Greatest U Haul One Way Cargo Van Rental Greatest

Greatest U Haul One Way Cargo Van Rental Greatest – PHOENIX, January 4, 2022 // –The Kissimmee-St. The cloud market less than 30 miles south of Orlando isn’t just for vacationers chasing roller coaster rides and meeting a famous mouse.

The Kissimmee-St. The cloud market tops U-Haul’s 2021 Top 25 Growth Cities list, which includes 10 cities in Florida and five in Texas.

Greatest U Haul One Way Cargo Van Rental Greatest

Kissimmee-St. Cloud, which ranked second in growth in 2019 and 2020, took the top spot in 2021. It is one of 10 Florida markets among the top 25 growing cities, according to transactional data compiled for the index of annual U-Haul growth.

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The North Carolina focus of Raleigh-Durham, which was No. 1 on this list in 2019, remains one of the top growth areas at No. 2 in 2021. It is followed by the Palm Bay-Melbourne market of Florida followed by North Port, the No. 2. 1 growing city of 2020. Madison, Wisconsin rounds out the top five.

Growing cities are calculated by the net gain of one-way U-Haul trucks entering a city/market compared to leaving that city/market in a calendar year. Migration trend data is compiled from more than 2 million one-way U-Haul truck customer transactions that occur annually. Cities neighboring U-Haul markets are often grouped together for purposes of migration trends.

“Florida remains competitive, especially during the era of COVID,” said Miguel Caminos, president of U-Haul Company of Orlando. “We’ve moved forward and business is booming. It’s not just people moving to Florida, but businesses moving because they see better opportunities here.”

Texas has five growing cities in the top 25, led by the College Station-Bryan market at No. 7. Grapevine, Austin, Richardson and Carrollton also rank as top destinations for U-Haul customers. Together, Florida and Texas account for 60% of the 25 fastest growing cities.

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While California ranks last among U-Haul’s growth states, it enjoyed pockets of growth in 2021: the Sacramento-Roseville market is the No. 8 growth city, while San Diego ranks 12th position

Other Florida cities in the top 25 are: Fort Myers-North Fort Myers; Clermont; Sarasota-Bradenton; Daytona Beach; Port Santa Lucia; Brandon-Riverview; and Ocala

U-Haul Truck Arrivals in Kissimmee-St. Cloud was up 31% while outbound was up 29% as global moving traffic increased in the market. Inbound trucks accounted for 53.2% of all one-way U-Haul traffic in the Kissimmee-St. cloud

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“Florida has always been a destination for retirees, but even more so (in 2021), I think a lot of people took early retirement and decided to downsize,” said Mario Martinez, U-Haul’s area district vice president from South Florida.

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“There are a lot of other reasons people come to Florida and have come in years past. We have a lower cost (of living) than other states. There’s no state income tax, that’s a huge factor. The warm weather. Basically, we have summer weather all year round. Attractions. Our beaches. Activities. There is so much to do. Available jobs play a huge role in people moving to Florida. And during this pandemic of the last two years, we’ve also been open almost all the time. This status has continued and (2021) has been busy all the way through.”

Visit for the top 50 growth states, individual state reports and the top 25 Canadian growth cities.

While U-Haul migration trends do not directly correlate with population or economic growth, the U-Haul Growth Index is an effective indicator of how well cities attract and retain residents.

U-Haul is the authority on moving trends with its expansive network covering all 50 states and 10 Canadian provinces. U-Haul’s geographic coverage of more than 23,000 truck and trailer sharing locations provides a comprehensive overview of where people move like no other in the industry. Find neighborhood U-Haul stores and dealers at

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Independent small business owners interested in joining the U-Haul dealer network at no cost and earning commissions on rental transactions at their locations can visit for more information and to submit an application form. information

The increase in demand for Moving Help® through has mirrored the increase in demand for one-way U-Haul equipment during the pandemic. Moving Help has been the #1 choice for customers looking for loading and unloading labor services during their moves since 2002, offering a network of 6,700 local and independent Moving Help service providers in all 50 states and 10 Canadian provinces. With over 5 million completed jobs and 2.3 million customer reviews, customers have access to the largest network of moving labor services in North America through Moving Help.

Since 1945, U-Haul has been the #1 choice for DIY moving companies, with a network of over 23,000 locations in all 50 states and 10 Canadian provinces. U-Haul Truck Share 24/7 provides secure access to U-Haul trucks every hour of every day using the customer dispatch option on their smartphones and our patented Live Verify technology. Our customers’ patronage has allowed U-Haul’s fleet to grow to approximately 176,000 trucks, 126,000 trailers and 46,000 towing devices. U-Haul offers nearly 825,000 rentable storage units and 71.6 million square feet of self-storage space in owned and operated facilities throughout North America. U-Haul is the largest propane retailer in the United States and remains the largest installer of permanent trailer hitches in the automotive industry. U-Haul has repeatedly been recognized as a leading “Best for Vets” company and was recently named one of the 15 Healthiest Workplaces in America. U-Haul Truck Rental Overview: U-Haul is among the nation’s largest truck rental companies offering very competitive base prices, a wide variety of vehicles and accessories, and a great online platform and app Phone. Some of the main concerns are that customer service tends to be mediocre and their rental contracts have various fees and charges that can be easily overlooked.

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With over 20,000 locations, customers are likely to have a U-Haul location nearby and a high probability of getting a one-way rental. The company publishes its prices (which are attractive) prominently; however, the agreement should be reviewed closely to avoid unexpected additional costs and fees.

Many customers complain that the locations are understaffed, have rude employees, and long delays after arriving for an appointment to install vehicle components.

Renters must be 16 years old to rent trailers and 18 years old to rent trucks and both require a US driver’s license. A credit or debit card is usually required to rent a vehicle; however, the rental can be paid in cash at the drop-off location. Most locations will rent to those without a major credit card for local rentals, but a minimum $100 cash deposit is required.

The results are under Best long distance movers of 2022. We’ve researched hundreds of movers and found the top five movers of 2022. Check them out

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U Haul Growth Index: Florida Has 10 Of Top 25 U.s. Growth Cities

They have a Chicago location with over 210 reviews and an overall rating of 3.6 out of 5. One of the main complaints about this location is customer service. Examples include long delays in finalizing paperwork during the registration process, delays in installing hitches or rear racks, etc. Several more positive posts mentioned that the location and rental vehicle were very clean.

A location in Boston has an overall rating of 2 out of 5 stars on Yelp. Several complaints involved the condition of the vehicles, including one with a broken side mirror and a rental trailer that had an inoperable tail light. Other published concerns included discrepancies in documented fuel and mileage and staff who appeared slow and poorly trained.

The Phoenix corporate office’s Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​page has them rated A-. They have received approximately 612 complaints in the previous 12 months. The company has posted a “current alert” that explains how a government agency filed lawsuits accusing them of using “untrained workers to fill propane cylinders for their customers.”

In general, U-Haul is a good choice for basic residential moves and one-way and long-distance vehicle rentals. Be sure to read all terms of the agreement carefully.

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A good place to start How much will my move cost? Get instant prices for professional long-distance moving with our moving cost calculator. Get Started Texas Beats Florida for Largest Net Earning of U-Haul One-Way Trucks in 2021; California and Illinois saw the largest net losses

PHOENIX, Arizona (January 3, 2022) – Migration to southern states continues to increase due to the lingering pandemic, and no state saw more U-Haul® customers over the past year than Texas.


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