Denali 3500 Dually Lifted

Denali 3500 Dually Lifted – Detailed Instructions, 10″ Lifted Crossmembers, Differential Drop Brackets, Sway Bar Endlinks, Rear Lift Blocks, Rear Leaf Pack, Rear U-Bolts, Front Driveshaft, Rear Driveshaft, , Extensions, Front Shocks, Rear Shocks, Hardware

Note: Kit is adjustable to 12″ using factory torsion keys, raised torsion keys and upper control arms are recommended for 12″

Denali 3500 Dually Lifted

FTS provides a Limited Lifetime Warranty to the original retail purchaser who owns the vehicle, in which the product was originally installed, for defects in workmanship and materials.

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The Limited Lifetime Warranty does not cover the following FTS items; bushings, bump stops, ball joints, tie rod ends, limiting straps, cross shafts, heim joints. These parts may wear and are not considered a defect if worn. They are warranted for 60 days from the date of purchase against manufacturing defects.

Separate shocks are considered a serviceable shock with a one-year warranty on leakage only. Service seal kits are available separately for future maintenance. All other shocks are covered under our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

FTS does not warrant any product for completion, alteration, modification and/or installation contrary to FTS instructions. Changes to the finish of parts including but not limited to painting, powder coating, plating and/or welding will void all warranties. Some deterioration of the finish may occur in parts during shipping which is considered normal and is not covered under warranty.

FTS products are not designed or intended to be installed in vehicles used in racing applications or for racing purposes or for similar activities. (“RACE” is defined as any competition between two or more vehicles, or any competition of one or more vehicles against the clock, even if such competition is for a prize). This warranty does not include coverage for police or taxi vehicles, race cars, or vehicles used for government or commercial purposes. Also excluded from this warranty are sales outside the United States of America.

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Installing most suspension products will raise the vehicle’s center of gravity and cause the vehicle to handle differently than stock. This can increase the vehicle’s susceptibility to a rollover, both on and off-road, at all speeds. Great care must be taken to operate the vehicle safely at all times to avoid rollover or loss of control resulting in serious injury or death.

FTS makes every effort to ensure the compatibility of the suspension product with all vehicles listed in the catalog, but due to unknown production changes by vehicle manufacturers and / or manufacturer failures in car, FTS cannot be responsible for 100% compatibility, including wheel and tire compatibility. listed sizes. The Tire and Wheel sizes listed in the FTS catalog are only a guide for street driving with the fender trimming listed. FTS is not responsible for damages to the vehicle’s body or tires.

FTS’s obligation under this warranty is limited to repair or replacement, at FTS’s option, of the defective product only. All costs of removal, installation or re-installation, freight charges, incidental or consequential damages are expressly excluded from this warranty. FTS is not responsible for damages and/or warranty of other vehicle parts related or unrelated to the installed FTS product. This warranty is expressly in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied. This warranty does not apply to any product that has been subject to accident, neglect, alteration, abuse or misuse as determined by FTS.

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FTS suspension components must be installed as a complete system including shocks as shown on our website today. All warranties are void if FTS parts are combined and/or replaced with other aftermarket suspension products. The combination and/or substitution of other aftermarket suspension parts may cause premature wear and/or product failure resulting in an accident causing injury or death. FTS does not warrant products not manufactured by FTS.

Gmc 3500 Dually

Installation of FTS products may void the vehicle’s factory warranty; it is the consumer’s responsibility to check with their local vehicle dealer for warranty disposition before installing the product. Company   | Media   | News   | Reviews   | FAQ | Gallery   | Employment   | Contact | within

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We incorporate our experience in off road racing and trophy truck quality engineering to ensure your suspension adds strength, performance, overall build integrity, and performs better than stock. Throughout the initial design and R&D process we made sure to keep the factory O.E. suspension geometry and design attributes!

Our standard 6-8″ adjustable kit for the front end includes our one-piece gusseted sub-frame with steel full size differential skid plate, fabricated steel, CNC machined front steering knuckles, high strength steering drop center-link that has heim jointed support links to reduce wear on factory idler and pitman arms, differential drop brackets, heavy duty bump stop brackets, extended sway bar end links, brake line drop brackets, CST laser cut torsion x-member drop brackets, all necessary hardware, and O.E. front shock extensions.

Slammed Gmc Denali 3500 & Chevy Silverado 3500 Hd!

The steering stabilizer brackets are built into the kit and our stabilizer shock kit can be purchased as an upgrade option.

The rear kit includes forged 4″ lift blocks with bump stop pads and heavy duty 3/4″ zinc-plated u-bolts.

No cutting of the front differential is required or welding of any kind. Our 6-8″ lift kit maintains the factory front tire track width and has zero compatibility issues with the GM Stabilitrak system.

With the superior design and superior quality you’ve come to expect from CST, this kit continues to be one of our most popular!

Used 2015 Gmc Sierra 3500hd Denali For Sale (with Photos)