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Improvement Cargo Uhaul Van Superior – 1 of 2 California had the worst migration growth rate in the nation last year, with the largest net loss of one-way U-Haul trucks crossing its border in 2020, the rental company said Monday. Jonathan Weiss / TNSSShow moreShow less

2 of 2 California had the worst migration growth rate in the nation last year, with the largest net loss of one-way U-Haul trucks crossing its border in 2020, the rental company said Monday. Deborah Svoboda / ChronicleShow moreShow less

Improvement Cargo Uhaul Van Superior

California experienced the fastest rental truck exodus of all 50 states in 2020, with San Francisco the epicenter of the Bay Area pandemic for do-it-yourself truckers, new data show.

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California ranked last in the nation in migration growth last year, with the largest net loss of one-way U-Haul trucks crossing its border in 2020, the rental company said Monday. California arrivals accounted for about 49.4% of total traffic, up from 49.8% in 2019. California dropped to 50th place in the ranking from Illinois, which rose to 49th place from 2019.

U-Haul used data from more than 2 million transactions annually to analyze migration trends, finding that more people left densely populated areas when the pandemic hit, particularly in the Bay Area and New York City. More U-Haul trucks left each of the 30 most populous U.S. cities in March than arrived in the following three months.

In 2019, slightly more U-Haul trucks arrived in San Francisco than left, but in 2020, shipments accounted for a whopping 58% of all U-Haul one-way traffic from March to June. The ratios were similar in Oakland and San Jose. And U-Haul said the numbers would likely be worse if there were more trucks available for rent.

In the Bay Area, arrivals fell 31% year-on-year from March to December, while departures fell just 12%, creating a migration gap.

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Since U-Haul began issuing them in 2016, California has been near or at the bottom of the U.S. migration rankings. Victor Vanegas, a regional vice president for U-Haul, said in a statement that the high cost of living in the Bay Area has caused a fairly large number of departures, but the pandemic has exacerbated that trend.

“We’ve definitely seen an increase in outflow migration from the general Bay Area and Northern California,” he said. “But COVID has definitely led to exponential growth more than usual.”

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A stay-at-home order in March halted many moves, he said, but things started to pick up again later this year.

“Over time we’ve definitely seen our transactions increase, we’ve definitely seen an increase in migration trends from the general Bay Area and Northern California,” he said.

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Updated to include drought zones when tracking water scarcity in your area, as well as reservoir levels and a list of restrictions for the Bay Area’s largest water districts.

Sacramento/Roseville, Stockton and San Diego were the most popular destinations for customers leaving the Bay Area during the pandemic, according to U-Haul data. Outside of the Golden State, the most popular destinations were Reno, Las Vegas, Portland, Phoenix and Seattle.

As for the top 10 states for people leaving the Bay Area, No. 1 was California (cities outside the region), followed by Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Texas, Utah, Idaho and New Mexico.

At the other end of the state rankings from California, Tennessee overtook Texas for the top spot in arrivals. Texas was the state with the highest growth from 2016 to 2018, but dropped to second place. Florida, Ohio and Arizona round out the top five.

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U-Hole said migration trends are not directly related to population or economic growth, but rather serve as an indicator of how well cities and states are attracting and retaining residents.

The Chronicle’s premier news podcast. Listen and subscribe to your favorite app. Click the player below to watch the latest episode. Besides being a great solution for small moves, cargo vans can be used for more than just moving! When it comes to business needs, cargo vans have proven to be a cost-effective solution for many different purposes. Creating a corporate account with some companies allows you to rent cargo vans for daily, weekly and even monthly use.

Cargo vans are great substitutes for vehicles. If you own a business where you need additional vehicles to offset busy holiday seasons, cargo vans can be rented as a backup resource for your fleet. For example, with Valentine’s Day approaching, flower delivery is extremely popular. Florists usually need backup vehicles to make sure they serve their customers on time.

Another big advantage of a cargo van is that they are easier to maneuver through busy streets and park in tight spaces; they are also suitable in places with low overhead clearance. This makes deliveries within city limits possible, where a traditional truck cannot fit. Side-loading doors also facilitate parallel parking and easy unloading.

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If your company has warehouse space, cargo vans can help transport your goods back and forth seamlessly. Find a company that rents cargo vans in your warehouse for even more convenient transportation.

Cargo vans are great for smaller jobs such as individual office moves. Instead of renting a larger moving truck, a cargo van will give you the amount of space you need to move around.

Have you used cargo vans or know of other ways to use them in your business? Share your suggestions in the comments section below! I moved from Pennsylvania to Arizona—all 2,150 miles—in a U-Haul and learned many lessons along the way. Learn from my mistakes!

If you’re planning a long trip with a U-Haul, I have some tips from our trip from Pittsburgh, PA to Tucson, AZ (about 2,150 miles the direct way).

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If this article applies to you, I’m sure you’re not looking forward to the trip or the whole moving process, but here are some tips to help make it a less hellish experience (still hellish, but

The manuals on the U-Haul website are pretty good. Rely on your past experience or ask friends/family members who have done it before. It’s best to overestimate, but it can cost you a lot more fuel and make maneuvering more difficult.

If you plan to move your car, use a vehicle, not a tow truck. Transport will not wear down your car. The tow truck is for towing only and cannot be tipped more than 15 feet.

There are 3 joints on a tow truck: the hitch, the front wheels/carriage mounts, and the rear wheels. They are nearly impossible to back up, and the literature backs this up. You’ll have to unplug, unplug, and completely unplug if you get into trouble. Expect this to take up to an hour, not to mention the frustration of blocking people and aisles. The cost of transport is generally minimal compared to a truck.

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Always check at the pick-up point to make sure they have exactly what you asked for. Consider checking this beforehand if possible by visiting the venue. Their $50 guarantee is worthless in my opinion; it’s an insult to the inconvenience or location you’ll face if you get a 20′ truck when you asked for a 15′.

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Insist, if you can, that you get exactly what you asked for. One size up can cost you hundreds more in fuel. Towing a trailer instead of a vehicle can cause premature and uneven wear on the rear axle and tires.

In addition to packing and loading, there are a few extra things you can do to make your long trip better.

An overheating car while idling could indicate a simple problem with the cooling system or something more serious with the engine.

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