Lifted 2004 F350 Dually

Lifted 2004 F350 Dually – Inspired by our Heavy D partnership with the Discovery Channel “Diesel Brothers” and its famous Ford Super Duty “Lightning” and “Thunder” designs, ReadyLIFT has designed this 5 inch lift kit for DRW (twin) owners looking for a sturdy and durable lift kit Our double (DRW) lifting solution includes new double rear blocks and U-bolts for lifting the double rear wheels. A heavy-duty steel front track rod support that matches our new ReadyLIFT branded steel radial arm brackets. This great new DRW Super Duty system comes with everything you need to get the job done right without cutting any bends. The kit includes stabilizer brackets, an OEM style drop arm, bumper extensions, extended brake line brackets, and even includes a steering stabilizer to really optimize the driveability of your stroller. o Includes (4) new Bilstein extended 5100 series shock absorbers which, when combined with this lift kit, provide an incredibly great ride!

NOTE: The lift blocks in this kit are not designed to be used with aftermarket or factory accessory air spring / load balancing kits that are attached to the stop pins. The use of this type of airbag system will void all cleat guarantees and may cause the block fender grip to fail.

Lifted 2004 F350 Dually

Any ReadyLIFT products with missing or defective components will be covered under the ReadyLIFT warranty. Call 800-549-4620 to make a warranty claim. Please rest assured that our customer service team will urgently take care of your case and will expedite the replacement of parts. For a defective product, ReadyLIFT may request that the defective product be returned (at ReadyLIFT’s expense) so that the quality team can review the nature of the defect. The return of defective products will not delay the delivery of the replacement part. ReadyLIFT Leveling Kits, Block Kits, and Lifting Kits are NOT intended for field use. Any abuse or damage as a result of field use will void the ReadyLIFT product warranty. Exception: The ReadyLIFT Jeep SST and Terrain Flex Lift kits are designed for normal off-road use to complement your Jeep’s off-road capability. All Jeep Lift Kit products are warranted when used in off-road recreational areas. The warranty does not cover products withdrawn from production, sale or outlets. Wearing parts, including but not limited to shock absorbers, ball joints, heim joints, bushings and steering extensions, are warranted for up to 1 year. Labor, installation, surcharges, or any other applicable fees from the original purchase are non-refundable. ReadyLIFT is not liable for any consequential damage to the vehicles. ReadyLIFT reserves the right to change, modify or cancel this warranty without prior notice 1999 to 2016 Super Duty 1999 to 2016 Ford F250, F350, F450 and F550 Super Duty with V8 diesel and V8 and V10 gas engines

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Red Black King Series Ford F350 6 Door Dually Truck — King Series Custom 6 Door Pickups

My Tuxedo Black / Adode F350 6.7 CC Lariat Dually was delivered to my dealer today. I just stopped right after he got there. I swore I wouldn’t do this …… but after seeing this I am dying to put a 35 “Terra Grappler on it and maybe pick it up a bit. The question for you is … will the lifting kit affect the installation and whether snow plow service? Thoughts, opinions, recommendations are appreciated. Also, if you have any pictures of dual lifted with bigger tires, I’d love to see them. I think it is gonna look sick !!!!

Just go to 2 “front spring slot and be done with it. 35” no problem, and in the back you won’t even have to do anything.

Has a plow and spreader for over 8 years, 6 “jack and 35” metric tires, I originally drove 37 “. My plow is modified to a very high height, otherwise when you tilt the blade half off the ground and it will try to lift truck and hide under you if you manage to catch it.

If you’re running 35 ”plan on getting 2” spacers. Also the factory dual wheels are very skinny and really crown my tires. I go many miles before the outside of the tire touches the ground. I also noticed that the front with the factory wheels was jelly-like. the tires worn unevenly so I took off the double spacers / adapters at the front and got a 10 “wide wheel set with factory SRW track. I can’t turn the tires without the tire changer, but I feel much better.

Sold 2016 Ford Super Duty F 350 Drw Xlt Lifted 4×4 Diesel In Fontana

I picked up the truck because the plow supports were so low that I often got stuck. I drive my truck a lot in the mud and it was too heavy to be on factory thin tires and with extremely low plow supports.

Also, if you raise it as high as mine, you won’t need the plow lights! I took off mine.

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Nice truck !!!! I don’t plan on going that high. I want the truck to look good and I just think about lifting to make the 35 “tires look really good. I thought a 2” or 2.5 “jack with 35s should look very nice. I won’t be doing too much plowing off my private road and driveway.

I know there are height adjustments for ultra mount plows. I just installed ultra mount mvp on my 2000 F-250 dad and there are 4 adjustment settings. His has a 1 1/2 leveling kit up front and the e’s are on setting number 3. I think if you go with the elevator you’ll be taller than setting # 4 allows. I’m not saying you can’t make it work. I’m just reporting what we’ve been through.

Ford F 350 Super Duty Lariat Black Ops Dual Rear Wheel Stock # C38694 For Sale Near Edgewater Park, Nj

It does not need to be raised for 35 years. Probably not even for 37-year-olds. The best looking Super Duties I’ve ever seen is no elevator on the 37’s. On my old 2007 6.0L I would have to trim the front bumper slightly to fit in the 37’s but nothing in the 35’s. With my new 2011 it doesn’t look like I’ll have to prune even for 37 years.

Leave your supplies alone for as long as you can. It looks and works great, and you will save a lot of money and heartache in the process.

If you decide to pick it up, make sure you have all the spare parts and send them to me

Sounds great … yes, other people have told me the same !!! Any tire recommendations? I had Nittos on my Raptor. Tell me what you think it would look and work best.

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I’m not sure what your rear suspension is but I bought a set of 4 “Procomp pads for the rear of my 2001 f250 but then found out they are only for 2011-12 trucks. Send me a pm if you want again interested.

It was the most aggressive looking tire I could find that did well enough to score the snowflake in the mountain classification. Most MT tires perform relatively poorly on ice and packed snow.

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Unmatched Style: Lifted Ford F350 Super Duty Put On Big Fuel Wheels — Gallery

SuperLift 8 ″ lift kit for 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 Ford F-250 / F-350 Super Duty 4WD – Diesel and V-10 – with Superide shock absorbers

Note: This lift kit is packaged with U-shaped rear blocks and bolts that are configured for Ford F-250 / F-350 pickups with factory 1 7/8 ″ blocks with no overload in the top mount. If your vehicle is fitted with factory 3.71 ″ overload blocks or top mounted, the longer rear U-bolt, which is available from us, will be required. For more information, see the list of options or call our support line.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The provided tire / wheel mounts are approximate. The actual dimensions of a given tire size may vary considerably from brand to brand. The measurement points for wheel offset and manufacturers’ rear clearance are not always consistent. The rear track has a big influence on the clearance between the tire and the fender when turning. The width of the wheels and the spacing between the rear wheels affect whether and to what extent the tires protrude beyond the fenders. Given these important factors, we recommend that you check your tire / wheel fit before purchasing.

Will this kit run on a 2004 F-350 diesel? Dual and wanting to use the stock 16 in rims Do I need to replace my factory driveshafts with longer ones? Will my factory size work with this? Will this kit fit for 2005 Ford Excursion 4×4 6.0L? Because the tour and the F250 sit on the same chassis. Do you all also sell Dual Stabilizer Steering for the 2005 Ford Excursion 4×4 6.0L? Fixed all normal 6.0 issues, standpipes / end caps, new harnesses, new OEM oil cooler, removed EGR, coolant filter

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