Excellent U Haul Vans To Rent Near Me Excellent

Excellent U Haul Vans To Rent Near Me Excellent – Smacked on the side of some U-Haul vans and trucks is a number — $19.95 — that just begins to tell you how much you’ll pay for the rental. As the smaller text below the figure notes, $19.95 is just the “In-Town” base rate that’s only offered to those who produce the vehicle they’re picking up. And the $19.95 doesn’t include mileage charges (you know, if you want to move the thing) and “fees,” a generic term that can mean anything U-Haul wants you to mean.

In fact, renting either a 9-foot Van or a 10-foot truck will probably cost you at least double or triple the amount of advertising on the vehicle. And, if you drop off your rental at another U-Haul location, there’s an inclusive flat rate with no discount for unused days or mileage.

Excellent U Haul Vans To Rent Near Me Excellent

Here’s a look at what the $19.95 doesn’t include and how it can be added in a way that isn’t consumer friendly:

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Moving can be a headache. So are the hidden costs that drive up advertised prices. Find out the actual total cost of renting that van or truck before you sign on the dotted line. This post contains references to products from one or more advertisers. We may receive compensation when you click on a link to the product. Terms apply to the offers listed on this page. For an explanation of our Advertising Policy, visit this page.

So, buying a last-minute flight from Los Angeles (LAX) to Orlando (MCO) at the end of April to check out the annual hang-gliding competition in Groveland, Florida – a trip planned by a paraglider pilot with friends who also fly – is nothing unusual. What was unusual, however, were the rental car rates Salamone found while searching online for prices for a three-night trip.

He immediately called a friend with a talent for solving travel snafus for advice, but they came up. However, the solution came when he went out for a walk.

Salamone told TPG he found a cargo van from a U-Haul pickup site near the Orlando airport for $19.95 a day, plus an additional $10 in fees during the trip.

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All the rentals cost her under $100 – and she saved far more since she could forgo the hotel and sleep in the van during the event thanks to friends in Florida who had air mattresses and pillows to spare. Salamone said he bought a magnetic screen from ACE Hardware to keep mosquitoes at bay.

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The delayed flight meant that Salamone landed in the afternoon at the Orlando airport, so no one was working at the off-site U-Haul office when he arrived. Additionally, the U-Haul app cannot be used to pick up a van.

But even though he didn’t get access to the U-Haul until the next day, Salamone told TPG he still considered the experience a success.

“It’s clean and very comfortable,” he said of the van. “For less than $100, I have a hotel and a car to travel.”

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With travel rebounding for many domestic and even some international destinations, pinched rental car inventory and spiking prices make it difficult – and expensive – to find a rental car today. Travelers everywhere have taken to calling the current situation carmageddon (among other … creative terms).

A late April search on Orbitz for car rentals in the Florida cities of Tampa and Key West showed prices around $500 per week for May dates. In Honolulu, car rentals were priced over $1,000 per week during the same period. CNN recently reported car rental rates in Maui totaling $722 per day.

Although not all parts of the country suffer from this problem (for example, renting a car in Aspen, Colorado, costs about $ 250 per week on Orbitz for the same week in early May), travelers should be aware that renting a car now. there may be sticker shock – if you can get a vehicle.

Andrew Lock from Travel Pro Show said he also defaulted to rent a U-Haul when he found Las Vegas car rental skyrocketing for a mid-April trip from London. Lock, who rents a car about once a month on trips and usually books directly through Hertz, said TPG has handled pretty well what prices are usually in Las Vegas for car rentals.

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“It’s usually around $40 a day, but I’ve seen rates around $150 a day, even on sites like AutoSlash and Costco,” he said, referring to aggregator sites known for good rates.

Faced with high prices, they turned to U-Haul in the hope that it would be cheaper. Lock did the math of how many miles he had to drive around Las Vegas during a five-day work trip (about 100 miles) and tacked on U-Haul $40 insurance, too. He told TPG that it didn’t make sense to rent a U-Haul instead of a traditional rental car.

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“For the cost of a day’s rental, I got a U-Haul for the whole time.”

He chose a cargo van, one of U-Haul’s smallest rental options. According to Lock, the U-Haul van is comparable to driving a large SUV — including parking. But Lock cautions fellow travelers to confirm what you’re getting with U-Haul when you order so you don’t risk upgrading to a larger item if it’s out of stock.

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Turo – a carshare service called the “Airbnb of rental cars” – is another alternative to traditional car rental companies that has become popular due to the new car rental problem.

With inventory in every US market as well as Canada and the UK, the Turo app acts as an online marketplace where car owners can rent private cars to those in need. Prices are often lower than what you’d find through rental car companies — a recent search showed rates of $23 per day for a Fiat in Los Angeles and $30 per day for a Prius in Maui, Hawaii.

Turo is also vulnerable to inventory shortages, however, which happened to Cindy Rich of Orem, Utah, during an April trip to Orlando.

He and his wife changed flights at the last minute to arrive a day earlier. He then rebooked the car reservation he had made the week before with Thrifty, but it was not available. They turned to Turo as a backup plan, but Rich said there were no cars available through the app, either.

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“My husband had the great idea to rent a Home Depot truck,” Rich said, adding that he had done so on a previous trip to Colorado. The couple hailed a ride to the nearest Home Depot and got the last rental truck in stock – a Ford 250 flatbed utility truck – for $130 a day.

“But I can’t imagine what we would do if my toddler was with us. Home Depot trucks are not car seat friendly.

Tourists were lined up for car rentals at MCO. (Photo courtesy of Cindy Rich for The Points Guy)

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If you are planning an upcoming trip that requires renting a car and find the price too high for your budget, here are some tips and tricks to help you find an alternative:

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1. Home improvement companies such as Home Depot and Lowes often rent pickup trucks which can be a cheaper option than rental cars in some markets. However, keep in mind that this truck may not be suitable for families if you are traveling with a small child who needs a car seat.

2. If you see a high rate for a specific rental date, try to extend the booking window for a longer trip to see if it brings down the daily price, suggests Lock. Often, the car rental company will allow you to return the car earlier than you booked without penalty – and in some cases, they may even refund the days not rented.

3. Be sure to check car rental rates closer to your trip, as they may drop by your actual travel date.

4. For travel between Florida and the Washington, D.C. area, look into Amtrak Auto Trains to see if it might be better to bring your own vehicle with you. Daily service travels nearly 900 miles (17.5 hours) along the East Coast between the Washington, D.C., and Orlando areas.

I Was The Idiot Today. First Time Driving A Uhaul And Didn’t Even Think About Clearance.

5. Check out car dealers such as Nissan and Toyota that offer weekend “try before you buy” or rental car deals. This is another option that may be cheaper than traditional rental companies today.

6. Finally, check aggregators like Costco and AutoSlash for deals. Be sure to tap your AAA and AARP members as well.

Terry Ward is a Florida-based freelance writer who travels the world with her two children while contributing to The Points Guy Family, in addition to many other outlets. He has lived in France and New

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