Dodge Ram 3500 Dually Lifted With Stacks

Dodge Ram 3500 Dually Lifted With Stacks – Some truck enthusiasts have a pure passion for building a flawless custom truck, while others prefer to build a truck built for speed and performance. Rarely do you find someone destined and able to handle both in one build. Sabastian Luna was determined to accomplish this feat at the age of twenty-three. Sebastian’s parents were born in Mexico but moved to Chicago, Illinois, where he and his brother were born. “We’ve lived in the northern suburbs all our lives,” Sebastian tells Truckin.

When Sebastian turned 20 and had already owned a couple of trucks, he found a 2012 Ram Megacab in Austin, Texas. He and his father traveled to Texas to pick up the diesel, but when they arrived, the truck’s 4×4 wasn’t working. The general manager of the dealership felt so bad that he drove so far that he offered any used truck on the lot for the same price. He selected a 2014 Ram Megacab and brought it home. After two years of searching for the right custom parts, he found Tyler at TruckWurx and brought him the Ram for the interpretation job. While adding all the extra power, the truck suffered four transmission failures until Sebastian decided it was time for a change. “He had already been looking for a replacement for a couple of months,” adds Sebastian, “This time he wanted a manual transmission to avoid all the problems he had been having.” He found exactly the truck he was dreaming of, a 2016 Ram double with a manual transmission located in North Carolina. Sebastian made the 800-mile drive alone to the dealership to pick up his new kit.

Dodge Ram 3500 Dually Lifted With Stacks

The next day in Chicago the new Ram was stripped down and he and his brother and his father added the bumpers, the grill, the engine drafts and the intake was installed. A couple of weeks later, Sebastian drove back to Texas to pick up the 26-inch American Force wheels at the only place that had them in stock. Sebastian called a tuner and told him that he wanted a super aggressive tune and told him if it blew up he would be responsible. The saying is, if it wasn’t for bad luck, he wouldn’t have any luck at all. Well, once again disaster struck when eight months into the new Ram, the engine blew up.

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Dodge Ram 2500 Mega Cab 4×4

Sebastian decided he was going big or going home, so he took the dual to Tyler at Truckwurx in Louisiana. He stayed there for a couple of months while Sebastian and Tyler brainstormed what to do next. Tyler and his team started with a teardown, initially removing the engine. They disassembled the engine and prepared the paint. Fortunately, the cylinders were not damaged by the previously failed valve, so the cylinders were polished to the original bore. The block and transmission were sent off for painting to keep with the theme and were also sprayed metallic blue.

Once the engine was impeccably built, the exterior had to be just as impressive as it was under the hood. Sebastian’s father had a friend who had done some custom paintings. Sebastian called Tyler and asked if it would be possible to bring the new Ram to SEMA as planned. Thirty minutes later, Tyler called back and said “You’re in!” Kyle from Kaotik and Pasquale from Spike teamed up to create a perfect combination of blue with metal flakes that lit up when the sun hit it. Tyler and the painters worked on the double at the same time trying to finish the platform for the show in Las Vegas.

Sebastian proudly displayed the double-ended Ram at the American Force booth at SEMA, fulfilling his dream of not only owning a completely custom truck, but also being featured prominently in the biggest show of the year. Sebastián wishes to thank his parents Gonzalo and María for all their help and support, since without them none of this would have been possible. His goal was to achieve his dreams at twenty-three years old, but with all the hard work and perseverance he was able to achieve it at twenty-two years old.

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Transmission: Engine: 6.7 Cummins, Carrillo Forged Rods, Mahle Pistons, ARP Bolts, No Limit Cam, Industrial Injection Head, 200% S&S Diesel Injectors, Dual High Pressure Fuel Pumps, 260 GPH Lift Pump, G&R Diesel Dump , stainless diesel turbocompound kit, Mishimoto intercooler, Fleece coolant reservoir and regulated return, Manton pushrods, Fleece rocker arms

White Widow: Ryan Zeller’s 2019 Ram 3500

Body/Paint: Custom Shop Colors aka Epic Colorz Blue Iris Pearl, Little Daddy Roth Bad Azzz Blue baby flake, shaved antenna, relocated XM antenna, modified tailgate light bar, 314 Customs custom headlights, bumpers front and rear Bodyguard, PTM with chrome inserts, bodywork done by Spike Body Werks of Geneva, Illinois and Kaotik Kustoms

Stereo: Factory head unit, Kenwood XR-600 DSP amplifier, Kenwood Excelon XR-1800 components, Kenwood XR-1000 amplifier, Kenwood Excelon XRW-10F shallow mount subwoofers, ADS Maestro interface

A special thanks: My parents Gonzalo and Maria, my brother Max, my friends who were with us on the road, Nester Pasillas, the entire TruckWurx team, especially Hector who was there every night, Dennis for the engine build, Brandon from Elite Treatment, and Tyler for believing in me and making my dream come true. If you have a diesel truck, it can be hard to resist the urge to put together a good stack set and live out the dreams you had as a kid watching Smoky and the Bandit. Here are some interesting and over-the-top stacks we’ve found at Rams.

No matter if you want to point a finger at the environment, or just stick some EPA in your eye, a big pile in the middle is a good way to go. The builder of this knock wisely installed it with a rain cover so water, birds and small dogs don’t accidentally fall in.

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Stacks On A Pw

The driver of this truck obviously likes to watch the smoke as it billows out and over the cab. Why else would you have rolled your own stack of custom diamond plates right out of the hood?

This truck was built on the assumption that if one is good and two are great, then four would be great! Or the driver plays the organ in his church.

That’s right, those piles are the big ten inches in diameter, and there are two of them! You could smoke a brisket in there, if you like your barbecue extra smoky.

At least the owner of this truck was nice enough to ask first before turning them on. Is this highway lane smoking or non-smoking?

Ram 2500 Wheel Offset Hella Stance >5

Something about the shape of these stacks and the angle at which they are cut makes them look very metallic. This truck should be rolling down the road with smoke coming out of the chimneys and Black Sabbath coming out of the stereo.

Various companies have had the idea of ​​combining diesel batteries and a headache rack. This one is from Smoke Racks, but there are others, and many guys have welded their own.

We’ve seen round and diamond stacks, but what about the hexagon? Pretty much all of these stacks are overkill for these engines, so the rectangular pipe probably flows a lot, even with the right angle tight, it forces the gases to flow. Sometimes you have to sacrifice a little power for something so sweet.

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