be assembled into race cars in the now infamous black and white livery.

57 Chevy 150 Black Widow Improvement

Black Widows are completely manufactured from the best GM parts. Instead of using the frames from the Atlanta factory, General Motors shipped reinforced frames from the Detroit factory. Adding an extra shock to each corner improved stability, and six-spoke hubs and rear axles added strength to the fuel-injected 283 under the hood. F.I was originally Bel-Air’s only option for customers. The 283 was the first Chevrolet engine to produce 1 horsepower per cubic inch. It was a technical and engineering achievement. A three-speed manual transmission sat between the engine and driveline, and a twenty-gallon fuel tank fed the 283 well. Meanwhile, Chevrolet shipped the cheapest bodies it could supply—150 utility sedan models—and left the factory armrests, ashtrays, cigarette lighters, and just about everything else for convenience. The result was a red-bellied arachnid with a poisonous bite.

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With its prodigious power and reduced weight, the Black Widow ran away with back-to-back awards, including the 1957 NASCAR National Championship. Nationwide, the Black Widow was so successful that its fuel-injected 283 engine was banned for half a season, and the car itself was banned after 1957. , Black Widow’s official production number is unknown. But with so few of them, it’s clearly one of the rarest Chevrolets ever built. Few cars before or since have inspired such fear and outrage as the 1957 Chevy 150 “Black Widow” did in its day.

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Posted by news desk Tags: 150 , air , black , black , chevrolet , short , drag , race , sleep , tr-five , widow No Comments As the Chevrolet Corvette and Camaro both mark their iconic years on the racing scene spent, there is no classic Chevrolet as unique as the 1957 Chevrolet 150 Black Widow on the old NASCAR circuit. Built to compete with the then-successful Ford and Chrysler racing teams, this alluring beast has all but disappeared over the past few decades – but despite enthusiasts like Bob Ruby, the Black Widow will never be officially extinct.

This beautiful ’57 Chevy 150 “Black Widow” by Ruby is a modern take on a classic NASCAR icon.

Powering this Spider is a Pace Performance LS3 fueled by a new 25-gallon aluminum fuel tank and cooled by a polished Griffin aluminum radiator. Backing up the LS is a five-speed automatic mated to a Ram 10.5 hydraulic clutch. When all is said and done, that combination is good for 525 horsepower and 489 pound-feet of torque.

Infamous 1957 Chevrolet Black Widow Shows Up At Local Cars & Coffee, Steals The Show

Giving the car its ‘Black Widow’ air is a classic PPG black and white aqua paint scheme over new sheet metal, including new parts, doors, fenders, hood and trunk lid. Inside, there’s new 150-series upholstery, Dakota digital gauges, and custom Black Widow detailing.

The two-door is built on an Art Morrison chassis that features a 9-inch Strange Engineering bolt with 3.70 gears and a four-link suspension. The steering on the car is a Detroit Speed ​​Engineering power rack and pinion, while the brakes are power discs at all four corners. The rolling clothes of this car are 18-inch American Racing aluminum rally rims wrapped in Nitto NT555 in dimensions 225/45/ZR18 and 275/40/ZR18.

This beautiful ’57 Chevy may not be the “real deal” when it comes to iconic Black Widow racecars, but it’s certainly a well-built (and probably fun) tribute, with some impressive racing history to think about. The vehicle is no longer available for sale. Please alert if you would like to be notified as soon as similar vehicles become available.

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You’re paying homage to one of the meanest street cars. But this 1957 Chevrolet 150 not only looks like a Black Widow sedan, but the proper fuel-injected powerplant under the hood gives you the performance of a true blacktop king.

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With less than 100 miles on this classic since its restoration, its appeal is clearly black and white. In fact, you can see the investment every time the sunlight hits the two glossy colors above. It’s special to get this right because those who know performance history also know the importance of black and white utilitarian sedans. These can be chosen as the light and powerful “black widows” of the boulevard. That’s why it also has all the 150-specific elements, including the white “Steelies” with half-wheel covers and the sash molding made famous by the top-level trims in years past. But more than just unique parts, the Chevy 150 shares all the iconic ’57 Chevy elements we all love. Sharp tail fins, twin jet-inspired hood scoops, and a wide grille that looks like a big chrome smile—all contribute to the legend of the 57 Soviet. So with all these iconic pieces to get right, you’ll be impressed with the level of detail and investment in the fairings and panel fit to make sure everyone remembers this Black Widow.

The 150 line had one of the most interesting interior designs. Comfortable fabric inserts on the seats and matching side panels were like some of the custom builds that came decades later. So the newly renovated interior will attract a wide range of people. That’s why it’s good that this tribute car has a back seat to share with more family and friends (utility sedans recently had a closed shelf.) You’ll love how the color wheel continues the black and silver theme. Gives. Plus, everything is period correct – from the two-spoke steering wheel to the AM radio that still plays the tunes!

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But your favorite part of this restoration is absolutely under the hood. Not only is this a fuel-injected car, but you’ll love telling people it has a 1957 EK coded FI block. It even has a 1957 Rochester fuel injector unit (7014800). And in an engine this well done, every detail is exactly what you want. From the Chevrolet script on the valve cover to the Fuelie specific intake – it’s a great show. More than meets the eye, this is a true street car. The immediate response of the fuel injection combines with the growl of the dual exhaust and the control of the three-speed manual transmission to give you an idea of ​​what a blacktop racer in the 50s felt like.

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This beautiful performance 1957 Chevrolet Black Widow

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