Chevy Duramax Dually Lifted

Chevy Duramax Dually Lifted – 2005 Chevy Silverado 3500 – Cover QuestFinding a Reader’s Truck Worthy Of Be The Cover of 8-Lug

The entry date for Cover Quest 2010 has passed and here we present our final entrant. We are humbled and a little overwhelmed by the volume of entries – obviously there is a strong desire to be on the cover of this magazine. The winner will be announced in the February issue and the winning truck will be on the cover of 8-Lug sometime in 2011.

Chevy Duramax Dually Lifted

If you haven’t realized it yet, Cover Quest is in the hands of the reviewers you see here. Their decisions are final and you can count on their feedback to be brutally honest or downright encouraging.

Used Lifted 2021 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 Hd High Country 4×4 Diesel Truck For Sale

Each judge has a different specialty, but in the end, two or more judges must agree on the value of each CQ truck to advance to the final elimination round. Usually, publication options were a confidential matter, handled behind the scenes at a magazine like 8-Lug. But for 2010, we’re showing you the people behind the curtain. Well, most of them, anyway.

His car magazine career dates back to 1982 when he was editor of Dirt Rider magazine. After moving on to motorcycles, Bob then took over the reins of magazines like Custom Classic Trucks and Truck Builder and never looked back. He has contributed to over 20 other automotive publications.

Bob knows what it takes for a truck to be good enough to fit into the 8-Lug cover and he doesn’t hold back.

With over 20 years covering custom trucks and cars, Larry is a Telly award-winning producer of Four Wheeler TV and most recently editor of RV Magazine.

Chevrolet Silverado 3500 Dually

His career began in 1985 at Truckin’ magazine and was responsible for launching specialty titles such as Mini Truckin’ and 4 Wheel Drive & Sport Utility Magazine. With his insight into the aftermarket and a lifetime in the automotive industry under his belt, Larry will be a tough judge to please. But you can count on him to be encouraging, no matter how you rate.

Just like Simon Cowell has defined American Idol, our mystery judge has wreaked havoc in the pages of 8-Lug.

People went out and spent a lot of money to modify their trucks after the mystery judge ripped them off for this or that.

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With the benefit of anonymity, the mystery judge can let the opinions fly without having to worry about replying to anyone.

Chevrolet Silverado 3500hd

This is the one judge that trucks will have to impress the most to get a thumbs up.

Tough stuff: 75 gallon auxiliary tank. Bed air compressor warning and winch 12.5. ram-air hood; Recon headlights and taillights, and smoked cab and bed lights. Lazar Smith pull up bars? PPE counters? And much more

Listen to me, I’m serious here. This truck should be declared the winner of the 2010 Cover Quest, and just let it be. No others need apply. I don’t even want to know what Bob and Larry think about this truck. No…stop talking Larry, I mean it. Bob…sit down. I will not tolerate any disagreement on this. Tony Lyons has built a tough truck that uses high quality parts and kicks the snot out of it. I have seen the pictures of the drag racing…

Okay, mystery judge, no need to feel confident about this one. Just because this truck is practically perfect is no reason to think that Larry and I don’t understand how great it really is. We do, I guarantee you. First of all, the performance components on this truck were carefully selected to work together for maximum benefit. The list is long, starting with Garrett GT4094R turbo, PPE race manifold and up-pipe, PPE intercooler, PPE Dual Fueler, PPE Xcelerator Hot+2 programmer, K&N intake, Snow Performance water-methanol injection, aFe boost pipe and aFe Blade Runner Multiple entry. A Sun Coast Stage 5 transmission handles all the power. Even the 3-inch body lift combined with the 6-inch lift doesn’t appear to be excessive. Fabtech 2.25 shocks keep the truck running smoothly. Yes, it’s a sure winner.

Inch Lifted 2017 Chevy 3500

I almost vetoed the mystery judge with my thumb just because I love watching him sweat. But, this is an absolutely awesome binary. I’ll keep this short and sweet—since the mystery judge thinks I talk too much. This is the best rig I’ve seen in the entire competition! So Mr. Mystery Judge, stick it. The Wicked Suspension 10″ lift is built to run, play and ride comfortably. This system was designed for easy installation with minimal modifications leading to long term satisfaction and reliability. Our mount is dropped correctly for great angles, great ride quality and looks. This system isn’t your average, in the middle of the mall kit, the front cross member is garnished with our larger “W” badge, which makes a statement every time you see it. There’s no suspension lift just like This Wicked Suspension for the HD Chevy/GMC platform, made from 1/4″ US plate steel in every piece, fully welded and ribbed where it counts most, not just where you can see it best, we leave NO STONES AT ALL. The width of the front track is NOT increased by installing the elevator. The front and rear wheels will protrude proportionally to each other. This kit is for those looking for the best quality, impressive rideability and long term results, all Wicked Suspension systems are manufactured at our facility in Naples, Florida. Wicked MFG proudly uses materials sourced in the USA, including steel and aluminum. Our GMHD system is 100% complete with no upgrades other than cosmetic or shocks, rest assured you are buying a system that will give you great results, proudly made in Florida, USA.

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10″ SYSTEM COMPONENTS Subframe Crossmembers Upper Control Arms Extreme Duty Joints/Axles Outer Rod Ends Forged Torsion Keys Front Diff Shift Arms Front Sway Bar Relocation Brackets Front Sway Bar Links Front Torsion Bar Drop Arms Stakear 2.0 and u-bolt Free Front Shock Bars ” Wicked Shock Absorber Rear ABS Housing Relocation Arms Rear Pull Rod System Shipping Shipping is $300 to US, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Alaska customers with additional charges. Please call if you would like to purchase this system and are from one of the 3 states. Goliath Goliath Style Options Armored Trident Megalodon **See these styles by going to the last image by clicking on the image on the left**

FAQ: Q: How is the system coated? A: It is not, it comes bare steel for the pleasure of painting/dyeing, most people paint these unique systems to their liking. Q: Do you make powder? A: We don’t powder coat in house, but we do offer it as an option for an extra charge, it depends on the color you want. We use prismatic powders as well as many other options if you have a specific color you would like to match or use we can help. Q: Does this system work on a 3500 or dual? A: YES the 3500 non dually has a different u-bolt and the only unique thing about the dual is the long bed and larger leaf pack, we fully built this kit for both SRW and DRW trucks! Choose the 3500 option below & the long bed option if you have a long bed! Q: Do you offer a front coilover option? A: This has been popular recently, but we don’t offer it for GMHD, we believe your factory ride quality and reliability is excellent, and we don’t want to change that in any way, your quality and reliability are important to us. Q: Do you offer different shock options? A: Yes, we offer FOX and KING for your shock needs as options below. FOX IFP: FOX 2.0″ tankless shock, great ride, quality shock. FOX Canister: FOX 2.0″ tankless shock, front shocks come with mount over shock tower and (4) billet clamps for all mounting shock absorber tank. KING: Contact us for current lead times on KING shock absorbers.

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A: Each kit is handcrafted in our facility, perfection is not rushed, it takes time to assemble and weld the world’s largest lift suspensions. Our suspension systems have a lead time of 6-12 weeks from date of order, powder included or not.

Bds 2001 2010 Chevy/gmc 2500/3500 4wd 7

Wicked Manufacturing LLC is a small, family-owned business created by Jordan and Brittany Tadysak, based in Naples, Florida, USA. Wicked Manufacturing was founded in January 2016 by Jordan and Brittany Tadysak as a sister company to the successful Wicked Customs LLC. Wicked Manufacturing is committed to manufacturing the highest quality truck accessories and parts solutions in this industry. Our core values ​​are etched in the foundation on which this business stands, honor, pride, commitment, service and integrity, we put our customers and their safety first, providing well designed and superior engineered products at no cost. When you buy from Wicked Manufacturing, you join a family, a family that started an industrial revolution against knockoffs, overseas manufacturing

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