Lifted 97 F350 Dually

Lifted 97 F350 Dually – Going Hollywood” is a phrase commonly used when someone achieves great success. Known for its bright lights and lavish lifestyle, Hollywood is a mecca of success and fame, but it can also be an aura that changes the way you see things and makes everything a little sweeter. A native of Odessa, Texas, Michael Rivera grew up on the western edge of Texas in Fort Stockton, but ventured out with his family. While his two older brothers were heavily involved in the automotive lifestyle, Michael focused on working on oil rigs.

“It was like I was in another world. It was the best of the best.”

Lifted 97 F350 Dually

But around that time he realized that the forklift site had just begun and that everyone in the oil field had salvaged the forklift that was being used for the job. There he met Eden Gonzalez, who had all the connections on the trucking site, and helped him embark on his own customizing journey. After he started picking Eden’s brains on what he wanted to do, he was introduced to Cesar Olivas, known in the community as “Tweety”, and the owner of Tweety’s Truck and Tire, who is responsible for some of the worst trucks in the Texas area. Interested in his new find, Michael inquired about his build and rolled the ball.

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Michael bought a Dodge 3500 welding machine and lifted it up moderately, but his love for utility trucks had cooled and it was time to find something better. Then he went out and bought a new Dodge Mega Cab, but it was still not big enough. Finally, he opted for a 2-1 purchase of a 2017 Ford Pickup and a 1997 Ford F-350.

Despite loving the Dodge brand, Michael couldn’t resist having the new Ford body style and OBS at the same time. Since the trucks 20 years apart have become like brothers and are now a special member of the family, custom parts have been carefully added to each truck. But Michael saw something more special on OBS and knew it was for something bigger.

Michael took the classic Ford to Tweety’s and added a Rough Country lift in powder-coated Lollipop Red with Fox shocks. The build was never complicated, but it looked good to Michael at the time. About seven months later, Michael changed his vision by attending the SEMA show in Las Vegas. “It was like being in a different world from the outside world,” Michael adds. “It was the best of the best, and I wanted to be with them.” Returning home, he planned to change the OBS without wasting time.

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He knew he had to step up his game if he wanted to turn his head at SEMA, so Michael contacted RYD MotorSports in Vancouver, BC. Because he had a reputation for building the best leagues around. RYD’s builders have manufactured 14″ lifts for the front and rear, along with their in-house made 4-link setup. Some 2008 Super Duty axles were built and a 3.0 triple bypass bag for the King Shock with full high steer and double steer stabilizers was built and sent to Michael for installation. Tweety’s joined forces to equip a new giant lift with adjustable height.

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When it was time to add the exterior, Michael opted for the front and rear bodyguard bumpers illuminated by Royal Hooks and Outlaw LEDs. Originally, he chose a brown and gold paint scheme and named the build Gold $chlager. However, they changed the color and Lozoya Graphics and Painting coated the entire OBS with Blue Dove to set a new gold lift component. But the Gold $chlager was already what everyone calls a truck, so he kept it. The good guys at Hornblasters added a set of train horn powder coated in dove blue and gold. AMP power side steps have been fitted and painted to help Michael get on and off the newly raised Ford.

Michael’s next step was to refresh the vintage interior. We know the interior is the most used part of any car and where we spend the most time, so it needed an upgrade and update. Michael found a small shop in Dallas to add white leather bucket electric seats from a 2010 Ford truck, added blue piping, and added fiberglass blue accents to the door panels. The seat belts were also dyed blue to match the new interior color. The rear seats were removed and replaced with bucket seats to add space. He added a blue carpet throughout the cabin for a cohesive look.

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When completed, Michael took the newly built Ford classic OBS to the 2018 SEMA show and made his dream of being one of the elite come true. Michael would like to thank his beautiful wife Ashley and young boy Michael Peyton for their support and perseverance as they watch his dreams come true. Special thanks to my two older brothers and parents who instilled in him the dedication and courage to keep moving forward even in seemingly impossible circumstances. He also has a big thanks to Eden Gonzalez and Tweety from Tweety’s Tire for always being there to build and build one of the best OBS Fords on the planet. It took three trucks and a great connection for Michael to rise to Hollywood status, and now “Hollywood Mike” sets the standard for OBS games. Description 2″ Lift (85-97 Dana60) 4wd 2″ Lift (99-04 Dana) 50/ 60) 4wd 4″ Lift (85-97 Dana60) 4wd 4″ Lift (99-04 Dana 50/60) 4wd 2″ Lift (85-97 Dana60) 2wd 2″ Lift (99-04 Dana 50/60) 2wd ” Lift (85-97 Dana60) 2WD 4″ Lift (99-04 Dana 50/60) 2WD

These are complete kits designed to save you time without having to guess what to order. The parts list can also be used as a guide to help you figure out what you need to do to complete these replacements if you need help or if you already have parts.

Ford F350 Crew Cab Dually

Note: Cheap foreign aftermarket springs are not recommended. The military wrap leaf was too large to reach the hanger. This is not a problem with good quality American springs.

You must provide your own Front Superduty 99-04 leaf springs. We base our lift on V-Code 43-814 Springs. The X code lifts an additional 1.5″.

This kit is designed with everything you need to replace the front Superduty leaf springs with a 92-97 Solid Axle F-250/350 and level the rear.

– If you want to use the 99-04 rear spring, you must order the Ford Super Duty Boomerang rear shackle separately. Ford-SDBS-001

Ford Tow Vehicle

– If you want to use the 08-16 rear spring, the 4″ full kit is not suitable, you need another rear kit.

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You need to delete the sway bar or expand the end link. 3″ sway bar end link extensions are available here 85-97 F-350 sway bar end link extensions

I’ve had a few customers with their spring bushings worn out and the sliders are having trouble removing the latch on the 2″ FSR kit with military wrap. You’ll need a quality specifying part to do this. (Used springs with this kit. if using )

The only thing holding the fronts of the frame together is the rivets on the engine crossmembers, so it is common for the front frame horns to spread with age. You may need to pull the frame together to hang the hangers.

Custom Ford F350 Lifted Truck Farm Toy Ertl Dcp G 6 Lift

This truck was not built to a high level of precision. Some rivet holes may need to be opened with a die grinder as the holes may not be perfectly aligned.

When installing this kit with a lift spring, the spring is often shorter than the stock as it is a stock spring that is arched back to get more lift. It is recommended to drill one hole in the spring hanger and secure with one bolt until you can put it down and check that the latch angle is satisfactory. Then drill the remaining holes.

Click here for help determining the other parts you need to complete your kit.

If you are converting your TTB F-250 truck to a solid axle with a 2-inch kit, you will also need:

Ford F350 Crew Cab Dually Pick Up 2wd

If you are converting your TTB F-250 truck to a solid axle w/2″ kit, you will need:

I’ve been wanting to do this build for years, but moving from TX to SC, fixing my house, changing jobs, getting married, and having a son were not my priorities. Last Saturday I finally picked up the project truck! It’s a 1985 F350 diesel! No bed, no back, no wheels.

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