Chevy Black Widow Rims Superior

Chevy Black Widow Rims Superior – Car tuning is sacred. This allows owners to create something truly unique and noteworthy. Some buyers prefer to refurbish their trucks themselves, but there are options for those who buy a refurbished item before getting the keys. We’ve covered custom trucks before, and they’re always worth sharing.

Dealer-sanctioned upgrades are the subject of a recent YouTube video posted by Mike Davenport (“Chevy Dude”). Davenport Silverado Black Widow shares her excitement with viewers through SCA. Sure, it’s a pretty cool Silverado, but is it worth the $18,000 price tag?

Chevy Black Widow Rims Superior

Davenport is a salesman that he uses to promote the cars he can sell to his audience. There’s nothing wrong with this, and luckily, he’s upfront about what he’s doing. As mentioned, it prompts its inventory, and it does exactly that throughout the video. “This truck was made by SCA Performance, and I usually tell people you should avoid these stickers because these stickers are cracking, but this is the only case,” says Davenport. We’ll have to keep an eye on his channel to see if he’ll be making any more comments. Honestly, the truck looks pretty bad.

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Apparently, SCA hit Homerun with a Black Widow package. The company puts a six-inch lift kit on the truck and 36-inch BF Goodrich all-wheel KO2 tires on its lineup. The alloys are large, as are the leather seats pictured above, which are an option on Black Widow trucks. Apparently the Davenport dealers felt they had to pay. He certainly thinks so. “I think it’s a little bit better than factory leather,” Davenport says.

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“This truck was made by SCA Performance, and I usually tell people you should avoid these stickers because they crack, but this is the only case.”

The interior also gets other updates. The SCA installs LED projector headlamps that activate when you open the front driver and passenger doors. All the taillights have been changed to red, and the driver’s cockpit also gets a special tuning, which might be the best cosmetic update in the package.

Davenport made sure to stick with non-spider-themed updates. The lift kit is well-lit and he places the camera next to the SCA exhaust, while the Chevy Silverado runs, so viewers can hear the sweet burble the truck emits at idle.

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At the tail end of the video is Davenport, showing us the truck’s price drop. He doesn’t understand anything.

“We always put the best and lowest prices on our site,” he says in the clip. In addition to factory rebates and incentives, the Davenport dealer is listing the Black Widow package for $18,000. That’s a pretty high figure for what you get, but as Davenport points out, the quality of the upgrades is top notch. Bachmann Chevrolet is also expecting quite a bit of money for this particular truck. Without the Black Widow package, the dealer shaved about $3,000 off the MSRP. With incentives, the rebates are around $10,000, which coincidentally doesn’t match their “Open House Event Pricing.” Basically, they charge about $3,000 off the total price of the truck even when the black widow package is added.

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That said, Davenport is honest about the Silverado’s incentives. It represents a typical dealer setting rates that no customer can match. We’re going one step further and commending Bachmann Chevrolet for discussing the value of a vehicle at all. Some dealers refuse to discuss the price of a vehicle until they meet with a prospective customer in person. This old school tactic is unfortunately still practiced today. Davenport’s price may be a bit high, but honesty always pays, and sometimes it’s worth paying a little extra to avoid a heated argument. As for the Black Widow package, you should check out the video to see all the goodies that come with it. Since 1979, SCA Performance has been a leader in custom automotive manufacturing. Exclusive design, state-of-the-art manufacturing, proven performance, and an unwavering dedication to quality combine to build the world-class trucks we’re known for and set us apart from the competition. With SCA Performance, you’re not just buying a truck. You become more adventurous and enter a better lifestyle. We are ready to ignite the passion that drives you.

Our team of experienced design engineers spend countless hours creating our new concepts, which are then incorporated into each of the unique vehicles we offer. The end result is a revolutionary product that cannot be duplicated anywhere else on the market, a product that is as individual as you are and represents who you are.

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From tires to suspension, engine calibration and more, every SCA Performance vehicle is built to beat the competition. You can be sure that every component, proprietary or proven industry leader, will work faster, last longer and be the best.

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Complex component testing is an indispensable step in the SCA Performance product development process. Each component does not need to be executed, it must be saved and completed in a timely manner. If it doesn’t meet our standards, it won’t be used. It’s very simple.

At SCA we are passionate about performance. With that desire comes the promise that you’re not just buying a truck. You become more adventurous and enter a better lifestyle. We are ready to ignite the passion that drives you.

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