Lifted Cateye Duramax Near Me

Lifted Cateye Duramax Near Me – 2003 Chevy Silverado Made It With A Six-Speed ​​Stick Transmission Steve Berglund’s Regular Cab 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD Unique Manual Transmission And 600HP Duramax

When Steve Berglund bought his Blue 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD, he was still dealing with the bitter disappointment of breaking down his beloved 2003 GMC Sierra 2500HD. At first, he wanted to drive and enjoy the new Silverado without making any changes other than some simple ECM tuning, but the ideas began to flow and he saw the new truck as an opportunity for a fresh start.

Lifted Cateye Duramax Near Me

The Silverado was one of the cleanest trucks Steve found in his search, and it’s a great starting point for casual daily drivers. He took the alignment kit over it and installed a Cognito Motorsports 4-6-inch non-torsion bar lift kit, complete with Fox Factory Performance Series 2.0 shocks at all four corners. The truck is wrapped in a set of 33X12.50R20 Nitto Ridge Grappler tires with brushed aluminum 20×12 American Force Rebel wheels.

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He also started doing some paint on the outside of the truck to bring out the color even more. A second time later, Steve’s girlfriend at the time called him to tell him that she had ended up with his car. He felt as if he had won the car on “Grundog Day” just like Bill Murray.

This time, however, the damage wasn’t extensive, so he went back to work and decided to upgrade the truck by installing 2005 brakes, hood, lights, and fenders to replace damaged parts and improve its appearance. Deciding to ditch the simple setup and take it to the stage, Steve turned to Jason Wehrli and his team at Wehrli Custom Fabrication to not only dress up the engine bay, but provide even more oomph under the hood. Steve and Jason settled on a WCFab BorgWarner S366SX-E turbocharger upgrade, with the turbo pedestal blue and metallic gray powder coated to match and contrast the truck’s bright exterior. The exhaust is vented through a set of ProFab manifolds and pipes that direct the hot gases to the turbine. The custom exhaust setup ends with a 6-inch stainless steel, medium-cut Silverline Exhaust stack on the bed. They also installed a WCFab coolant tank and piping kit with a blue powder coated finish.

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Received a 2005 facelift after being involved in a 2003 wreck. A new fascia hides the 600hp 6.6L Duramax LB7 engine under the hood and behind the brakes.

To boost the fuel system, Steve installed a FASS Fuel Systems Titan Series 150-hp boost pump with CAT filters, the engine’s stock high-pressure CP3 injection pump and injectors to make sure they get plenty of clean diesel fuel on demand. Like most rigs, Steve says his truck will never be “done” and is saving up for a fuel system upgrade (larger CP3 or dual CP3 and high-flow injectors) in the near future. For the current setup, Steve is relying on the turbo and EFILive tuning by Team Twisted’s Bob Olson to make more power than the otherwise stock 2003 6.6L Duramax LB7 engine. He estimates the truck makes about 600 horsepower and 1,000 pound-feet of torque.

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The engine is backed by a very unique transmission combination that Steve stumbled upon while building the previous truck, but was unable to install due to a crash. It uses the NV5600 six-speed manual transmission, which was built to be used as a test drive by GM when it was looking for replacement options for the famous ZF6 manual. GM eventually chose to do away with the manual altogether and Steve’s NV5600 eventually made it to the auction block and was purchased along with the necessary hardware to install it.

Duramax in all its glory with WCFab piping, powder coating and a BorgWarner S366SX-E turbocharger sitting atop the engine.

His 2003 Chevy was originally equipped with an Allison 1000 six-speed automatic transmission, but since he had all the parts and pieces needed to install the NV5600, he performed the transmission swap and is very happy with his gear. The NV5600 Duramax engine is connected via a South Bend Clutch dual-disc clutch assembly for smooth engagement.

In addition to a Cognito Motorsports lift kit and 33-inch wheel-tire combo, Steve installed Pacific Performance Engineering tie sleeves to keep the truck under direct power. To tow heavy loads, he installed a B&W hose reel under the bed with a swivel ball so he can load the bed when not driving the trailer. As a daily driver, for towing, towing, and regular work, Air Lift airbags are installed in the rear for proper load balancing. Steve also made a set of adjustable traction bars and added a powder coated metallic gray to them to keep the Silverado from twisting the leaf springs when washing the hard pedal.

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Using a single turbo kit from Wehrli Custom Fabrication, Stephen replaced the stock turbo and manifold with a powder-coated BorgWarner S366SX-E unit.

To finish off the build, Steve ditched the rear bumper in favor of a smooth roll painted to match the body color, along with front bumper trim, taillights, side mirrors, door handles, tailgate handle and brake trim. He then installed a quartet of Rigid LED headlights on each of the lower bumpers to light up the night as he blasts down the road. To spice up the rest of the lighting, he added a set of smoked Recon LED cabin lights and taillights, as well as light-swept headlights and accented LED parking lights. The bed is treated with a Line-X finish to protect it from work incidents and everyday use.

Moving inside the cabin, Steve kept the stock cloth interior with a rubber floor, but added custom diamond-plate-aluminum floors. Of course, he removed the column-mounted automatic transmission shifter and placed a floor-mounted stick to select the NV5600’s gear. To keep an eye on the engine, he relies on an Edge Products CTS display and column-mounted Cobalt 60-psi analog AutoMeter competition gauges. Finally, Steve installed a Pioneer touchscreen audio/video receiver in the factory dash to make the cruise a little more enjoyable.

Steve’s Silverado may not ride on custom suspension on 40-inch tires or have a 1,500-horsepower racing engine, but it’s still unique with its NV5600 manual transmission. Thanks to hard work and the help of his friend Chris Mims, his daily driver kit is a fun to drive truck that just keeps getting better.

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A WCFab high-flow filter supplies the engine with plenty of fresh air, while a coolant tank coats the engine bay.

Steve also replaced the upper coolant hose with a WCFab coolant pipe kit that was also powder coated to match the truck.

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To cut through the darkness, solid LED cube lights are placed on each side of the front bumper.

The side mirrors have been treated with color-matched paint, as are the rest of the exterior trim pieces, giving the instrument a very clean and sporty look.

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Nitto Ridge Grappler tires on 20×12 American Force Rebel wheels wrapped in 33X12.50R20 tires are a great look for this bright blue regular cab Chevy. It has enough lift to clear tires, but is practical for work and daily driving.

Fox Factory Production Series 2.0 shocks even keep the front end of the truck planted on the ground.

Looking under the front, you can see PPE tie sleeves, as well as Fox shocks and Cognito Motorsports suspension components that provide lift without lowering the torsion-bars and reducing ground clearance.

But then the manual transmission shifter in the transmission tunnel jumps out at you, revealing that this regular cabin is anything but ordinary.

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Steve monitors engine performance with an Edge Products CTS display and a Cobalt 60-psi boost gauge.

To keep the floor clean and give the truck an even more unique style, Steve created diamond-plate-aluminum floor mats that will hold boots, dirt, grime and mud, and are good after a quick wipe down.

Steve gave his truck a great stance and profile with a good wheel and tire combination. Combined with a soft lift and color-matched trim and tinted windows, the Silverado had universal appeal.

Since he regularly uses it as a work car, Steve sprayed Line-X bed liner on the bed to protect the finish and help keep things from sliding around inside.

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The front of the bed is dominated by 6 inches

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