Lifted F350 Dually For Sale Top

Lifted F350 Dually For Sale Top – The ’79 Ford F-350 diesel beats out Corvettes and Camaros with a $220,000 selling price. The Cummins-replaced pickup’s final bid of $220,000 beats the prices of the classic muscle by more than $100k.

In the fast-paced world of buying and selling cars, Mecum Auctions’ eight-day bidding marathon at the Indiana State Fair is one of the proverbial “highlights” of the year. For bidders (buyers), and especially for consignors (sellers), “Mecum Indi” is a place where automotive dreams really can and do come true, because all kinds of cars and trucks are in abundance, and the attitude of “big score” is unanimous.

Lifted F350 Dually For Sale Top

Streaming and television viewers witnessed a sale that will surely go down in Metcum history. 1979 Ford F-350 Ranger XLT—Lot #V222—Sold for $220,000 (including buyer’s premium), $115,500

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An OG Ford pickup that undercuts the price of a tricked-out classic ‘Vette, not to mention two 1969 Super Sport Camaros ($93,500 and $88,000, respectively)? If you haven’t seen the auction, “how did that happen?” is a valid question. For all intents and purposes, those vehicles should have theoretically trounced the big Ford in the earnings category.

Yes, the high dollar pickup is also customized. It was actually modified with a 2004 Dodge Ram 3500 chassis, 24-valve, 5.9-liter Cummins diesel engine, and five-speed automatic transmission instead of the original Blue Oval hardware. In the diesel-enthusiast diaspora, the F-350 is considered a “Fummins” (Ford + Cummins), which, while different, doesn’t make it unique to the point where it would normally command six figures, let alone

On Wednesday afternoon, a heated battle between the two bidders began almost immediately after the $120,000 reserve price was reached for the 1979 Fummins F-350, and the bidding quickly escalated. Watch the accompanying video in real time as it all unfolded. To get a taste of what exactly goes on during this type of sales activity, check out this inside look at Mecum’s operation, documented by Truck and Off-Road Group Senior Content Producer KJ Jones.

While we’re surprised at the final sale price for this 1979 Ford F-350 Ranger XLT, we can certainly confirm that it’s a masterful build. A perfectly restored long-bed crew cab body is built into the Dodge Ram 3500 chassis at a level that even had

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Auction announcers on air praising the truck manufacturers for the engineering and detail that went into the construction of the custom rig. A gentleman named Mike Anderson and his daughter built this rig as a family project.

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When combined with Cummins power, the Ford platform is nicknamed “Fummins”. The restored 1979 F-350 engine is a 24-valve, 5.9-liter common-rail turbodiesel that features a custom aluminum radiator, intercooler, and cold-side charge air duct.

Inside, the F-350’s two-tone leather seats and center console are complemented by a leather headliner, dash cover, and door panels. The “Ranger XLT” wood trim remains intact, along with a period-correct stereo. A new steering wheel, Dakota Digital gauges, air conditioning and cruise control complete the custom cabin.

The 1979 Ford F-350 Ranger XLT has a great profile. Ford fans call the 1973-1979 F-Series trim “Dentsides,” a reference to the concave horizontal body lines on each side. A 1-ton Dodge Ram frame, 37-inch tires and custom Detroit steel wheels give the truck a tall, aggressive stance. Check out the OEM Ford wheel covers.

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Out back, the trick pickup bed is equipped with a fifth-wheel tow bar and a Ford rubber floor mat. The Class IV receiver is mounted under the bumper. Notice how flat the body panels are and how the two-tone blue/silver paint really pops.

That’s a Dodge Ram front axle assembly, coil springs and Bilstein shocks you’re looking at. Yes, this custom Ford has four-wheel drive.

This is the sticker every Mecum Auctions consignor wants, along with the money that goes with it. Mike Anderson and his daughter have found great success selling their custom Fummins. Brandon Ford is home to the best custom sports car lift trucks and performance cars near Tampa, Florida. Brandon Ford’s BF Customs line offers a wide variety of pickup trucks, from the F-150 to the Super Duty. Our custom line of Mustang BF Rockets are some of Ford’s finest performance vehicles.

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Trucks are not our only strong point at BF Carina. Our BF Rockets line of high-performance Mustangs are some of the best sports cars on the road. We offer custom supercharger installations, carbon fiber accents, custom wheels, custom bars and exhaust packages. The Mustang is already an amazing sports car, but when you talk about performance, there isn’t too much of it.

Brandon Ford is your main stop for Ford performance vehicles. In addition to our custom BF rockets, we have several other turbocharged Fords in our inventory. Brandon Ford offers a wide variety of Mustangs, with a variety of engine options. We also carry the performance of other Ford vehicles, such as the Focus ST and Fiesta ST. Regardless of your needs or price range, Brandon Ford will help you get behind the wheel of a great Ford car. Ford Dually Van with truck exhaust systems for sale. The van also has a 60-gallon fuel tank that is visible on the side of the body.

If you want to live the #vanlife in unique style, check out this custom Ford E-350 with a pair of tall exhaust pipes and a huge fuel tank. It’s for sale on Facebook in Iowa with an asking price of $17,000.

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The owner has had this van for over 20 years. It started out as an E-250, but this person converted it to an E-350 with a two-wheel rear axle, including using the correct fenders to cover the wider layout. The brakes and suspension have also received upgrades. A 460 cubic inch (7.54 liter) Ford V8 replaced the original 351 cubic inch (5.75 liter) engine. It works through an automatic transmission.

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This Ford van has an attractive black and silver color scheme with red stripes. The tall exhaust pillars are functional. According to the listing, they don’t give the van a loud sound, and the seller calls it a “very nice, mellow tone.” The vertical pieces can be removed if a person wants a more subtle look. A ladder at the rear offers access to a roof rack for additional rear storage.

Inside there are two rows of captain’s chairs, and the third row is a bench seat. A thick, gray carpet is on the floor. Wooden panels decorate the walls. Large, tinted windows give passengers an expansive view from the sides of the vehicle. Along the roof and rear walls are black panels with diamond embroidery.

Amenities include a backup camera and a Bluetooth-enabled stereo. There is also accent lighting along the walls.

The listing says that “the van runs fantastic.” The seller reports that he has made two 5,000 mile round trips to Oregon and has had no problems with the vehicle. 2017 Ford F-350 XLT Single Cab Dually spied in Michigan The truck will go on sale later this year.

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When Ford introduced the 2017 Super Duty lineup last fall, the Single Cab Dually variant was mysteriously absent. However, spy photographers have just snapped photos of the F-350 XLT Single Cab Dually testing in Michigan.

Set to go on sale later this year, the truck has a well-known design

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