Dodge Ram 3500 Lifted Dually

Dodge Ram 3500 Lifted Dually – 2008 Dodge Ram 3500 XD Rockstar Dual 17×6 +111 | Nitto Mud Grappler 37″x13.5″ | Rugged Rustic Suspension Lift 5″

Shop Available Wheels 17×6 +111 Wheels Shop Wheel 2307.84 Nitto Mud Grappler 37×13.5R17 Backorder Buy Tires 899.95 Rough Country 5″ Lift Kit (08 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 | 4WD | Mega Cab) Buy Suspension Shop All Accessories 2008 Dodge Ram 3500

Dodge Ram 3500 Lifted Dually

Will the 17×6 +111 wheels on 37″x13.5″ tires fit the 2008 Dodge Ram 3500 4WD with Rough Country Suspension Lift 5″?

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Rough Country Lift Kit Ram 3500 4wd Dually (2019 2021) 5

Yes they do! This 2008 Dodge Ram 3500 uses XD Rockstar Dually 17×6 wheels, 37″x13.5″ Nitto Mud Grappler tires with 5″ Rough Country Suspension Lift, and requires no trimming and no scrubbing or scrubbing. As you can see from the image of the wheel and wheel combo these tires do!** With this 2008 Dodge Ram 3500, the stance is Flush. Also remember the impact fitment spacer, this ride is not in the front and 2″ in the rear.

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** We always recommend finding multiple vehicles that have achieved this conformity, as this information is based solely on the owner of this vehicle. Even though we reviewed every gallery page, there were so many variables that we couldn’t verify every adjustment was possible or accurate. However, if all the other kids do, MUST FIT!!

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