Chevrolet Lingenfelter Reaper Custom Truck

Chevrolet Lingenfelter Reaper Custom Truck – A few days ago at the National Automobile Dealers Association national convention, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering introduced their new truck called

We know a little more about this than the usual media because we actually rode it during the suspension development phase of the project. This thing is a badass with 475hp from a Lingenfelter blown 5.3L engine. This will be the initial engine offering but down the road, a 550hp blown 6.2L engine will also be available in the truck. The truck is lifted, can run tires up to 33″, has a custom damper package developed by Fox and has proven itself capable in the California desert as well as on the drag strip where it runs well into the 13s….with a factory 3.08 gear ratio!

Chevrolet Lingenfelter Reaper Custom Truck

And it includes a grill, reinforced bumpers, a lighting package, a hood, rock guards, side steps and more. There are 20″ tires and off-road tires standard but buyers can upgrade to 17″ bead locks and General Grabber tires for maximum off-road dirt hauling capability. As for the suspension that puts the truck in Raptor territory, it’s no weak sister. Chad was recently in the desert in the truck with Lingenfelter engineers, Fox Racing engineers, and the video guys where they filmed this thing in action. At one point, Chad reported that a crew cab truck was loaded with passengers crossing the desert floor at 60+ miles per hour. We’ve seen footage of it jumping, hauling whoop-de-dos, chuck holes and other obstacles.

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The trucks will be sold through Lingenfelter’s worldwide dealer network and LPE has promised one of these trucks to put the hammer down. We haven’t slept since the day Copeland made that promise and now that we’ve seen what the finished product looks like, we’re seriously going to have red eyes. The Ram Runner, The Raptor, and now The Reaper. Like the factory drag wars, there is now a trio of off-road factory trucks for your jumping pleasure!

This 1966 Factory Hemi Charger Is Smashed, Burned, And Bringing Big Bucks On eBay Now Would You Pay $2.5-Million Dollars For Grumpy’s Ultimate Toy Pro Stock? Big fan of Chevrolet’s Silverado pickup but just wish it was more attractive? Lingenfelter and Southern Comfort Automotive may have the answer, in the form of the recently announced Reaper. The steroidal Silverado matches Lingenfelter’s tuning expertise with Southern Comfort Automotive’s styling wizardry to turn the ordinary Silverado into an impressive high-performance pickup.

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It’s the styling change you’ll notice first, the Silverado’s familiar vertical chrome grille replaced by a shark-like nose whose sides shadow the headlights in a menacing face. In addition to the new front clip there is a front bumper equipped with a skid plate with greater ground clearance, rock guard side steps, flood lights and LED daytime running lights. The truck’s chassis has been upgraded with Fox Racing suspension and a set of custom 20-inch wheels with 33-inch off-road tires. For the truly hardcore, a set of 17″ wheels with beadlock tires is optional.

Under the hood, the Silverado’s standard 5.3- and 6.2-liter V-8 engines can be optionally upgraded with a Magnuson TSV1900 Supercharger and a standard Corsa Performance exhaust adds to the music. Inside, the Reaper gets custom-stitched headrest covers, additional switch panels and a special Reaper gauge package. If you’re feeling really flashy, the exterior can be further enhanced with the dramatic graphics you see in the images.

Lingenfelter Reaper Package

The upgrade may lack the appeal of the factory Ford F-150 Raptor, but the Reaper still carries a three-year/36,000-mile Lingenfelter warranty in addition to Southern Comfort Automotive’s three-year/36,000-mile warranty on all styling parts, for added peace of mind. The Reaper is set to compete not only with the SVT Raptor, but also with Toyota’s TRD Pro Series trucks–a line of tuned Tundra, Tacoma and 4Runner models equipped by Toyota’s official tuning arm. Let the off-road battle begin… For more information from the 2014 Chicago Auto Show, click here.

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Super Car Spy Shots First Hybrid SUV Concept Car Video Driving Muscle Car Racing Electric Car Industry Luxury Cars Car Tech Features See All When it was teased last week, it promised so much but when it was unveiled it delivered, well, not so much. Granted, the performance boost is impressive, but any time you mention the word “harvester,” we expect something sinister.

Chevrolet Silverado Custom Sport Hd Images

To be fair, the work done by Southern Comfort Automotive and Lingenfelter is not interchangeable. We just expected it to be a little darker than what was actually presented. Even so, the aero kit is pretty comprehensive, thanks to Southern Comfort and the Supercharged Reaper Package.

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The former is responsible for the restyled look of the Silverado. Yes, it does look a bit different than the standard Silverado, something we can attribute to the restyled front clip grille that makes it look like the hood extends a little more than usual into a trapezoidal grille. Notice that it’s different, too, compared to the standard Silverado’s rectangular grille.

A new lighting system is also installed on the Silverado, which in this case is an integrated Rigid Industrial Flood light system and LED daytime running lights. That’s a shorthand way of saying Reaper has scarier lights. Speaking of scary, the kit also includes rock guards and side steps, additional switch panels, a Reaper gauge package, custom stitched headrest covers, custom Reaper graphics and serialized Reaper badges.

Taken together, the program is really intense, but somehow, Southern Comfort Automotive forgot that black, maybe even matte black, is a much more attractive look on a Silverado than red.

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Slumerican

As far as Lingenfelter’s involvement, the tuning firm known for its Corvette program produced two sets of upgrades for the Reaper Silverado. The less powerful of the two is the EcoTec 3’s 5.3-liter V-8 engine that now pumps out a tidy 475 horsepower, compared to the standard unit’s 355 horsepower. The larger version of the two packs a 6.2-liter V-8 EcoTec 3 engine. From the Silverado’s standard output of 420 horsepower, Lingenfelter’s TVS1900 Magnuson Supercharger boosts output to an impressive 550 horsepower.

Finally, suspension work to improve the overall stiffness of the pickup is done courtesy of Fox Racing while the nee exhaust comes via Corsa.

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Overall, the mechanical specifications and performance of the Chevrolet Silverado Reaper are what we expected. And to be fair, the upgrade list is something we’d like to see in the Silverado.

Lingenfelter Silverado Reaper News And Information

There’s just something about the red pickup with the name “Reaper” that doesn’t please us, compared to what it looks like in full black.

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The new generation Silverado was introduced just in time for the 2014 model year. It received significant updates on the exterior, interior and under the hood, changes that transformed it into the “strongest, smartest and most capable Silverado ever.”

The 2014 Silverado is offered with a choice of three new EcoTec3 engines: 4.3-liter V-6, 5.3-liter V-8 and 6.2-liter V-8 engines, with output levels ranging from 285 to 420 horsepower.

Kirby’s first exposure to the world of automobiles came when he caught Knight Rider on television as a five-year-old. David Hasselhoff didn’t leave much of an impression on him (that happened later in Baywatch), but KITT sure did. To this day, Kirby remains confident that he will have a car with the same ‘spirit’ as the original KITT (not the 2008 monster). He doesn’t know when that will happen, but until then, he’s committed to expressing his love for KITT, and all cars for that matter, here at . Read full bio Raptor The F-150 has been the single biggest brand upgrade for Ford’s current truck lineup, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see other companies follow Ford’s lead — at least in the aftermarket. The latest step in recreating the cool and functional aspects of the Ford Raptor is the new Southern Comfort Automotive REAPER package for the Chevrolet Silverado. Developed with the help of Lingenfelter under the hood, the REAPER brings a new look at the front, functional LED lighting in the fog light area, new shocks with a 3-inch lift and a few other optional tweaks. The offroad supertruck segment is exploding with interest. Almost all Silverado Z71 buyers will love most of these tweaks. To that end, SCA is now a GM partner and will sell the package from select Chevrolet and GMC dealers. The price may be high, and little here is out of the reach of crafty DIY owners — but for those with more money than time to invest, the REAPER package is an interesting way to scare

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