F450 Dually Lifted Top

F450 Dually Lifted Top – Daily Slideshow: State-of-the-art bagged and removed Super Missions are all the rage these days. Mainly because they can do it all quite simply!

In the old days, trucks were expected to do just one thing. And that only thing was work. But today we want our trucks to do everything. That means hauling crazy loads, crossing all terrains, and transporting the whole family to the movies. All in supreme comfort. Fortunately, Ford has our back with an incredibly capable line of Super Duty trucks. But if you want to take these awesome machines to the next level, all it takes is a few tweaks to create a real head-turner.

F450 Dually Lifted Top

Lifted and bagged luxury trucks are in fashion, and for good reason. Just call a store like Scofield Performance in Florida, tell them what you want and they’ll turn your ride into something truly special with nothing more than a handful of bolts.

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But when owner Jeff Scofield wanted to build a truck for his father, Danny, he knew it had to be equal parts usable and beautiful. Because his father not only needed a truck to get around, he also needed something to pull the race car tow smoothly.

When Scofield saw this 2017 Ford F-450 sitting at a local dealership, he immediately knew it was the perfect candidate for his next build. Already a perfectly capable drive in itself didn’t break any of the truck’s powerful mechanics. Instead, he improved the look of his Shadow Black ride by properly painting the entire plastic trim.

Scofield also added Bullseye Reto lighting all around for better looks and visibility. These little touches have made a world of difference in the way the rig looks at first glance.

Then, Scofield turned his attention to posture. Knowing that this truck should retain the ability to pull a gooseneck trailer, the obvious choice was air suspension. Scofield decided on a pretty cool setup consisting of the aKelderman 5-6 inch Air Suspension Package and the AccuAir e-Level Air Management Package.

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Ford® Super Duty® F 450 Platinum Truck

With the truck just in place, it was time to choose the perfect wagon set to tackle it all. Since the rest of the truck was already darkened, it only made sense to go with a set of similarly dark wheels. That’s why Scofield chose 22×8.25″ forged aluminum American Force Baus wheels.

The aggressive-looking wheels are clad in equally aggressive 37-inch, 13.50R22 Toyo Open Country M/T tires for a match made in heaven. For now, all-around excellent build is complete, but some performance mods may come in the future. When your car’s name starts with the word “Alpha,” you better have something unique to help set a trend, or at least something better than most. Josh Burnett did well in both of these categories with the 2017 Ford F-450 Platinum. Josh grew up in East Texas and custom trucks were just a way of life. “I remember my family friend Shawn Hickey coming to my house in his custom Ford truck,” says Josh when he remembers seeing a custom truck for the first time.

Growing up in a very low-income area, Josh couldn’t afford to drive and call his own truck, so he learned everything he could about trucks and started making them so other people could make money. At the age of fifteen, Josh bought his first truck, a Dodge Ram with a “piece of garbage.” He continued to learn more about special trucks and build them for all his friends. Josh eventually went through about sixty different vehicles before heading to the dealership in Decatur, Texas and purchasing his 2017 Ford F-450.

In the past, Josh was tasked with making trucks for the SEMA show, but luckily, the trucks failed to do so. When he bought his new Ford Platinum home, he decided to make sure this build would last that long. Josh began looking for companies to assist with construction or add it to their stands. The first company to take an interest was American Force Wheels from Miami, Florida. The 28-inch American Force Fury set was chosen by Josh from their latest catalog to equip the rig.

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Pre Owned 2020 Ford Super Duty F 450 Drw Platinum 4wd Crew Cab 8′ Box Crew Cab Pickup In West Valley City #1dd8442

He enlisted Stephen Bayles of B&C Off-Road in Pasadena, Texas to handle all the heavy lifting of the brand new F-450. Fury Off-Road Tires got on board and the tires were sent to Josh, but they didn’t work on the wheels he bought. This was the first Ford F-450 to be lifted with 28-inch wheels and it came with a bit of trial and error. Josh used B&C Off-Road as a hub for all parts to arrive. The hard-working crew added every piece that came along, including the Fusion Bumpers and the Gravel Empire Grille. It took five weeks of nonstop work to get the brand new Ford Platinum where it thought it should be. The crew delivered a finished product to Josh just hours before the transporter was set to pick it up.

A week away, Josh realized that his Fury tires were too wide for American Force wheels and would not fit properly. Josh messed around with 53-inch tractor tires to attend the Las Vegas show and it was over. “If you’re the first to do something,” adds Josh, “it doesn’t always work out the way you planned.” In that short time, they increased the lift to 20 inches and installed huge tires and called it the “Alpha Dualie”.

Josh wants to thank his beautiful wife, Tiffany, for enduring her being consumed by the “SEMA crisis”. Special thanks to Jeff Isbell for meeting him with the trailer in the middle of the night to pick up and deliver the tires with the car. Josh would like to thank Josh Knight, Dustin Skrillen, Josh and Travis Herzig and the rest of the 3P team for all their hard work on Alpha Dualie. Most importantly, he wants to thank the American Force team for being the first company to believe in him and keep him on track throughout production.

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Front Suspension: King coilovers, King dual bypass remote reservoir, 3rd Shore subframe attached shocks, custom cross steering with dual remote reservoir steering stabilizer

Ford F450 Sd 4wd Custom Truck Rtr Dl Series #8981 (rc Willpower) Cen Racing

Rear Suspension: 3rd Coast Scorpion chain-link leaf-spring setup, remote reservoir King shocks, 3rd Beach large traction rods to subframe

Powertrain: Engine: 6.7L powerstroke diesel, shifting on EzLynk on the fly programmer, PPEI settings via PPEI (250 HP), DPF Wipe with Jake’s Custom Diesel, Rudy’s polished 5-inch exhaust system, Sinister Diesel intake

Body/Paint: Headlights, mirrors, transitions, emblems and Go Recon cabin lights custom painted by Precision Retrofits, Fusion Bumpers and Plashlights LED cubes, Plashlights rock lights, RGB strips on crossbars and grille all fitted by Nate D’s Customs, Royal Hooks polished front and rear hooks, Gravel Empire Grille, Hornblasters train horn set, Gen-Y receiver link and tread

Special Thanks: Stephen Bayles, B&C Off-Road, Jakes Custom Diesels, Nate D’s Customs, Infinite Rule Security, Truck Guru, Joel at American Force Wheels, Off-Road Life Apparel, 3POffroad, Big-Tex Trailers, Fury Off-Road Tires

Ford F450 Platinum Super Duty With Any Level Kit

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