Lifted 2006 F350 Dually

Lifted 2006 F350 Dually – Stumbled on this site after hearing about it for years from a friend at work… so let’s try it.

I have a ’06 Ford F350 – Black loaded – I want to put some beefy tires on it, although I don’t want to lift it. Does anyone know what size tires (mudders? pro comps?) I can put on this truck without having problems turning or driving? I have 20″ stock rims.

Lifted 2006 F350 Dually

Your stock 20″ tires are already “beefy”. They are just a hair shorter than a 35″ tire. So maybe call it a 34.75″?

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The problem with going much bigger is your expensive stock wheels. They are only 8″ wide, and Ford mounts just about the largest tire that will fit on an 8″ wide wheel.

Your tires are LT275/65R20. You could move up a size to LT285/65R20 and still get 8″ wheels and probably no rubbing when turning. 285s are half an inch wider than your stock tires, and a hair taller (less than a percent higher ).If your goal is LOOK AT ME! tires, then only a fun enthusiast will probably notice that you have more than the normal 20″ tires on your rig.

But bigger than 285 and the profile drops to 60 or less – resulting in a wider tire but not much taller.

For example, BFGoodrich makes an LT325/60R20 AllTerrain. It needs a minimum of a 9″ wide wheel, and has 586 tire revs/mile. The stock tires have 605 revs/miles, so the wider 325s are 3 percent higher than the stock tires. Probably not taller enough to notice. But a lot. wider: 13″ for the 325s compared to 11.27″ for the stock tires.

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Will they rub without a lift? Probably. It depends on the exact specifications for your new wheels. And I hope you have enough sense not to mount tires that require a 9″ wheel on an 8″ wheel. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif

I just put 285/65R20 BFG ATs on my 2008 F-350. These are on the stock King Ranch 20″s. No rubbing that I can see. I put some 2″ spring spacers in the front to level the truck. This will have the added benefit of more clearance. The BFGs are 34.7″ and 599 revs/miles. I believe the Goodyear ATS tires are 34.1″ and 609 revs/miles.

Someone here once said they put 325/65/18’s on a stock height truck. F-350 with snow pack if I remember correctly. can anyone confirm this???

I have 325/60R18s on my stock 07 F-350 with the plow package……325/65R18s look like they might fit but would be tight.

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They are both 12.80 wide with the 65 profile which is 1.28″ tall, I can’t imagine it being much narrower. Hmmmm I would like to put 325/65/18’s on them but I need someone to confirm they fit first.

On an F350 with the “Camper” and Snow Plow Prep packages, a 35×12.5×18 (or 20) fit without rubbing and there was a guy here who ran 37″ without even. This is on the wheels of stock 8″ and requires a true 12.5″ tire not the metric equivalents which are actually wider. Also running wider tires on wider wheels could be a problem.

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Like I said…I imagine the 325/65R18 would fit down there on a stock wheel…not 100% sure though.

At almost 13″ wide, a 325 is too wide for stock 8″ rims. No tire manufacturer agrees to mount it on such a narrow rim.

Looking To Do New Wheels An Tires But I Have Dumb Questions

I understand that. I can put a 9″ or 9.5″ wheel on the truck with 5.5-6″ of clearance in the back. I was just curious if the 325/65 tire would fit. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif

I have some Mickey Thompson ATZ 325/65/18 on Weld 18×8.5 w/ 4.75″ backspacing and 0 offset. There is no way to run this particular setup without a lift so I got the DR 4.5″ lift.

One of my friends bro has 35″ toyo mt’s on the factory 20″ rim. I don’t know the width, but I’ll try to find out.

[/ QUOTE ] I would like to see the pictures. I clicked the link in your sig and it said 404 not found.

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I thought all trucks from 05 and up were supposed to have 5.5-6″ shoulder clearance? Is that why your wheel/tire set up didn’t work?

I just put 37/12..5 r17 on my 2″ level truck, it rubs a little on the driver side fender plastic liner.

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From the Owner: automatic meter 5″ exhaust livewire ts programmer with gear head custom tunes larger injectors s&b intake fass fuel pump 200 gph and its next step studded and removed is the turboSuspension Details: 2.5″ leveling kit with shocks Bilstein 5100

Will 17×6 + 111 wheels on 35″x12.5″ tires fit a 2006 Ford F-350 Super Duty 4WD with Daystar Leveling Kit?

1″ outer fender. Also remember the spacers impact attachment, this race is running None in the front and 2″ in the back.

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