Duramax Diesel Performance Shops Near Me

Duramax Diesel Performance Shops Near Me – If you have a Ram truck, chances are you have received a TSB from FCA/Stellantis regarding the risk of fire due to hot water filling the fill tube and the turbo on the manifold. . Unfortunately, this is a risk for any car or truck that experiences transmission failure and that led us to create the ATS Doomsday Device. The ATS Doomsday kit closes the top of the transmission filler tube from the operator’s set and redirects any excess water to the supply tube instead of blowing the dipstick and sending water to the turbo and manifold. This is a must-have item that will give you peace of mind for almost any application, especially a new Ram truck!

The ATS Benchtop Turbo Calibration tool is an all-in-one turbo diagnostic and programming tool that can lose, start and adjust any turbocharger actuator on the market through downloadable software and turbocharger adapters. If we do not currently have the software to calibrate this specific type of turbo, send us a simple actuator and we will write the software free of charge and send it to you with the appropriate connection adapter.

Duramax Diesel Performance Shops Near Me

Benchtop repair tools can be used for both 12 volt and 24 volt turbochargers and conversions. The entire machine uses a high-quality 16-gauge steel casing that is powder-coated for longevity, featuring solid-state electronics and large cooling fans so it can run all day and Use the Honeywell lock toggle switch to switch between wet and dry. These machines are easy to use and quickly diagnose actuators problems, bit failures or failed boards inside the actuator.

Precision Diesel Parts

Benchtop also makes it super easy to zero in, start and adjust a new build that will give you the perfect amount of torque on your turbocharger for stress and fatigue.

Which adds up to over 47 rwhp and 93 ft. lbs. w/stock shift, and 150 rwhp when combined with us

DynoLAB Tuning (sold separately) plus adapter. Billet turbine wheels are 25 grams lighter than stock wheels for increased strength. This turbocharger will support a reliable 550 rwhp with no soot bearing DPF and can turn 600rwhp for short-time racing applications using ATS DynoLab Tuning. 180rwhp gain for towing applications and sustained driving, 230hp gain for short-term racing. No more stuck or bent vanes through the life of the turbo regardless of driving style.

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Below: Road testing a 2019 Ram 2500 with the Aurora VFR 4000 Stage 2 turbocharger on US I-70 at 10,000′ and up. Pulling five wheels and a second drive.

White’s Diesel Performance

Learn the science behind high-horsepower, performance-inefficient, clean diesel technology with ATS President, Clint Cannon. Check out the three-part video series below!

Founded in 1993 by Clint Cannon, ATS Diesel Performance is a lethal company focused on the design and manufacture of performance parts for the Ram Cummins, Ford Power Stroke, GM Duramax, Ram Hemi, or Jeep. For nearly 3 decades, ATS Diesel Performance has set standards, pioneering the performance and reliability of clean diesel fuel products in the diesel industry. Our ground-breaking, relentlessly innovative products are designed, engineered and manufactured right here in Arvada, Colorado.

Quality and innovation are the key to our success. This reflects our strong belief that great design cannot happen without the passion, intelligence and beyond personal commitment of our team, and is reflected in our portfolio of licensed products.

These quality products should be backed up by a world-class customer service experience. That’s what we offer you when you choose to shop with us. Get clean, high-performance diesel fuel with ATS Diesel Performance.

Left Coast Diesel Performance And Service

Drive it to Clint Cannon in a 2015 Ram with a 6-speed Allison transmission that works well in all factory settings. With our new licensed bell housings, custom converters, and TRANSlator source conversions, this kit is an absolute game changer for Cummins owners! This site uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site, you agree to our use of cookies.

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Review: The 2021 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Duramax Diesel Provides Maximum Torque And Fuel Mileage But Can’t Match Refined Rivals

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Fass Ts C10 100g Titanium Signature Series Diesel Fuel Lift Pump 100gph Gm Duramax 6.6l 2001 2010

We also use various external services such as Google Webfonts, Google Maps, and external video providers. Since these providers may collect personal data such as your IP address we allow you to block them here. Please note that this may significantly reduce the functionality and appearance of our site. Changes will take effect as soon as you reload the page. Here at 307 Diesel Performance we offer high quality maintenance and performance work on gas and diesel vehicles! We specialize in Ford PowerStroke, Dodge Cummins, Chevrolet Duramax, and Jeeps! Everything from basic service to complete engine and transmission rebuilds. Call or email us today! (307) 399-3800

We have a state-of-the-art facility with the latest technology and equipment. We offer home inspection services! Computer flash updates, and more!

307 Diesel Performance is owned and operated by a United States Marine Veteran. To honor our military and first responders, we are giving all military and first responders 10% off!

To make our customers’ lives easier, we have our business lines set up to receive text messages. Call us or text us!

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Driving into Laramie for Christmas and broke the oil return line on my Powerstroke. Helped me in 10 minutes when 5 other stores told me they were closed until Monday. Thank you very much! Mike Lynch

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The guys at 307 Diesel Performance are amazing. Had an oil filter problem yesterday, dealer had 2 days, guys here got it to me first thing in the morning. Done within an hour, reasonable price, and great advice. I can’t recommend it enough. Mark Wandrey

Cody and team responded quickly to our needs. Working late into the evening to get our company truck back on the road the same day we left. You’re crazy not to call him first. Morning Star CompaniesDave Bell started the business in 1990. Two of Dave’s five sons, Miles and Joey, joined the business in 2011 and continue their grandfather as the best store in the state of Utah. Miles works part of the business, and Joey is the Head Engine Machinist and builds.

From scheduled repairs to major service and repairs, our ASE certified diesel repair professionals have the skills, knowledge and dedication needed for your diesel truck maintenance. We have been providing expert diesel fuel repair and Centerville service shops since 1990.

Diesel Repair In Las Vegas

We serve Salt Lake City, Bountiful, Layton and surrounding communities. Call us today for performance upgrades or repairs on your Duramax.

At Dave’s Auto Center, we are your go-to source for light and medium-duty gasoline engines. As such, we often receive calls from owners of one of the most popular diesel models, the Chevy Duramax, complaining of engine problems. Most of the time, these problems are associated with a faulty upper pump system. If you’re having trouble with your Chevy Duramax engine of any model year, don’t worry, we’re just a phone call away and we’re here to help 801-295-5081.

When it comes to your diesel engine, no job is too big or too small. From boats to diesel trucks and everything in between, our team can make your vehicle whatever it needs to be and more. Trust Dave’s Auto Center

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