Black Widow 2019 Silverado Superior

Black Widow 2019 Silverado Superior – BIG TRUCKS need protection too! We took this longtime SD customer / friend and took their 2019 Chevrolet Silverado to the next level! After a Level 3 paint correction, we’ve redesigned the look of this Silverado even further by applying a SunTek Altered Black PPF to the roof, hood and front bumper. It was also treated with complete preparation for removing wheels and interior details, preparation for Modesta coatings. Modesta BC-04 applied to the paintwork and Modesta BC-06 applied to the wheels, calipers and suspension. This big truck is ready for anything!

Our mission is to provide the highest quality auto detailing services with 100% customer satisfaction. Our No.1 priority is YOU and your vehicle. We apply an individual approach to all our clients and build relationships based on honest work and honesty.

Black Widow 2019 Silverado Superior

We are a team of professional detailers, trained at the international and local level. Working closely together, each of our individual strengths complements each other and creates an exceptionally well-coordinated team. We are an excellent detailer! Owner Steven Fritz began his career in the detailing industry in 2002 at a car wash in Central Florida. In 2008, he founded Superior Detailer LLC as a high-class mobile detailing company. Since then, he has been perfecting the art of precise car detailing. What started out as a small mobile detailing company has grown into a family run business at a state-of-the-art detailing studio in downtown Orlando.

Used 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

As owner and founder, Steven invests his soul and passion for cars into every vehicle he touches. He is a die-hard car enthusiast with over 19 years of experience in creating high-end details, constantly learning about the latest products and techniques. Trained at NXT, trained at XPEL factory and verified Modest installer. Steven’s passion for cars and details took him all over the world, even in Europe and the Middle East. Steven is the creative mind behind all SD detailing processes and procedures. Steven is also an amateur photographer and takes almost every photo you see on this page and our social media platforms. In his spare time, he enjoys photography, cycling, riding a motorbike, traveling and spending time with his wife Kim and their two pets.

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Kim, Steve’s wife, joined the team part-time in 2013. Since then, her detailing skills have evolved to include paint protective coatings, Modesta coatings, and polishing work. Kim is a factory trained XPEL PPF installer, graduated from Medium Polishing Techniques in Rupes, Colorado, and received Modest verification in Budapest. He manages all aspects of the business with Steve, including website development and social media. Kim has a BA in English from the University of Central Florida. Before joining the SD team full-time, she worked as a technical writer and proposal specialist for 15 years. Her hobbies are cycling, weight lifting and traveling with her husband Steve.

Guilherme (Gi) completes the SD team. Gi is an Auto Detailer from GSB Detailing in Brazil. He brings over 12 years of detailing experience to the SD team. He specializes in details and restoration of classic cars, and he particularly enjoys details and restoration of chassis. Gi is a certified IDA specialist, became a BigFoot Systems specialist in Rupes, Italy, and completed training in the KockChemie 1k-Nano application. He also completed Sonax Glass Polishing online courses. Gi is extremely passionate about cars and his work, and strives for success every day. When he’s not in the SD studio, Gi is either working out the details or working on his Mustang. He enjoys car shows, weightlifting, and spends time with his wife and dog in Orlando, Florida.

The environment in which we work has a huge impact on the quality of the work performed. For us, this means having two separate climate-controlled spaces to accommodate spikes in heat and humidity. This means decoupling our high-end detailing services to prevent contamination in film and coating applications. Our Downtown Orlando studio is 5,600 square feet of air conditioned space with 2,500 square feet of dedicated PPF cleaning and coating applications.

Chevy 1500 Black Ops — Tuscany Motor Co

We have an internal car wash with warm and deionized water. We use Rupes machines, LED ceiling lighting and portable Scangrip / LED lighting. We have a 4-column lift, a scissor lift and QuickJacks portable car lifts. Our spaces are individually equipped with the right LED lighting for the specific job. We have CCTV cameras inside and outside, with 24/7 monitoring armed on the property.

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1997 Honda NSX | Full suspension, paint correction and Modesta BC-04 Nano Titanium Glass coating | Orlando Florida

Hi! Here are some ready-made shots of that JDM legend 1997 Honda (Acura) NSX we’ve finished. Full suspension detail and paint correction worked out by the team … SD! Coated and hardened with Modesta BC04 Nano Titanium glass.

2022 rivijska R1T | Pre-wash, Emblem Removal, Level 2 Paint Correction, Paint Protection Film, Modesta BC-08 Ceramic Coating | Orlando, Florida

New 2022 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Rst Crew Cab Pickup #4e20457

This 2022 Rivian R1T in Launch Edition Green is fully protected with our customized paint protection film and Modesta Coatings. All areas are wrapped, including the roof and tailgate. Emblems removed for a completely seamless fit all around. Details: ▪ SD car wash ▪ Complete removal of the emblem ▪ Level 2 paint correction (high gloss) Protection: ▪ Installation of a protective film for full body paint ▪ Modesta BC-08 ceramic coating This fully electric truck is ready for off-road adventures; and the owner has total peace of mind that the paint will remain immaculate and low-maintenance for many years.

The Tesla Model S PLAID goes back to the Modesta Coating maintenance detail after it was sprayed with home paint. Our Modesta BC-05 Advanced Water Repellent Glass Coating application a few months ago made it very easy to remove all paint. Now it’s back to high GLOSS

2019 Mercedes Benz AMG GT-R Convertible | Preparation details, paint correction, full Swissvax interior, Modesta coatings | Orlando, Florida

Monday mercenary! Commission: 1. Full detail of SD preparation 2. Level 3 paint correction 3. Full Swissvax interior detail 4. Modesta coatings 2019 Mercedes Benz AMG GT-R convertible (1 of 750). It just so happens that this stunning Merc is one of Kim’s favorite vehicles.

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Sca Performance Gmc Black Widow Trucks

July 2022 Detail of the month | 1997 The Honda NSX-R returns with a final paint touch-up and Modesta coating

1997 The Honda NSX-R returns to the Superior Detailer almost 17 years later in a full package. The owner, Karim and his team do the full unscrewing detail, paint correction and Modesta Ceramic Coating.

Revised, polished and refined! My new Subaru STI paint (shop car) has finally been selected. We will be applying Modesta BC-08 and testing this amazing ceramic coating, so stay tuned. I’m excited!

This amazing Rivian R1T Launch Edition comes from an old SD client from the days of mobile detail! The owner chose our front bumper with a PPF application with a Modesta BC-08 ceramic coating! We love this truck!

Chevy Exchange Is A Chicago Chevrolet Dealer And A New Car And Used Car Chicago Il Chevrolet Dealership

FRIDAY are for Ferrari in this house! These three were a beautiful place to see in the studio. Double F8 and Roma with perfect protection. Happy Friday! #ferrarifriday

2022 rivijska R1T | Interior details, paint correction, paint protection film, Modesta BC-08 ceramic coating | Orlando, Florida

The new Rivian R1T has us GREEN with envy! 😍 This super cool electric truck has received the best treatment. Here are the details …. Details: 💎 ▪ Sanitizing cleaning ▪ Full interior detail ▪ Level 3 Paint correction Protection: 🛡 ▪ Paint protection film in the most impactful areas ▪ Modesta BC-08 ceramic coating We really enjoyed protecting this new age of electric vehicle . We hope to see more details in our studio soon!

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