Chevy Black Widow 2015 Topfull

Chevy Black Widow 2015 Topfull – As any dime store undergrad psych major can tell you, it’s a tough climb to the top of the pyramid of needs, the place where we think we have everything we want. There are challenges at every level, from finding strong traction in the physiological realm to the summit of self-actualization. Any base full-size pickup truck is capable of getting you there, but if you’ve got around $60,000 to spend, why settle for less than full perfection in a crew-cab, four-wheel-drive, luxury sedan? do enough Toro?

So Abraham Maslow, the director of Needs Hierarchy himself, is in the metaphorical driver’s seat for comparing high-level, half-ton personality haulers. Of course, Chevrolet and Ford are here, as are Ram and Toyota.

Chevy Black Widow 2015 Topfull

Naturally, the paradigm-breaking event that inspired this test is the all-new 2015 Ford F-150. Now fitted with a cab and bed that uses aluminum instead of steel for every panel except the firewall, the F-150 is potentially the truck world’s secretly aspiring big hit. But there’s still some cognitive dissonance here because this now mostly aluminum truck was outfitted with the top “Platinum” trim for our test. Would a turbocharged V-6 be enough to overcome such internal contradictions?

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In general specifications, the Chevrolet Silverado is stunted. It’s mostly steel, there are leaf springs that support it in the rear, and the engine is a straight pushrod V-8 that shares its bore spacing with the small-block that Chevy introduced 60 years ago. But there is an initial satisfaction that comes with familiar engineering; It is a comfort zone where minds can relax. And, according to Trim, the zone is being sold as high country.

With a set of air springs leaning against the world’s changes, the Ram 1500 is practically a mood stabilizer. Under that hood is a Hemi V-8 with the only cast iron engine block on test. Plus, it’s frustrating that this cowboy-chic ram Laramie Longhorn can’t figure out if it’s a bighorn sheep, a Wyoming town, or a cow.

The Toyota Tundra appears here in elongated “CrewMax” form, which looks suspiciously like a hormone therapy drug. The V-8 under its hood is equipped with four cams and 32 valves, or multiple valves like the Chevy and Ram. Like the F-150, this Tundra is a “platinum” model, though the only use of that metal in the truck is likely to be a few precious grams in the catalytic converters. It may be authentic enough for marketing purposes, but it’s hardly a coherent personality strategy. Relax in the chair as we examine further.

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The tundra is actually a fluid existential crisis. Toyota’s interests don’t depend on it, and it seems developmentally challenged anyway. More than 100,000 were sold last year alone, and it’s unclear how many people — save those who assemble it in Texas — will miss the Tundra if it goes away. It’s been 16 years since Toyota sold its first Tundra, and those teenage years are strange.

Gm Ordered To Recall 5.9 Millions Vehicles With Faulty Airbags

The Tundra was updated for the 2014 model year, and many of its components are familiar from the 2007 redesign, including the chassis and 381-hp 5.7-liter DOHC 32-valve port-injected V-8 under the hood. Eight years ago the engine was class leading. Today it is fast and loud. And while the Tundra’s V-8 is more powerful than the F-150’s EcoBoost V-6, it lags behind all contenders in torque output.

Light, steady, and perfectly communicative steering makes the $49,820 Tundra always feel like it’s driving on tippy-toes, while the P275/55R-20 Bridgestone Dualer tires are like the other two trucks. are the same size. The rear axle always dances under its leaf springs instead of settling for free cruise. There is an anxiety built into the chassis that cries out for Freudian re-engineering.

Designed to emphasize this group, the Tundra style did not receive much love. Too self-conscious, tending toward insecurity. Inside, the plastics look cheap, and the diamond-tufted leather upholstery accents look dated. The seat is self-positioning, the device is easily scanned, and the view is excellent. But the navigation and infotainment system is outdated. Break out the smartphone.

It’s the only pickup in which the entire rear window folds down electrically, and it’s a boon for anyone who drives a Tundra with a hatchback or camper. And since this is an extended Crew Max model, rear legroom is odd.

Question About Making Panel Van

Side effects of Tundra Crew Max include excessive thirst, obesity, fatigue, and generally poor appetite.

With its six-speed automatic transmission, the 5894-pound Toyota sprinted to 60 mph in 6.7 seconds and through the quarter mile in 15.3 seconds at 92 mph. That’s ahead of the even heavier Ram, but behind the lighter Ford and Chevy. The Tundra’s combination of better weight and shorter highway gearing resulted in a worst-case test fuel economy of 14-mpg.

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The Tundra is a capable hauler and Toyota trucks have a hard-earned reputation for long-term durability, but that’s not enough to earn it love, much less respect.

Shedding its old identity as a Dodge, the $57,810 Ram 1500 has a significant advantage over the other players here. Its air-spring suspension produces a very controlled and comfortable ride. In fact, it drives so well that it begs the question why others stick with rear leaf springs for the relatively light tasks that come with a half-ton pickup.

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What this suspension struggles with, however, is the Ram’s 5964 pounds. While it’s only 70 pounds heavier than the Toyota, it’s nearly 400 pounds heavier than the Ford. This impairs group functioning. The 5.7-liter Hemi pushrod V-8 is rated at 395 horsepower and delivers its torque to an eight-speed automatic transmission, but it takes the Ram 7.4 seconds to 60 mph and 15.7 seconds in the quarter-mile at 88. pass mph That weight is also reflected in braking distances, with the Ram taking 10 more feet, for a total of 199, than the next-worst pickup to stop from 70 mph.

In normal traffic, the Ram doesn’t feel sluggish or pushy, but the steering is numb and takes a bit more effort than other trucks. It’s a small price to pay for a built-in ride. And there’s something interesting about a truck that lowers its ride height while cruising for aerodynamic efficiency, then proudly announces its achievement on the screen between the touchscreen and the speedometer. It’s a joke, this ram.

Although the Hemi lacks advanced technology such as direct injection, it does have a cylinder deactivation system that closes half of the combustion chamber under light loads. That helps the Ram get the same EPA mileage rating as the liter Silverado, or 15 mpg city and 21 highway. In our testing, we raced up and around California’s Panamint Valley, chasing wild burros and getting pummeled by low-flying F-16s while averaging 15 mpg, 1 over the Tundra. mpg good.

A rotary dial at the bottom of the center stack selects the transmission gears and may look worse than the larger stacks on other trucks, but it pays off. This opens up the center console for large cup holders and a large storage bin under the armrest. The rest of the interior is straightforward, smart, comfortable and full of interesting surfaces. The front captain’s seats are comfortable, there’s plenty of room in the back, and the material quality is a big leap forward for Chrysler products.

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There is no identity crisis with Ram. Its appearance is a direct development of the small big rig style introduced for the 1994 model year. Adding optional, usable Rambox trunks to the rear fenders makes it better but lowers the floor to 51 inches for bed length. It is between 13.6 and 15.4 inches compared to others.

Chevy’s full-sizer is consistently popular. Although it was all-new last year, it doesn’t look that different from the previous three generations of big Chevy pickups. There’s nothing particularly novel about its chassis design, and the body is mostly made of plain old steel. It’s a truck: unique, confident, and full of classic virtues like a column-mounted shifter. And at 5658 pounds, it’s only 81 pounds heavier than the aluminum F-150.

More than two inches shorter than other trucks, the Silverado looks like it’s hunting on the road. From the inside, it feels relatively small, clean and easy to maneuver between parking lines. The Chevy’s ride is stiffer than the Ram and Ford, but its steering is more responsive with better feedback. There’s a direct, engaging feel to how the Silverado drives that’s missing from other trucks.

Ever the square peg, the Silverado was the only truck that didn’t have a black livery. And, as driving enthusiasts prefer, this is also an oxymoron.

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At 420 horsepower, the direct-injection, variable-valve-timing, 6.2-liter EcoTec3 small-block V-8 is the most powerful on test, and it’s mated to GM’s new 8L90 eight-speed automatic transmission. It’s a version of the same transmission now offered in the Corvette, and it keeps the engine in the thick of it

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