Greatest Uhaul Sprinter Van Superior

Greatest Uhaul Sprinter Van Superior – BANGKOK, 30 October 2013 —— Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Limited will showcase two new products for the commercial vehicle segment at Bus & Truck 2013, scheduled for 7-9 November 2013 at the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center (BITEC) .

The new Sprinter, the latest Mercedes-Benz van with the latest OM 642 CDI diesel engine, which aims at ecology and efficiency, will be presented through the eyes of business operators and entrepreneurs. New state-of-the-art safety systems such as crosswind assist, high beam assist, blind spot assist and lane keep assist are examples of this new commercial van’s standard safety features and striking appearance.

Greatest Uhaul Sprinter Van Superior

Most importantly, the van’s low fuel consumption makes it the most efficient vehicle in its segment. In addition, the new OC 500 RF 2542 bus chassis with the powerful and efficient OM457LA engine will also be on display at this special vehicle event.

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Komkrit Nongsawat, General Manager Marketing & Communications, Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Limited said, “The 10th Commercial & Special Vehicle Exhibition or commonly known as Bus & Truck 2013 is another major marketing activity for the Mercedes commercial vehicles. For this year, Mercedes-Benz Thailand would like to introduce 2 new models for commercial users namely; the OC 500 RF 2542 bus chassis and the new Sprinter Panel truck, our new commercial van that stands out for economy and safety. Mercedes-Benz Thailand has been in the commercial vehicle market since 2005 with continuous growth. To date, more than 100 Mercedes-Benz bus chassis have been delivered and we also expect that our new bus chassis and our new Sprinter will be very welcome by business operators or contractors and generate satisfactory volume in -a number that is consistent with the projection. In our opinion, the continued growth of the large bus and van market is predictable from 2012, as the Thai government plans to have new roads or highways. In addition, higher demands from the tourism, logistics and telecommunications sectors are growing significantly as Thailand now prepares for the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). For Mercedes-Benz, in short, the commercial or special purpose vehicle market is a growth market of its own and is of equal importance to us as it is to the personal vehicle market.”

The new Sprinter is a new commercial van with a 2,987 cc intercooled OM 642 CDI V6 turbo diesel engine. Maximum power is 140 kW (190 hp) at 3,800 rpm and maximum torque is 440 Nm at 1,600-2,600 rpm. It offers an average fuel consumption of 9.70 – 10.10 km/l.

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This van offers smoother and more precise shifting with the 7G-TRONIC automatic transmission kit. New assistance systems are installed in the new Sprinter to ensure safety on the road, namely; Crosswind Assist, High Beam Assist, Blind Spot Assist, Lane Keeping Assist and a new version of Adaptive ESP

Electronic Stability Program – version 9i – which increases braking power in critical situations. 2 new functions are introduced in this version of Adaptive ESP®, including Brake Disc Wipe, a function that helps clean dirt and fluid from the brake discs, and Electronic Brake Prefill, a function that controls the brake pads.

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Visually, the new Sprinter also makes a clear and striking design impression. Additional design flexibility is also available for commercial use. For example, a wider and taller body can be made for logistical use.

Other special purposes for which the new Sprinter can be modified are a mobile audiovisual broadcasting unit or even an ambulance, to name just a few. To further suit the expanding requirements of business operators, a partition compartment between the driver’s compartment and the passenger compartment is installed as an option for convenience.

The new Sprinter is completely redesigned to keep with the current Mercedes-Benz design line. The new hood is taller, resulting in improved protection for pedestrians, and the bumper has a more pronounced shape. The headlights have new and remarkable daytime running lights to improve drivers’ vision. From the rear, the new Sprinter, moreover, is still recognizable by its two-compartment taillights.

Similar to personal vehicles, the indisputably exemplary interior has been further enhanced for driver and passenger comfort. In line with ergonomics, a new seat upholstery and a new cover are provided for increased comfort. All other switches or equipment are placed in the cabin with an easy-to-use approach. The multifunction steering wheel, with a thick rim for better grip, ensures that the driver does not have to leave one of their hands to activate (or deactivate) a tool or function. With the new MB Audio 10 radio and CD player, Bluetooth capability has found its way into the new Sprinter.

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OC 500 RF 2542 is a 15m maximum length bus chassis model imported from Spain that can be used to build buses with a maximum width of 2.55m or a maximum body length of 13.5m on the version with two axles (6 wheels). ) and 14.6 m for the three-axle (8-wheel) variant.

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This new bus chassis uses a powerful and efficient turbocharged engine with coded OM457LA intercooler. This unit has a power of 11,967 cc with a maximum power of 310 Kw (or 422 HP) at 2,000 RPM and a maximum torque of 1,900 Nm at 1,100 RPM.

The dimension of this new bus chassis is 2,500 x 14,355 x 1,720 mm. (width x length x height). The engine is controlled and managed by an electronic system. Fuel injection is precise and efficient by using the unit’s pumping system to provide high performance, higher torque at lower engine speed and extend engine endurance.

The range of safety systems is complete on this new bus chassis unit, including round disc brakes, anti-skid system (ASR), electronic stability system (ESP®), electronic braking system (EBS), ABS, retarder to ensure power brake, TOP brake and exhaust brake. Independent suspension on the front axle is used for both driver and passenger comfort and added safety. The rear axle, the most important part of this new bus chassis, is very strong to ensure long-term use, superior driving experience and maximum braking power. The third axle can be controlled, both for forward and backward movement, with electro-hydraulic system.

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“Mercedes-Benz is the leader in commercial vehicles, especially in terms of innovative technologies and comprehensive safety systems, which are invented to meet the complex needs of entrepreneurs in various fields. In the international arena, we are well known for producing vehicles with great endurance for every driving condition, energy efficiency and safety innovations. In addition, we impress and reassure our customers with our excellent customer support and after-sales services. On this occasion, we would like to offer 3 years or 200,000 km warranty and Star Assist Privilege, a 24-hour roadside assistance program for customers of the new Sprinter while 2 years warranty with unlimited mileage for the first year and a maximum of 800,000 km for the second year is offered to every customer of the OC 500 RF 2542 bus chassis.” I suppose. They tell the U-haul employee who checks the vehicle on return to inspect the roof for damage.

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When I was working on the sprinter van I had removed the factory plastic pieces covering the holes and cleaned them all up – ready to install the rails.

I installed small hardware store plugs in the holes to keep the water from leaking out.

Noah Jensen said: Wild guess. They tell the U-haul employee who checks the vehicle on return to inspect the roof for damage. Click to expand… That seems to be the “internet wisdom” on quora, reddit, etc. Can’t find such an item for sale, possibly a proprietary mold?

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The yellow plastic flaps are roof indicators for Cargo Vans. If we, the U-Haul employees, see that any of the Five have been damaged, we inspect the roof for damage and charge accordingly if there is damage.

Bayou2beach said: The yellow plastic flaps are roof indicators for Cargo Vans. If we, the U-Haul employees, see that any of the Five have been damaged, we inspect the roof for damage and charge accordingly if there is damage. Click to expand… Thanks Internet Wisdom has been confirmed. Any idea where anyone could buy these.. just asking a friend.

Bayou2beach said: Excerpted from the Uhaul website! Click to expand… Got a link? I don’t doubt you, just curious and quick searching came up empty.

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Bayou2beach said: View attachment 166303 View attachment 166303 Click to expand… I love it!! Alternative use. Have you used image search, worked with tiles or just know? And now for something completely different. This was the first hit I got on Google when I linked your erroneous answer “LEV18TSS Amazon”. 🙄

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