Chevy Reaper Supercharger Road Performance

Chevy Reaper Supercharger Road Performance – Someone decided to give the Ford Raptor a run for their money, in this case by renowned tuner Ken Lingenfelter. The company announced the new Chevrolet Silverado-based Reaper project last Friday at the National Automobile Dealers Association.

The 2014 Reaper is the result of a conversion kit that takes the average Silverado—an already good truck—and puts it on steroids, in other words. Under the hood, the Reaper sports a supercharged Lingenfelter V8 with a total of 550 horsepower. That’s 139 more ponies than the Raptor, which equates to 411 horsepower. Lingenfelter worked with Southern Comfort Automotive on the project.

Chevy Reaper Supercharger Road Performance

The Reaper is equipped with 20-inch beaded wheels, a Fox Racing suspension system, a high-clearance bumper, reinforced skid plates and an integrated water-light system, all of which should help it tackle any terrain at highway-caliber speeds.

Chevrolet Silverado L83 2014 2018 5.3l V8 Magnuson

The Silverado’s spirit is evident, but you’ll notice a redesigned front fascia and a sleeker rear end with a striking resemblance to the Raptor’s bed design.

The expected price of the Chevrolet Reaper is estimated to be between $50,000,000 and $60,000. That’s a few notes from the Raptor, which starts at $46,240, but keep in mind that the power has increased significantly.

The Reaper website confirms that souped-up Chevy conversion kits will be available at select Chevrolet dealerships nationwide. We expect to get more information about the interior and exterior images closer to the Chicago Auto Show. Four-wheel drive has been a part of full-size car culture since the segment’s inception six decades ago. However, for most of the time, the purpose was mainly utilitarian, helping trucks get out of mud and mud, climbing steep roads, and adding traction on slippery surfaces. It took decades before OEs were able to legally place truck models in the off-road enthusiast market. The Dodge Ram Power Wagon blazed the trail in 2005 with the revival of the historic name and continues to be the gold standard for the classic off-road vehicle. When the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor hit the scene in 2010, it redefined expectations for a car out of the factory with a custom front and rear suspension, Fox Racing four-corner wraps and exterior styling. The Raptor has been without a direct domestic competitor since its inception. Thanks to the joint efforts of Lingenfelter Performance Engineering (LPE) and South Comfort Automotive, Chevy fans now have a reliable competitor to the Raptor with the Reaper exterior package available through select Chevrolet dealers.

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Depending on your definition of “factory,” some might not consider the Reaper a direct apple-to-apple competitor, since it’s not technically turned off in Fort Wayne, Indiana. However, you can purchase it through Chevy dealers with an extended warranty that includes standard parts.

Chevy Silverado 1500 Z71 4wd Ltz Crew Cab W/ Reaper Package — Sold

After we first saw images of Reaper earlier this year, our interest was piqued. LPE is a well-known and respected name in the performance world of General Motors. The company has decades of experience making Camaros, Firebirds and Corvettes ridiculously fast, as well as a reputation for rock solid reliability. Since the truck shares much of its V-8 equipment with the Gen IV and V Corvette engines, it has recently diversified into the aftermarket and premium car market.

At first glance, it would be easy to dismiss the Reaper as a Silverado-only performance package. While it’s true that most of what’s included in the Reaper pack is cosmetic, the transformation goes more than just skin deep. Mike Copeland, LPE Vice President of Operations, said that Fox Racing spent a lot of time customizing the custom remote reservoir on the Reaper, not coincidentally the same supplier that makes the shocks for the Raptor. Ride Tech, a company with extensive experience in building military specification suspension components, supplies the front lower arms.

The LPE claims 9.2 inches of travel up front and 11.2 inches in the rear on the Reaper. On paper, that’s less than the Raptor’s 11.2 inches of front and 12.1 inches of rear travel. As such, Copeland said LPE was unable to reproduce Ford’s claims in the Raptor’s primary testing while the Reaper was in development. While the Reaper’s suspended travel claims may seem conservative at first glance, Copeland stands by the claims, saying the truck delivers what it promises.

The amount of time invested in research and development shows the Reaper in the sand. The truck handled the twists and turns of West Michigan hills with ease and confidence, rarely making wheel trips while driving at speed. Speed ​​isn’t necessarily an issue with either of the Reaper’s powerful engines, available in 5.3L or 6.2L displacements. Even in “base” 5.3L form, the Reaper has a 64-horsepower edge over the factory 6.2L and a decisive 139 horsepower. Our truck was equipped with a 6.2L engine and one of the stronger gasses we’ve heard in recent memory. Our particular tester had a truck-tuned exhaust combo equipped with optional headers and stock manifolds, making it more powerful.

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Chevrolet Silverado Reaper By Lingenfelter In White

While it was fun in the pits and off-road, it required judicious right-footing to attract attention, both wanted and unwanted. The particular exhaust tuning combination in our test may be a bit too loud for many buyers. More often than not, accelerating at “normal” speeds produces a machine-gun staccato from the double throttle and attracts the attention of law enforcement while we drive, but thankfully avoid a citation. Copeland says several exhaust tuning options will be offered, from a subtle scream to the heavy metal racing of our test.

The combination of improved suspension and plenty of power was no sweat, and the high-powered L86’s plenty of power and torque lifted it up for long drives in Silver Lake, Michigan, in the sand dunes, and uphill in the pits. relief On the road, the supercharged V-8 would quickly propel the Reaper to triple-digit speeds. If driven sensibly, Copeland says he’s seen up to 17 mpg highway in the Reaper, given the amount of power it offers, drawn from its higher stance and more aggressive looks.

What remains largely unchanged from the Reaper conversion, in our case the High Country model, means comfortable leather seats and plenty of bells and whistles. Custom-made headrests are available as an option. The only other visible changes, aside from the red-look gauge cluster, are the addition of two auxiliary switches for the Reaper’s bumper LED lights. The custom bumper ditches the Silverado’s ultra-low bumper and air dam, making a big difference in the truck’s off-road ability and lightness. The bumper complements the Reaper’s eagle-like hood and grille treatment. Front and rear fender flares, rear swirl graphics and a Reaper tail logo complete the look.

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Reaper’s style transformation is polarizing, to say the least. But wherever he goes, he definitely looks. For those who appreciate the Reaper’s performance but are a bit ambivalent about the styling, Copeland has hinted that a Reaper-style package may soon be offered for the GMC Sierra, which Copeland thinks might lend itself better to a more aggressive styling treatment.

Chevrolet Silverado Reaper: Raptor Harvester

Another advantage of the Reaper package is that the Silverado 1500 can be configured in any configuration, from the standard cab short bed to the double and crew C cabs. Starting with the High Country trim, our custom truck will roll off the showroom floor at $70,000,000. That may seem like a lot of money for a pickup truck, but a well-equipped Tahoe or HD diesel more or less makes up for the price equation when going for it.

If you’re a Chevy fan and want a truck that can hang with your friend’s Raptor and perform legally, the Reaper is a solid effort that won’t disappoint. Not cheap, but exclusive has a price. LPE says it will build as many Reapers as it wants, but it will be a long time before Reapers become as common as the Raptors, which have been out for four years now. If you’re interested in getting your own Reaper, visit for more information and to find an authorized dealer near you. DECATUR, Ind. – Reaper™, the 2014 Chevy Silverado pickup truck exterior, is now available at select General Motors dealers nationwide. Developed jointly by Lingenfelter Performance Engineering and Southern Comfort Automotive, the custom car offers drivers enhanced muscle, eye-catching street presence and off-road performance.

Interested Chevy enthusiasts can learn more about the limited edition Reaper and find participating GM dealers by visiting

The Reaper blends Lingenfelter’s renowned performance engine tuning and suspension know-how with Southern Comfort Automotive’s

Chevy Reaper Specs, Price, Release Date

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