Chevy 3500 Dually Lifted

Chevy 3500 Dually Lifted – Wicked Suspension’s 10-inch lift is built to work, play and ride comfortably. This system is designed for easy installation with minimal modifications, resulting in long-term satisfaction and reliability. Our rig is tuned for great angles, great ride quality and looks. This system is not your ordinary, middle of the range kit, the front end is adorned with our largest “W” emblem that makes a statement every time it is seen. There is no suspension lift like this Wicked suspension for the HD Chevy/GMC platform. , made from 1/4” USA steel plate in every piece, fully welded and butted where it counts most, not just where you can see it best, we leave no STONE UNTURNED. The front track width will not be increased by installing a lift. The front wheels and rear wheels will be attached to each other accordingly. This kit is for those looking for the best quality, impressive performance and long-lasting results, all Wicked suspension systems at our facility in Naples, Florida are manufactured. Wicked MFG proudly uses materials sourced in the USA such as steel and aluminum. Our GMHD system is 100% complete with no upgrades other than cosmetic options or shocks, ensuring that you are purchasing a system that gives you great results, proudly made in Florida, USA.

10″ SYSTEM BRACKET Subframe Brackets Upper Control Arms External Shock Knobs/Spindles External Tie End Key Front Pivot Wrenches Front Differential Brackets Sway Bar Front Sway Bar Brackets Front Sway Bar Side Links Front Shock Steel Sway Bars (Non-Impact Block) and u-bolt 2.0″ Wicket Shocks Rear Housing Relocation Brackets ABS Rear Tow Bar System Shipping to US, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Alaska customers is $300. Please call if you are interested in purchasing this system and are from one of the 3 states. Style Selection Goliath Goliath W/ Armored Trident Megalodon **See these styles by going to the last image by clicking on the image on the left**

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Chevy 3500 Dually Lifted

Q: Q: How is the system covered? Answer: No, it comes with bare steel powder coating/painting for your pleasure. Most people paint these unique systems to their liking. Q: Do you wear a coat? A: We do not wear coats at home, but we do offer it as an option for an additional fee, it depends on the color you want. We use prismatic coats as well as many other options if you have a specific color you would like to match or use we can help. Q: Does this system work on a 3500 or two-way? A: YES, the 3500 non dually has a different u-bolt and the only thing unique on the dually is the long bed and larger leaf pack, we have made this kit complete for both SRW and DRW trucks! Choose the 3500 option below and the long bed option if you have a long bed! Q: Do you offer a front coilover option? A: This has been popular lately, but we do not offer it for GMHD, we believe that the quality and reliability of your factory ride is very good and we do not want to change that in any way, the quality and reliability of your ride is important to us. Q: Do you offer different shock options? A: Yes, we offer FOX and KING for your shock needs as options below. FOX IFP: 2.0″ FOX shock without reservoir, great ride, quality shock. FOX Reservoir: 2.0″ FOX shock with reservoir, front shocks with mounting on top of shock tower and (4) billet clamps for all reservoir mounting. KING: Please contact us for current wait times on KING kicks.

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Hd Dually With A Camper Shell And Large Tires — Gallery

A: Each assembly is hand built in our facility, there is no rushed perfection, it takes time to assemble and weld the world’s largest suspension lift. Our parking systems have a 6-12 week lead time from date of order, including coat or not.

Wicked Manufacturing LLC is a small family business founded by Jordan and Brittany Tadisak located in Naples, Florida, USA. Wicked Manufacturing was founded in January 2016 by Jordan and Brittany Tadisak as a sister business to the successful Wicked Customs LLC. Wicked Manufacturing is committed to producing the highest quality truck accessories and parts solutions in the industry. Engraved in the foundation of this business are our core values, Dignity, Pride, Commitment, Service and Integrity, we put our customers and their safety first and provide well-designed and well-built products with no expense spared. When you buy from Wicked Manufacturing, you become part of a family, a family that started an industry revolution against knockoffs, foreign made, and poorly designed products, your support and every purchase is truly appreciated.

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Every piece Wicked Manufacturing makes has a “W” engraved on it, the “W” stands for more than wicked, it means you’ve chosen the right accessories for your car, it means you done right, it means you believe in a small production. business from South Florida, USA and their core values.

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