Chevy Colorado Black Widow Price Superior

Chevy Colorado Black Widow Price Superior – Car customization is sacred. It gives the owners the opportunity to create something completely unique and worthy of attention. Some buyers want to upgrade their trucks on their own, but options are available for those who would rather buy something that has been upgraded before they get the keys. We’ve covered custom trucks in the past, and they’re always a joy to share.

Dealer-approved upgrades are the subject of a recent video posted on YouTube by Mike Davenport (aka “Chevy Dude”). Davenport shares his excitement with viewers about the SCA Silverado Black Widow. It’s undoubtedly a good-looking Silverado, but is it worth the $18,000 price tag?

Chevy Colorado Black Widow Price Superior

Davenport is a salesman who uses his channel to promote vehicles that he can then sell to his viewers. There’s nothing wrong with that, and luckily he’s pretty advanced at what he does. That being said, he is motivated to hype the inventory on his lot, and that is exactly what he does throughout the video. “This truck is made by SCA Performance, and while I usually tell people to watch out for these stickers because these stickers are a ripoff, [but] this is the one exception,” Davenport says. We’ll have to keep an eye on his channel to see if he makes any further exceptions. And to be fair, the truck looks pretty scary.

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In terms of looks, SCA hit a home run with the Black Widow pack. The company puts a six-inch lift kit on the trucks and 36-inch BF Goodrich KO2 off-road tires on their own rims. The alloys look just as nice as the leather seats you see in the photo above, which are actually an option on Black Widow trucks. Presumably Davenport’s dealer felt they were worth paying for. He certainly thinks so. “I think this is a little bit better than factory leather,” says Davenport.

“This truck is made by SCA Performance, and while I usually tell people to watch out for those stickers because they’re a ripoff, [but] this is the only exception.”

The interior also gets other upgrades. SCA installs LED projector lights that activate when you open the driver and passenger front doors. All of the backlit gauges change to red, and the driver’s cockpit also gets its own custom setup, which might be the best cosmetic upgrade in the package.

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Davenport also made sure to capture the non-spider-themed upgrades. The lift kit gets good coverage, and he puts the camera right next to the SCA exhaust while the Chevy Silverado is driving so viewers can listen to the sweet burble the truck emits at idle.

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The back end of the video has Davenport showing us the price breakdown of the truck. He does not keep anything unclear.

“We always publish our best and lowest price on our website,” he says in the clip. Excluding the factory rebate and incentives, Davenport’s dealer lists the Black Widow package at $18,000. That’s a pretty high number for what you get, but as Davenport demonstrates, the quality of the upgrades is top notch. Bachman Chevrolet also expects quite a bit of money for this particular truck. Without the Black Widow package, the dealer shaved about $3,000 off the MSRP. With incentives, the rebates amount to about $10,000, which not coincidentally matches their “Open House Event Price.” Basically, they’re only taking about $3,000 off the truck’s total price, even when the Black Widow package is added.

That said, Davenport is candid about the Silverado’s incentives. He rightly points out the typical dealer trick of posting discounts that no customer could possibly qualify for. We’ll go one step further and commend Bachman Chevrolet for even talking about the price of the truck. Some dealers will refuse to discuss vehicle costs at all until they meet face-to-face with a potential customer. It’s an old-fashioned tactic that is unfortunately still in practice today. Davenport’s price may be a little high, but honesty is always refreshing, and sometimes it’s worth paying a little extra to avoid intense haggling. As for the Black Widow package, it’s worth checking out the video to see all the goodies that come with it.Milford, Michigan – Half-ton pickup truck buyers want a trimmer, leaner vehicle without the optional V-8, but with towing for up to 7000 pounds? Would this crowd prefer to find easy parking downtown than sit cheek-by-jowl with eighteen-wheelers on the highway?

For the average buyer of the Ford F-150, Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra or Ram 1500, the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon aren’t worth the $5,000 to $10,000 savings (before incentives) and the extra mpg. . But if you prefer the maneuverability of a new pickup that’s maybe a bit smaller than the half-tons of a generation ago, you’re not Truck People. Some owners of the 12 million midsize trucks that General Motors says are on American roads will be ready for a new rig that isn’t a warmed-up Toyota Tacoma or Nissan Frontier designed during the Clinton administration.

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Sca Performance Gmc Black Widow Trucks

The question hanging over the roofs of the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon is whether the number of midsize truck customers significantly outnumbers the enthusiast crowd clamoring loudly, but unconvincingly, for plug-in diesel station wagons. While it’s safe to predict some sales success in the first year after the trucks go on sale this fall, the big test will come in the second year, after all the early adopters have bought their Colorados and Canyons. By then, Toyota will have finally introduced a new Tacoma.

Also for the 2016 model year, Chevrolet and GMC will offer a 2.8L Duramax four-cylinder turbodiesel in their Colorado and Canyon, though these should be pretty close to a base Silverado or Sierra.

Suffice it to say, we’re skeptical about sales of the new Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon. For non-truckers like us who may need the cargo or towing capacity, these two are the best alternatives to bulky, hard-to-maneuver rigs that take up too much space in your driveway. Ride, handling, refinement, interior comfort and quality, and the features of the Colorado and Canyon don’t give much up to the Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra, Ford F-150 and Ram 1500.

Neither truck is offered in a standard cabin configuration, which goes the way of the midsize two-door coupe anyway. Our first drive consisted of laps around the Milford Proving Grounds in a variety of extended-cab and crew-cab Colorados and Canyons, most of them equipped with the 3.6L V-6 and six-speed automatic. We also drove the car enthusiast’s special: a Canyon with the base 2.5-liter I-4 and six-speed manual transmission.

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The V-6 versions aren’t as smooth or quiet as the old, steel-bodied 2014 Ford F-150 that GM provided for comparison, though the midsize GM trucks have an impressively quiet idle. The beds were empty, of course, and not surprisingly, the four-cylinder GMC Canyon extended-cab with manual, which had a rear-seat delete, had the best ride and steering feel among midsize GMs because it came with the Canyon’s standard 16-inch aluminum wheels and— tires instead of the 17- and 18-inchers on the better-equipped Colorados and Canyons provided the ride.

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A Chevy Colorado Z71 with 17-inch all-terrain tires produced the ride quality you’d expect from a truck shod in serious nubbies. Its chassis was very busy over the chattering bump of the Milford road course. The result is that while no version of the Colorado/Canyon drives quite like an F-150, Ram or Silverado/Sierra, they are significantly better than the Tacoma and Frontier and can easily compete with the Toyota Tundra.

The Colorado/Canyon is notable for its damping, which keeps the body well in control over the big bumps and dips, though so much so that we got a bit carried away with a 4×4 model, triggering the stability control over one of the deeper bumps .

Base Colorados come with 16-inch steel wheels as standard (alloys optional). In addition to standard 16-inch alloys, front clips, taillights and interior design, the Canyon differs from the Colorado with standard rear wheelhouse liners and LED lights, which are not available on any price Chevy. This accounts for the $880 premium you pay for a base GMC. SLE and SLT versions of the Canyon come with real aluminum interior trim, a multi-color driver information center, and soft-stitched dash/dash and door panel upholstery, none of which are available on any version of the Colorado. Leather-appointed seats are standard on the top-of-the-range GMC Canyon SLT and optional on the Chevy Colorado LT and Z71. It’s easy to imagine GMC adding a Denali version of the Canyon if the truck has any sales success, though Chevrolet could then counter with a Colorado High Country — perhaps with the 420-hp twin-turbo 3.6.

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As car enthusiasts, and since some of us remember when pickups were work trucks with three-on-the-tree manuals, we’re drawn to the base Canyon with the six-speed stick, an available transmission

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