Jacked Up Ford Dually

Jacked Up Ford Dually – The world doesn’t need another chrome bro-dozer truck, hijacked, terrorizing the streets, but one YouTube channel is actually using the modified tool. Whistlin’ Diesel recently purchased a 2017 Ford F-350 Limited with a hydraulic lift kit, custom wheels, and a premium interior — the result is a car worth around $100,000 approximately. Went to the cold field and found out that the expensive upgrades made the truck bulletproof.

The F-350 is capable of crawling and traversing several solid hills and seems to do a good job of plowing through snowy fields. He finally meets his match while trying to cross a frozen pond, however. The truck got completely stuck and got out of the mud with a broken car. After jacking up the Ford until it broke, they gave the truck a quick shot with the hose before inspecting the damage.

Jacked Up Ford Dually

On the outside of the car, the truck’s leather floor is completely muddled and the front bumper is different from before. The guy works on the bumper “axe”, but it doesn’t work. Instead of crying over the damage, the guys laughed it off — it’s one of the perks of blowing sweet YouTube money on a car just to make a video.

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Custom Lifted Ford F 350 Dually Road Armor Identity Bumpers Fuel Triton Wheels

A few weeks ago, the channel posted a video detailing their purchase of a $102,000 Ford F-350. The truck was upgraded with a suspension kit from AnyLevel, a company that currently makes air suspension upgrades for the 2011-2019 Ford F-250, F-350, and F -450 pickups. AnyLevel says its hydraulic lift equipment can raise the truck 13 inches in the front and up to a foot in the rear. Whistlin’ Diesel buys its F-350 with the kit already installed, which helps explain the truck’s six-figure price tag. Depending on the application, an AnyLevel hydraulic lift kit can cost around $20,000. They are a new concept for two-wheeled trucks as standard workhorses. The phenomenon began when the demographics shifted from the old farmers who legitimately needed these ultra-modern devices to wealthy entrepreneurs who had money simply because they knew what to do with it. These big trucks are also great for hauling your favorite weekend toys and guys who have a couple of extra boats certainly don’t mind dropping $80k on a couple of nice pieces of equipment.

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Rednecks With Paychecks event in Saint Jo, Texas, two of the biggest trucks in the world made their debut and set the red corner of the Internet on fire. The 26,000-lb monstrosity is everything you want from such an event and it certainly deserves the hype.

The video below is definitely worth watching as Triple X Motorsports & Outdoors conducted an exclusive interview with the car’s owner:

Can tell that this particular Ford is not a genuine Platinum because it is branded. In the video above, the car looks like it has cloth seats but again, only haters say that.

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Ford® Super Duty® F 350 Xlt Truck

The massive Ford F350 features a heavily modified 6.7L Power Stroke turbo diesel with unknown horsepower and torque numbers. We think it should be in the four-digit range for this behemoth to complete a 5-mph crawl.

This dually also has all-wheel drive which makes sense since it’s almost impossible to drive without.

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