Duramax Diesel Mechanic Near Me

Duramax Diesel Mechanic Near Me – Diesel-powered vehicles work hard day in and day out, which is why they seem to require more frequent maintenance than other cars and trucks on the road. However, performing maintenance and repairs on diesel engines often means returning to the dealer for expensive and time-consuming repairs. Fortunately, residents of Las Vegas, NV, have other options when dealing with diesel engine problems.

At Elite Automotive, our diesel experts are here to make sure you get the best care when it’s time to service your vehicle and that you get it without a hitch to get the work done at the dealership. We proudly and professionally service PowerStroke, Duramax and Cummins engines with technical knowledge unmatched by any mechanic in the Las Vegas area. From basic services like oil changes to big projects like transmission replacements, we’ve got you covered when it comes to your diesel engine needs, call us today!

Duramax Diesel Mechanic Near Me

We get asked all the time about repairing the 6.0L & 6.4L Power Stroke: What does it take to make one of these trucks reliable day in and day out? Many diesel owners and mechanics know that 6.0L & 6.4L powerplants have weak points such as head gaskets and EGR valves, but they never consider the cause of these failures and the effect on other expensive and critical engine components when they fail. . The Ford Powerstroke Diesel is a well-engineered and solid platform regardless of the type of truck chassis this powerplant is installed on. The problem for PSD owners is that the Powerstroke platform is unique to itself and differs from other diesel powerplants. Then, consider the fact that Ford has made many year-over-year changes to the PSD powerplant for the new model year, which are unique to that model year (AND incompatible with previous years). The end result is that VERY FEW repair shops or dealers have the technical knowledge, experience or equipment to handle Powerstroke diesel repairs and maintain your truck like we do!

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The Duramax 6.6L has been in production since 2001 and has proven to be a reliable and durable platform. But we have seen some problems recently, such as fuel starvation from the air in the line, injector failure, and water pump failure that usually occur after about 8,000 miles or overheating. The Duramax PCV design releases crankcase pressure into the intake. Overtime this creates waste in the intercooler system. The Allison 1000’s choke mode feature is protection against catastrophic transmission failure. In reality, it is less suitable for many situations. When the Allison 1000 transmission senses an abnormal amount of slip in the transmission, it enters limp mode. While in limp mode, the transmission will be locked in third gear, the torque converter will remain unlocked, and the transmission will not be able to operate in reverse. Come to us to have a professional Duramax mechanic check it out today!

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Cummins engine repair problems include steel dowel pins loosening and falling into the timing gear box of the 5.9-liter 12-valve engine, and engine block cracking on the 1999 to 2002 5.9-liter 24-valve engine. Cummins built the 12-valve engine from 1988 to 1998 for Dodge Ram trucks. The dodge truck with the problematic 24-valve engine had a block with the number 53 on the front driver’s side of the engine. Misfiring is another common problem with the 5.9 liter Cummins engine. When you come to Elite Automotive for Cummins Las Vegas diesel repair, our technicians will ensure that any engine problem is resolved in a timely manner.

The diesel engine provides drivers with more than a satisfying rumble when they’re out on the open road. Diesel vehicles are designed to withstand the demands of the road and a wide variety of jobs that require the extra power these engines can provide and are among the toughest modern vehicles around the world. That’s why diesel-powered vehicles tend to be more of a means of transportation for most owners. It is the main tool for work and livelihood of individuals. This is why investing in regular diesel maintenance for your machine is a must.

Your truck is built to handle jobs that others can’t with a traditional gas engine, but to keep its power at peak levels, you need regular fluid changes, tune-ups and other routine maintenance just like any other truck. on the road. While these fluid changes and tune-ups may be a simple process that any mechanic can handle, you are always advised to work with a professional who specializes in diesel engine repair and maintenance. Working with an expert in a diesel transmission repair shop for a tune-up also gives you the opportunity to identify small problems with your engine before they can become large and catastrophic, which is key to maintaining the longevity of your ride while keeping your wallet intact.

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Diesel Engine Repair

Aside from these basic maintenance needs, a diesel engine will require more specialized attention over the years to keep it running strong. Due to the unique operation of diesel engines, you need to have a specialist mechanic by your side to help you with:

Diesel is a cleaner fuel than gasoline. While the fuel’s chemical makeup allows it to give your engine more power and burn a little cleaner in use, it also means that some organisms can still survive in the fuel. These tiny life forms begin to clog your fuel filter over time, which prevents fuel from traveling to your engine. Most diesel engines require a fuel filter replacement every year to prevent this from becoming a serious issue.

Because diesel vehicles are expected to work harder than their gasoline counterparts, their fuel injectors typically handle higher loads on a daily basis. This means diesel fuel injectors experience more wear and tear and therefore have a higher chance of failure. Professionals can keep an eye on this important part of your system and keep it in working order, so you won’t find yourself stranded on the job over something as small as your fuel injectors.

The extra pressure placed on a diesel engine can also sometimes cause the pieces to wobble, causing engine leaks. Even the smallest engine leak should be checked and repaired immediately before it can lead to major damage to the entire engine. Engine leaks can cause the engine itself to overheat, damage critical and expensive parts, cause hoses to wear out, and lead to serious fire hazards over time. Diesel experts in Las Vegas and Henderson, can give your engine a thorough once-over to ensure all parts are tight, intact and ready to meet the high expectations you have for your hard-working machine.

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Sure, you can take your diesel vehicle to any mechanic in town, but you’ll only get your ride with the special care it needs by working with a team that knows diesel engines inside and out, like the professionals at Elite Automotive. Auto repair shops know how to do the basics, but only a Las Vegas professional with hands-on experience with a wide variety of diesel engines can give your ride the treatment it deserves.

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Although diesel engines are becoming more popular over the years, they are still few and far between. Furthermore, the engine design is constantly updated and refined to offer better performance and more power.

For example, the various versions of the PowerStroke engine are only compatible with the make and model year of manufacture, with no opportunity for backward compatibility. Cummins and Duramax products face similar challenges as these trusted manufacturers continue to update their engine designs to handle greater workloads with greater efficiency, including gear slippage and even misfiring. These constant changes and updates lead to unique challenges and demand a lot of technical knowledge, experience and specialized tools that you won’t find in your typical auto repair shop.

At Elite Automotive, we are proud to offer full diesel engine service from licensed and experienced professionals. We are among the top results when you search for a diesel repair shop near me for good reason.

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Whether you own a single diesel truck or a fleet of trucks for your own business, we are ready to offer mechanical support in the form of routine maintenance, tune-ups, transmission replacements and more with a quality of repair service unmatched by any other shop across town.

Whether you’re looking for a performance upgrade or just want to breathe new life into your old diesel truck, we’ve got you covered with the best used knowledge and tools in the Las Vegas area. We are here to make sure the job is done right the first time and you can truly count on the results you receive when working with us for repairs.

If you’re in the market for diesel repair services from a team of experienced and true professionals in the Las Vegas area, contact Elite Automotive today. Our customer service representatives are available to answer any questions you may have about our pricing, methods and more.

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Diesel Engine Repair

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